December Newsletter: Mixed Blessings

December Newsletter: Mixed Blessings

It is already December, and wow, what a year it has been. Most of us can look back over time and see all the growth and transformation that has occurred. There’s been some heavy lifting, that’s for sure! And this month helps to clear out the last of the remnants before we start anew in January.

For myself personally, as well as my friends and clients, I can say we’ve all been through the ringer emotionally in some way over the last few months. September’s eclipses launched us through the portal of change, and then the super moons of September-November, including this month’s on the 13th–huge ignitors in the illuminating process. So while you’ve experienced intense losses, grief, anger/rage, fear, frustration, doubt or any combination of those, you’ve likely also woken up to some important truth in yourself or in your life, which is what matters. This is what’s happening for the collective as well, and why there’s been so much surprise in the political arena.

So this December, and with the help of mercury retrograde mid-month and the 12-12 gateway, we’ll be finishing up these emotional processes as we continually awaken. But the transformational process is continually experienced differently. The cosmic energetic support and downloads we receive are in frequency. And we are being dowsed with them! Frequency has a much higher light quotient than the vibrations we normally carry in our dense, physical bodies. So as we take in these photonic energies, our bodies need time to adjust. This can leave us feeling anxious and overstimulated, especially in the central nervous system. The heart can be affected as well, and many are experiencing palpitations or pressure in the heart area, making it difficult to sleep. In the last week, many have also had uncomfortable sensations in the high heart and throat. At the same time, there is often an emotional release or eruption of some sort–wanting to cry, scream, cringing in fear, and/or desiring to talk or let it all out  in some way! You might not have any idea where these feelings are coming from and why you are suddenly in the thick of them. And that’s ok if you don’t.  Just know that you are releasing, and likely many layers, from many pasts. 
All of this is perfect and meant to happen as you transform. But it is really important to take care of your body as you do. And there are new ways now, to nurture yourself. For one, calming, soothing, resting and meditating might not work for you as it has in the past, especially as you are processing and the body is adjusting to the frequencies. What I have found helps the most to assimilate frequency is actually physical exercise. Not too much of it though. More like gentle walking or hiking, dancing, or light aerobic exercise. Do anything creative like art, journaling, gardening, daydreaming, or cooking. And talking it out or singing can help too. Think movement! This is your best way in working with frequency, allowing it to circulate within you, and getting back into balance.
When you do get back into balance you’ll be feeling more joy, inspiration, excitement, enthusiasm, and optimism. As you are able to hold more higher frequencies in your body and being, your desire for new activities and interactions will occur. You might want to be more active, more social, more involved in nature, or quickly pick up a new hobby or worldly mission. As your heart chakra expands during this time, you will feel more unconditional love for more beings. With the expansion of love in the heart, comes more passion in the second chakra, so don’t be alarmed. This passion could come in the form of dedication to a great cause or increased sexual feelings in romantic partnerships. 
December also brings a nice gift. This will occur for those of us who have done the inner work (especially over the last 3 months), allowed the incorporation of the energies, and have attended to the needed change in our lives. And by this I mean you have really stepped up to the plate, taken risks, followed your soul’s calling, harnessed your courage, and took some sort of action that likely involved a loss or two…If you’ve done this, (and boy, can I relate!) your gift could come in the form of many blessings, but at the very least, it will be some kind of peak ahead for what 2017 will bring. Some movement or step that you really need to have happen will–whether that’s money that comes in, a new phase in a relationship, travel, a job offer or opportunity, a surprise visit or reunion with a friend or long lost relative. It will be some kind of treat or delight! And some of you will get even more and actually begin your new life a bit early, before January. 
So enjoy both poles of the healing process; the mixed blessings of  clearing and releasing, and the joy, lightheartedness, and love. We’re here to experience all of it! In the meantime, look forward to your surprise this month, and all offerings shining down on us from the universe, the dances we dance together as we co-create our individual and collective realities and weave the dreams that we came here to make manifest. That is truly what the year 2017 is all about. We have already created and experienced our energetic potentials in 2016. In 2017 we will be bringing them into being; beginning to see them in physical form. And so we shall!
Until the next bend of the journey,
With Love and Happy Holidays,

 Heather & the guides
August Newsletter: The Lions Gate

August Newsletter: The Lions Gate

It’s that time again, when the new energetic grids for earth and the collective come forth. It happens every year at the end of July, around the 27th, until August 8th. And it’s a time to celebrate. Really! 2016 is halfway over and it’s been a weary whirlwind of change on body, mind, and spirit levels. And although there’s much more to go, things are going to lighten up a bit. This energy in August gives us a bit of a break, a time to regroup and replenish ourselves. Most of all, we need to rest up for the next round come September; it’s going to be busy energetically. Let’s just say we’ll all be doing our spiritual push-ups. But more on that later.

For now, the energy of the most recent new moon on Tuesday the 2nd did herald a new beginning. So you might feel as though you’re opening a fresh chapter or book of your life. You might feel like the fool in the tarot, who has no idea where he’s headed and sees the end of his path coming…If you’re excited that’s great; but don’t despair if you’re anxious, confused, unsettled, or worried. There are no words to aptly describe this phase we’re in. The best I can say is that it’s existing at a point in-between time, like being suspended in thin air. Not the most comfortable feeling! The last few nights I’ve been noticing an eerie, mysterious quality to the energies as well, a silent stillness that is hard to ignore…It’s as if anything could happen. We’re on the brink of change, that’s for sure! What that looks like and whether it appears good or bad from our perspective is yet to be seen.
The thing to note is that we’ve all been offered a clean slate here. We have the option to let go of the patterns, beliefs, relationship dynamics, whatever has been the status-quo over the last few years and even longer for some. If you’re like me you had a moment or longer of joy, bliss, or serenity on the day of the moon, but then at some point it passed, and up came those issues again, that which you might have thought was behind you. Don’t fret, it’s only up to remind you what you need to work on, where your goals lie, and what you can accomplish. We have until the 8th of this month to make use of this window of time to co-create with the cosmos, anchor in our healing, complete these outdated tasks, and  truly begin to move on.
I’m hearing that we all need to face fear head on, where it concerns us most in our lives. See it for the illusion it is. Know the truth of your reality behind it, act accordingly, and watch it fade away. And along with the fear, the other boogeymen in your life will vanish as well. It’s like dream therapy, where you confront those characters in your nightmare. Turn around and meet your pursuer and let him/her know they have no power over you. Because we all know how this ends. Once you have the courage to challenge whatever it is, it’s quickly over (the fear and suffering).
Speaking of suffering, this has been a very physical year for many. The transformation happening in the body can cause aches, pains, fatigue, and illness or imbalance. We’re rounding a corner, and even though we’ll now be integrating the higher frequencies over longer increments of time, most will handle this more gracefully than in the past. It’s as if we’ve had our warm up and now our bodies have got the hang of things. The next big download series starts with the solar eclipse Sept. 1st and is activated with the lunar eclipse 2 weeks later. Not to mention, the fall equinox is in there somewhere. Look at the process of integration from the bright side, it’s helping you evolve your consciousness, as well as the collective’s. You’ll feel lighter and more free than you ever have. Many doors of opportunity will open. The same will occur for your body!
As for the body, here’s a bit more on that topic, as I’ve been asked my many: 
Integrating the higher frequencies that assist our body in becoming crystalline can be painful. Don’t be surprised. Your body’s consciousness is waking up to assist you this way. He or she is clearing out heavy physical toxins like bacteria and viruses. The body’s endocrine and glandular systems are affected by this process, so drink lots of water. The body’s organs/structures, especially the teeth, spine, bones, and skull are expanding to accommodate more of your soul’s light. Yes, our soul’s light is increasing as we merge with our higher self and prepare for ascension!
Th light quotient and vibration of the body is elevating as this aspect of us evolves right along with our soul. The body has it’s own energy and light; this light is expanding and extending into all body spaces. So even the tiniest, tightest spaces are now filled with consciousness and healing energy. This is why many have experienced unusual pain or sensations in unexpected places, like ears, eyes, jaws, orifices. Anything that no longer resonates with the body’s vibration will be purged. Our bodies will clear any remnants of energies that our souls have since mastered. But he or she will also highlight for us what needs mastering. So if you’re experiencing an illness or imbalance, go deeper into what’s behind it. There is always an energetic reason for any physical issue. Recognize and acknowledge the issue(s), and integrate the experience (from past or present times), so your body can release this energy for good!
Lastly, as we move into the higher dimension, we begin to move away from the experience of illness. We don’t need it anymore to teach us lessons! But we have to stop believing in it, before it can leave our reality. For those who are ready to step into this level of consciousness, particularly those who find allopathic or naturopathic medicine no longer resonates or works to relieve symptoms, begin shifting your mindset. Don’t buy into illness. View whatever you are experiencing as transformation. Focus on moving into 100% health by doing what supports that. Remove your attention from being sick and from “fixing” whatever appears out of balance. Change your thoughts, emotions, and beliefs, so they align with your ability to access 100% health in the now.
For those who would like assistance and support with the transformation that’s happening in the body, I’ve created a special healing meditation with Mother Earth to serve you. It’s available now, in mp3 format, sent by email to be downloaded on your computer. It’s 20 minutes long and costs $10. This is a healing resource you can use now and for however long you need it. It’s a valuable one to use during these changing times. Email me for more information or buy now here.
With Love on the Journey,

Heather & the guides