By Heather Green, Animal Communicator
           As an Animal Communicator and Healer, I have spent many 
years listening to and understanding the subtleties of the personalities    
and energy systems of horses. Over time, I have discovered new 
ways to communicate with these highly sensitive and psychic beings on a deeper level,
and work with energy in such a way as to benefit their lives on a body, mind, and spirit level. You 
don’t have to have a  special gift, interest, or any training in energywork modalities such as Reiki or  
Pranic Healing to use these tools and techniques. It is my intent to pass this information on, so many 
horse owners can finally see the results they have desired for their horses.

          First of all, as many horse owners already know, it is important to be aware of the fact that a human’s energy greatly affects a horse’s behavior and well-being, both in and out of the saddle.  This means that if a human is feeling anxious, ungrounded, insecure, angry, or stressed, the horse will pick up on it and often act it out. This is the basis for behaviors such as pacing in stalls, running  away when you want to halter them, and bolting off, rearing up, or kicking out while saddling or riding. Therefore, becoming calm, centered and grounded is a primary step to take before any interaction with your horse is attempted—whether it’s to communicate, do groundwork, make a visit to their stall, or take them out to ride.

While in the process of getting grounded and calm, especially with the hectic schedules and lives we all lead, instead of stuffing or trying to force thoughts, emotions, or physical sensations out of your mind and body, I recommend noticing them.  Before heading off to your horse, take a moment to tune into your body, and become aware of what is going on inside of you.  You might want to bring your focus to the area of your head and work all the way down to your feet, becoming aware of what is going on in each body area. A certain area of your body might jump out at you as needing attention. You could start there and work your way around your whole body. The process takes only a few minutes, and you may receive information in the form of physical sensations such as pain or pressure, emotions, thoughts or words, pictures, colors, or even symbols.  There is nothing you need to do with this information. Simply breathe and be present with it for another minute more.
As you do this, the sensations, thoughts, or emotions should lighten or shift, allowing you to feel more calm, centered, and grounded.  At this point, even if you are still very aware of your internal experience, it is safe to spend time with your horse, because it is unlikely he will pick up on your energies now that you are actively processing them through your awareness.
This is also the first step in beginning to communicate with your horse. Once you have already received information about what is going on within you, you are now opened up to access information about what is going on with your horse.  As you interact with your horse during all the activities you do together, you might have questions for him or her. Perhaps you want to know how he is feeling today or why he went around the jump in the arena instead of over it.  To ask these questions, imagine sending the thoughts or words from your mind to the center of your horse’s forehead. You can also send your horse an image of what you are trying to explain, for example, by picturing in your mind the horse going around the jump instead of over it.  Sending images gives you the best chance at success, because animals think primarily in pictures. At the same time as you send this information to your horse, speak the questions out loud.  If your horse has fully received your question he will lick and chew. Give him a few moments to do this, as sometimes there is a delay because he is processing the information.
In addition, you can send your horse requests, thoughts, feedback, or emotions exactly the same way as you did with the questions above. If you want your horse to go over the jump in the arena, picture in your head what you want him to do and say the words. You can also send love or gratitude from your heart to his, or simply send the words of your request, whatever it is, from your mind to his.
After you have sent your question or message to your horse telepathically, through this mind to mind transmission, you can now open up to receive his response.  For beginners, the easiest way to receive messages is by tuning into your body. This time you will tune in with the intent of using your body as a sensing tool for receiving your horse’s messages. Since you have already tuned into your body before interacting with your horse, you know what is going on with you.  This is an important step that helps prevent confusing your own internal messages with your horse’s messages. Face your horse and go within, focusing on each body part again, with special emphasis on the area just inside your forehead.  Again, go with your first hit. What do you feel, sense, see, hear, or know as you tune into your body? Do you receive a picture, word, sound, or symbol? If you are confused by what you receive, take a deep breath and ask for more clarity. The information should then make more sense. If you asked your horse how he was doing today and received a picture of him running and bucking as he does when he is turned out and having a good time, you can assume the picture means he is well, or even that he’d like to do this now. Let’s say you asked why he didn’t go over the jump in the arena. If you received a picture of his feet, or the words, “it hurts,” or the physical sensation of pain in your feet or another area of your body, that is your answer. Begin checking in with his feet, or another area of his body that you picked up on. Is he sore? Did he have new shoes placed recently, is there something else wrong? You would do the same for any other kind of information you might receive. If you envision him doing some other activity or being back in his stall eating, it is possible he could be bored, tired, hungry, or all three of these.
Once you have deepened the connection with your horse through sending and receiving messages, it is then time to apply the energy techniques. When it comes to using energy to help your horse, the most important thing to remember is to be dedicated to your own personal growth and development. Even highly trained and experienced horse people will have issues with horses from time to time if they are not aware of their own problems or life challenges. Become aware of where your weakness lies when you tune into your body in the procedure I explained above. Then follow up by participating in activities that help you become stronger, whether it is through meditation, yoga, energy healing, psychotherapy, or any kind of healing or spiritual practice, whether alternative or mainstream in origin.
 Many behavior and riding challenges arise due to issues with control, power, trust, and boundaries. Our horses often have life issues that mirror our own. When you gain a certain level of personal mastery in these problem areas, you will be able to role model this energy to your horse through your own energy fields or aura, thereby influencing him for the better.  For example, as you develop more self-control, self-trust, empowerment, and healthy boundaries in your own life, you will naturally radiate these energies in your fields, and your horse will respond more appropriately by trusting you, letting you lead, and respecting your space.  When it comes to unwavering emotional or behavioral issues and physical illness, it helps to use some hands-on techniques.
Many of us are already natural healers, and the chakras, otherwise known as  energy centers, in our hands are opened and ready for use. But we are living in a time when the universal life force energy is readily available and flowing through each one of us. We can utilize this energy for the best results in health and wellness. To access the universal flow, tune into the area just above your head. With your intent, allow this chakra to release the life force energy through each energy center in the body. As these centers are cleared, you are ready for hands-on work.
Through your intent and willingness, you can place your hands on any area of your horse’s body that carries illness, pain, or emotional suffering. The life force energy that is now flowing through your hands will enter your horse. You will notice that your hands begin to feel hot or cool and tingly. Either one is appropriate. Keep your hands in that area, until the sensation diminishes or disappear. When you finish, tune into the area above your head and ask for a flush of universal energy to clear all of your energy fields. Thereafter, any energies that you have picked up from your horse through the healing process will not become stuck within you.
Another easy energy technique available is working with sacred geometry.  Sacred geometry are geometric configurations of shapes in the universal energy that are infused with specific vibrations to heal, manifest intentions, and bring in personal mastery.  They are called sacred because each side is the same size, and all matter and form in nature is made up of these shapes.  With your intent, ask that the appropriate sacred geometric shapes be placed in the right order and number for mastery with a certain life task, for example, trust, empowerment, or boundaries, for you or your horse. You can also ask that they be placed in any areas of the physical body that need healing. You should feel a shift within yourself, or notice your horse begin to move or walk away, signaling that the shift has occurred.
When it comes to communicating and using energywork with horses, neither process leads to success overnight. I recommend that both humans and horses see a licensed medical professional or veterinarian in addition to using these skills for any health issues. With all life challenges, it takes hard work, dedication, patience, and persistence to see big changes on a body, mind, or spirit level. Use these skills and techniques on a regular basis for the best results. Each time we open up the lines of communication with our horses through practice in sending and receiving messages, and through working with energy, we are connecting with them on a deeper level.  This connection allows us to better understand them, helps them respond to us quicker and easier, and gives us more information on how we can help them heal, as well as heal ourselves in the process.