Choosing to move into greater levels of union in your life–whether with particular life areas, or in many relationships with romantic partners, friends, associates, family members, community members, helps you let go of the illusion of separation that causes loneliness and suffering.

 Unity consciousness involves knowing that we are all connected–the human, animal, and natural world, and following through with actions that back these beliefs.  This coming together is always mutually supportive and beneficial. At this time of the shift in consciousness on Earth, it helps life flow easier and more gracefully, brings greater fulfillment and abundance.

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The energies of this year’s fall equinox are amazingly supportive for helping us move forward in our creative pursuits, empowerment, and grand dreams.

If you are looking for more assistance in working with these energies to benefit your work, relationships, health, soul’s purpose, and especially if you’ve recently been recreating patterns that bring mounting frustration, fear, uncertainty, and powerlessness –this class is for you!

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I will further discuss:
*why being a “victim” is our own creation and how to shift out of this pattern
*creating through frequency instead of emotion: switching to the 5th dimensional way
*the energy of the third “super” full moon, Sept. 8th, which is to help us heal & prep for the new moon’s activation on the 23rd: improving galactic connections.
*the equinox energies & whales’ assistance: recognizing and utilizing your empowerment and creative abilities for spiritual growth and advancement in any life area
*the reason behind the increase in collective humanity’s emotional instability and violence, and how we can shift this

The guides, whales, and I will be leading in energywork for:
*balance & support for heavy emotional clearing since the 8th
*healing “victim” experiences personally & collectively
*consciously creating the reality you desire
*preparing to receive and integrate the new moon & equinox energies for improving galactic connections and moving forward in your growth & life

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            SHINE LIKE GOLD

            It was a bold energetic shift when we moved out of the clutches of dredging, emotional cancer on the 22nd of July into sparkling Leo. And here we are on the back half of summer and things are just starting to get good. Like the sign of Leo, with the earthly and evolutionary changes this month, you should be experiencing more joy, cause for celebration, passion, and an expanded, clear, and focused sense of direction with your soul’s purpose.

           As I mentioned last month, in mid-July a portal opened allowing us to leap forward with many of our pursuits.  These leaps might come in the form of opportunities, additional resources, abundance, and assistance, especially when work or career is expressed with spiritual integrity and authenticity.  Many of us have our own personal or metaphoric secret benefactors who are working on our behalf—and these gifts we’ve been given are equally balanced with the work that we’ve done to get this far (spiritually of course).  All the blood, sweat, and tears: the endless karmic clearing, emotional healing, releasing of behavior patterns, and the upgrades of our physical bodies have been the meat and potatoes of this evolutionary cycle. If you’re still feeling overwhelmed, you are not alone.
            And as we’re still in the process of moving into a higher dimension, the work’s far from being done, but for many, it has changed. Some things have become easier and lighter.
If you’ve learned to process and integrate in your sleep, while working, or as you eat dinner (I can relate to this one!), you now understand that spiritual evolution, which involves your personal healing and transformation, is a way of life. It is not something you do when you have time or when you can afford a healer, teacher, or counselor.  It shouldn’t be taken on only in the direst of circumstances, like a diet, when you really need to lose weight or detox. And of course, proper diet should be a constant in day-to-day life as well.
Your evolution is all the time, everyday. It’s in your present-moment living. This is fully experiencing every aspect of your life, even the most mundane, for example: waiting in line at a store or interacting with a waitress taking your order at a restaurant. This by the way, is how you deal with the overwhelm I mentioned above. Take it one day, or even one hour at a time. You can go deeper, and imagine each day (or hour) of your life represents a year in time. I have to laugh at this one because with the energetic changes occurring as we move into the higher dimensions, one day can often feel like a year. But just think of how much you could raise your vibration and integrate those higher self energies, if you were fully conscious and present in each moment of that day or hour—if you felt everything that was happening inside of you and between you and another. If that seems impossible to do, imagine being completely present for just ten minutes or two minutes. In this way, you can resolve a year’s worth of pain, suffering, or struggle in a day, hour, or even a minute, on your own. This is definitely a testament to the support of the cosmic energies during these shifting times!
But on another note, there are new challenges again this month with Leo’s influence. For those of us who are still waiting for our ships to come in, we need to be ready to openly and audaciously reveal ourselves. We need to step into the limelight, shine like gold, and bring our unique gifts into the world. This involves being so genuine and true to our callings and mission, that the idea of vulnerability would be an understatement.  We must be willing to take risks and get out of our comfort zones. We must face the fear of rejection, humiliation, attack, or betrayal.  These are issues of the past anyway, and this is the life where you can transcend it all!
And even if you think you’ve worked this through already or perhaps you’re already living your life’s work or dream, take it to the next level. You are waiting for something else yet, not quite at the peak of the mountain, right? There’s more you can do and be here, and you’ll need to continue to clean up a few extra leftovers of the hard work you thought you were done with.
As the Pleiadians have told me, “In your daily reality, you will experience bursts of past and future memories, choices, emotions, and possibilities, all at the same time. Breathe with it, flow with it, like the ocean. The more you become like the ocean, the more you will stay in balance and flow with change.  When you need clarity and strength, feel into your heart. There you will always locate the truth and knowingness. Play with the timelines—the past, present, and future. Find the crystalline passages through the highest of vibrations: joy, love, peace, as well as gratitude, openness, and bliss. Follow these ways into your next moments. You may then observe the past but not have to relive it, or see future options and know the proper path and decisions.”
Sounds like great advice while delighting, growing, and agonizing on this wild rollercoaster ride of change, especially during this powerhouse month of August. Hang on to your seats!
See you ‘round the next bend of the journey,
Heather & the Pleiadians (those ascended beings from the planet Pleiades)


Wowee..! Today I finally have the energy and opportunity to sit down and give you all an update on the shift. This month was like walking into a heavy wind. For most people out there, no matter how hard you tried, you just couldn’t keep up your usual pace. And yet, tasks, responsibilities, resources, and, options fell into your lap that you simply had to act on. Now! 

But as we wrap up June, mercury is about to go direct, helping travel, communication, technology, and work-related issues go forward again. I always see mercury retrograde from an empowered stance, as a chance to rest, relax, and reflect. When I do, those usual annoying glitches and delays don’t happen. Take a vacation, and even better, let this be your chance for deep healing.
And we’re sitting in that healing energy right now, still, as we move into the first couple weeks of July. There are astrological alignments that are opening this up for us, and we’re all continuing to integrate the powerful spiritual downloads from summer solstice.  So if you feel unbelievably exhausted, emotional, or unbalanced, give yourself a pat on the back. Surrender to your inner desire to heal, rest, and feel those raggedy, raw edges of pain.
The pain is paramount.  Many are noticing intense or odd pain in the physical body or changes in their health.  I’ve had more than my fair share of health scares and concerns, particularly over the last few years with all the evolutionary transformation; even times where, the old nurse in me thought I should go to the hospital. But every time I check in with body, I’m told that I’m fine. As the newsletter guides remind me, we are now healing so many layers of unresolved injury, illness, and emotional pain held from many lifetimes, often from traumatic experiences when we left our body because of immense overwhelm or devastation. (Just think about all that war and torture in our human history!) But we have to go through this process so our bodies can change from carbon to crystalline. The more we resist the healing process, the more pain, imbalance, or dis-ease we’ll have in the body.
This isn’t to say we shouldn’t go see a doctor. In fact, many are getting cancer these days because of a long-term, unconscious resistance to healing: a build up of physical, emotional/mental, and karmic baggage that has reached a breaking point. No matter what treatment modality one chooses, on some level, they will need to heal these underlying causes if they want to eliminate cancer and remain cancer free. And for the rest of us out there: with regard to those stabbing pains and aches, digestive difficulties, migraines, chronic fatigue, rashes, and other neurological symptoms, don’t try to deny it or make it go away.  If you feel the pain of the health disturbance, or whatever it brings up for you emotionally, you will more quickly process the unfinished business from long ago. But we do need to be patient with ourselves.
And this is true for all aspects of our lives now…We are continuing to integrate higher self energies at the root chakra level. This brings up more than just health related issues, but also the deepest, darkest, animalistic tendencies of all in the human species. For some it is just too much to bear. Others are acting these tendencies out. But for the rest of us, as courageous, mighty beings, we are facing and dealing with it all. And by mid-July, those of us who’ve been willing to go there should notice things lighten up a bit, as the universal energies help launch us forward in our projects, dreams, goals, and in our home lives.
Best of all, we can help ourselves by remembering to embrace the polarities of our life experiences. Along with suffering there is also contentment and joy. Do what feels fun to you. Play! Involve yourself in what feels easy and enjoyable, and weave this energy into your most mundane activities. As you heal the pain of the past, while still feeling joy and gratitude, you’ll find yourself less often on the rollercoaster of extremes, instead falling more mid-range, knowing peace.
See you at the next bend of the journey,
With love & Blessings,
Heather and the newsletter guides (The Sirian & Pleiadian Councils)


            We’ve come to May already! But with the intensity of April and all we’ve been through, it seems as if we should be well into summer at least. The important thing is that we survived the grand cardinal cross. And even if you are still feeling extremely exhausted and unmotivated because of it, that will be changing soon. Around the 19th of this month we’ll start to feel unstuck and more inspired to get out there and do our thing.

            The astrological grand cardinal cross has helped us anchor in the new paradigm, which allows us to manifest the physical realities we came here to partake in.  For many of us, this involves our soul’s purpose work (what we do that brings change and evolution), but it is also about world peace, joy, equality, and abundance. I’m not saying this will happen overnight, but we have come a along way already, and we have to keep going.
            Collectively, we are still in the shadow phase. When it comes to world authorities and power, we will need to see and know the truth with crystal clarity.  Since many are not ready to recognize the corruption, the current task of bringing the darkness into the light might still be in process over the next four to five years. But there’s a lot we can do individually.  Just when you knew you needed to go deep, you now need to go deeper. Yep, look at those personal shadow aspects even more thoroughly. We must uphold the highest of integrity to move to a lighter vibrational state. (More information about shadow work and integrity in the expanded version newsletter. To read about the expanded version newsletter, or to purchase it, go here ).
            From the beginning of this month and throughout it, many of us have and will experience hardships, challenges, traumas, and even disasters, just when we thought we were done with that particular pattern. You didn’t see it coming, but you know what it’s about, don’t you? The good news is, the problem you have is really a blessing in disguise.  You’ve recreated it again so you could heal another layer of it and get to the other side. The karma and all other correlated patterns, emotions, beliefs, from all times, can be released. The next time this issue arises in your life, it will not have to go this way. This is a huge leap forward, even if it doesn’t feel like it. The best part is that if we truly integrate the lessons from the challenges, we can jump to the timeline where the trauma, challenge, hardship, or disaster never occurred. I can say I’ve experienced this firsthand, and it is pretty freaking amazing! (More information about jumping timelines shared in expanded version).
            Along with some of these uncomfortable yet fortunate incidents, comes our resistance to integrating our higher selves within our first chakras. This is the last stage of our physical enLIGHTenment (letting our divine selves shine through our physical containers), before our bodies continue into a deeper process of morphing from carbon to crystalline. But in order to get there, we have to release our resistance.  Many of us fear full integration because we think it separates us. But the truth is, like for Buddha and Jesus, it will help us connect with, enjoy, and understand our fellow humans like never before. (More on this topic shared in the expanded version).
            While we allow the integration process, the heaviness, struggles, and hard work begin to lighten. Life becomes easier all around. Many of us will experience happy surprises and breakthroughs this month because of our massive clearing and surrendering. This is prime time for stepping fully into who you are.  Do not hold back. You didn’t come to earth to play small this time around! But to be who you are, you must ground your magnificence in your outer life. If you have a dream, take steps to make it happen. Bring your imaginative creativity into the world—let it out, let it go! (More info. on how to do this in the expanded version).  This is yet another way we bring the darkness into the light, embracing our wholeness on our path to ascension.
            See you around the next bend of the journey,
            With love, Heather and the guides
This month’s energy activations will be brought to you as you journey as Alice, down the rabbit hole of time. They can help benefit the following life areas:
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*Helping your bring your creativity out into the world for greater manifestation of goals.
*Bringing greater patience, perseverance & dedication to your inner work, to bring change in your external reality.
*To move from lack to abundance consciousness, leading to more abundance!
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