So, we have finally arrived. 2012. It is just the beginning…and a whole new beginning it is. The New Earth is here, and that is more than just the new energies that are working more powerfully with us each and everyday, but the Earth herself, who has shifted to a higher gear in her ascension process. She completed a very long cycle with us…Eons if you will, and is now in the stages of planning how she will live out her next one, independently. This does not mean that Earth won’t maintain a connection to us–it will just be different now. Without the karma, the projections, and helping us to clear certain levels of consciousness, she can now focus on what it is that she would like to create within her own crystalline energy field.
The same is true for us, as humans. This year is a new start, a time to contemplate what we want to create and set ourselves on that path. We are also becoming less dependent on the Earth for our physical and emotional needs as our electromagnetic fields shift to crystalline. When this shift has completed (for most sometime in the future), we will ground, nurture, and nourish our own selves through this field. This is true for our other previously dependent relationships with all beings up until this point. We are cutting any entanglements or unhealthy attachments and are now bonding and uniting with our own souls. As we become more crystalline in every sense of the word, on every level of our being, we are more able to truly connect to others. There is true connection because we are not reaching out desperately for any need or fulfillment to be realized through that other being. We meet them where we are, already whole and filled up–after reaching a certain mastery in self- love, wisdom, and personal empowerment.

So what does this new year bring for you? Since the new moon on the 23rd, we are out of the standstill, and can now finally move forward with our goals and projects. The full moon on the 9th brought a major clearing and purification, readying us for putting out our new intentions, changes and updates in where we are headed spiritually and otherwise in our lives. This is a time in our lives when we need to use our creativity, ingenuity, and imagination to bring about our greatest dreams and desires. What kind of life do you want to be living? Why aren’t you living it now? It is important to ask yourself these important questions. Release any doubts and set course to achieve it. We are gathering in like-minded soul groups to work together to make what would seem impossible for one person to do, possible. As we do this, we help ourselves AND others as well. This is why it is important shift competition into cooperation…jealousy into inspiration…enemies into allies. When this happens it is a win-win situation for everyone.

As more jobs are released during this time of change in 2012 and beyond, it is up to us to find new ways to make a living. Self-employment will be more commonplace for businesses, the arts, healing, and financial areas. Environmental, animal, and farming areas will become more popular and prosperous as people seek to be self-sustaining, health conscious, and Earth friendly. Money is still widely prevalent and available. As long as there is a money system, we all have the opportunity to step into the flow. But it is up to us to find a way to do it that aligns with our soul and provides for all levels of our being. The jobs or vocations that remain after the great shift has completed will be those that have allowed us to help the world and all its habitants. Any work related areas (including and especially in government) that are corrupt, greedy, manipulating, or fear based will be exposed and eventually fall away. What we can expect is that something more promising and benefic ial will take their places. Negativity cannot prevail in the new energy. We are in it now, and that is why the old is falling away so quickly. There is no longer any resonance, and as we continue to shift and heal within ourselves, we will come to realize we no longer resonate with aspects of our external lives–whether jobs, careers, homes, relationships, or financial issues. And we will not tolerate what does not serve our highest good or what we hold in high esteem in our lives. This is how the great uncovering will continue to unfold, how the new Earth is anchored into our realities.

There will continue to be many changes in the economy and with the money system. Over the course of the next ten to twenty years, we will all be making a choice about how we want to live our lives–by using the money or barter systems. There will be many communities who form, who have already formed, and are currently living through barter. All their needs are met this way–food, shelter, clothing, medicine,transportation, miscellaneous. Many will be “off the grid” in the way of being completely self-sustaining, although this will be achieved through community. Others may choose to remain in the money system, living through technology, travel, and involved in city life. Some may choose to live this way as a convenient way to reach more people worldwide. Others may choose to live this way to be leaders and providers for the New Earth, allowing communities of barter to be sustained within them. For awhile we will have a chance to do both, but eventually we will be either using money or we won’t…

If you are one of those who worries about what this future reality might be like, realize that there is always a choice, deep down. The barter systems will actually allow many of us to have the time in a day to do those things we have always wanted to do! We will be able to release the stress, striving, and dread that many of us have carried from job to job, no matter how many times we change them. We will finally be able to live out a lifestyle that is healthy for us–nourishing to the body, mind & soul. Many of us will no longer have to work those 40-50 hour weeks, come home exhausted, and have no energy to connect to our loved ones or do anything else for that matter. We will know and live out the reality of having our needs provided, because we believed in it, which created it.

I have seen many potential realities for how this will come about…many of them are based on the past and where our consciousness has been then. We have made huge leaps and bounds in our transformation as humans and we are still well on our way. End of January into the next few months will continue to bring a quickening of energy that will prove to greatly impact the mass. Many healers, spiritual teachers, leaders, and spiritual and religious centers will begin to see an increase in clients/attendees in the near future. Even for those unaware of the shift, many will seek spiritual guidance and resources, sensing that things are no longer as they were, and understanding that we as humans have no control over it. I see this as happening in the smoothest, most graceful way as possible, with Earth and the other ascended planetary beings holding the safest space for us. The image I get is of carrying a newborn baby gently and carefully back to bed. As we lay the baby down, we sup port the head and neck, and the lower half of the body, so the baby isn’t dropped or doesn’t hit the bed in a way that would rudely awaken or harm him.

This doesn’t mean that there won’t be unpleasant awarenesses and happenings with the environment, natural disasters, and government. Remember that the ugliness has to be revealed so that those who are currently disillusioned can see the truth, and thus act upon it. We still don’t have enough people set for action. We are all too content with the familiar–like it or not. It has to look bad enough for those who didn’t care before to begin to care, and to do something about it. This is where we begin to transmute anger and righteous indignation into passion, into our soul’s purpose. This is where we begin to realize the importance of our healing and transformation, and we make that a priority in our lives, so we can do what we came here to do! At least where money is used, it will finally begin to be channeled into areas where it can truly benefit.

I have said this before, but it is important to mention again. For those struggling right now, it is time to reach out to those who can help you. Make it a priority, and save up money for this help if needed. Whether its AA, psychotherapy, energywork, intuitive guidance or counseling, or a holistic health practitioner that you need, use the resources available to you. This is no time to suffer. If we don’t begin to take responsibility for our healing and transformation, things can continue to feel more challenging and hopeless than they need to. If you are struggling financially and really don’t have a dime to spend on healing services (and be honest with yourself about this, because most have more than they think they do), check out the pro bono and free services in your community. They always exist. Whether its a free community counseling center, free group healing or teachings at healing centers or schools, visit a monastery or ashram, AA or Al-Anon, or those practitioners who use sliding scale fees. If your daily practice of meditation, energywork, yoga, chanting, prayer, or religious services works for you, keep it up! But also know that we all have blind spots, and that is where practitioners, friends, family or life lessons can show or tell us what we need to be mindful of in our enlightenment processes. We need to start off each day grounded, centered, and using what strengthens us to be able to continue to weather the tides of change with grace and poise. And I don’t mean any fear in this, even positive change can be stressful (remember it is our natural tendency as humans to cling to what is familiar).

You can contribute to the world by engaging in doing or being what brings you joy (or what others have said, makes you feel alive). This is what you have to offer, not what you logically think is needed. Also, for those who are angered and disturbed by what is seen to them as unjust, corrupt, or unhealthy, in our world and all who live in it, do something about it. There is a reason you see it and others do not. It is important to expose what has been hidden to the mass, and even the minority. This is how real change happens. I remember when word first got out about how harmful plastic bags were to the environment. Many people had no idea of the consequences of using plastic bags. Now we are continuing to come up with new alternatives, for either recycling or not using plastic at all. We each have our own unique piece to put in place to complete the giant jigsaw puzzle of the shift. And we must act on it! Even if you think no one else will care, if it is something that you ar e aware of, have knowledge in, and really value, at least take the first step(s) to dissolve ignorance in the world. Enlisting help, forming groups, and using techonlogy will also spread the word even quicker, taking the brunt of the burden from you in fulfilling your mission on your own. The guides say patience and perseverance are themes for the beginning of this year…We can all release the defeating beliefs and thoughts and choose to harness the empowerment needed to see these tasks through.

In closing, we can all breathe a deep breath of relief when we know that all of these changes will bring peace. Deep peace. That is why we have come, what our individual (and collective) missions are all about. No matter what it looks like right now or what challenges or changes you have ahead of you, this is your true journey. In the meantime, we are playing the game, learning to master emotions, as we have all come here in human form to do. When we move forward and embrace change, continue our healing and growth, we are taking steps to release suffering for ourselves and others, which leads to happiness. We wouldn’t be doing all of this if it was not going to lead to happiness, contentment, and becoming accepting of all that is. And of course, there is never a destination, just a continuing journey in our spirals of life, so enjoy the peace when you are aware of it. Because in between life’s everyday moments are those real moments of peace.


You will receive these Energy Activations to the degree your soul chooses if you intend it.

We are affected by living in a world where money is a common tool for energy exchange. It can be used in an extremely powerful way, for the greatest good. A wise one told me, “Love what money can do for you–love the energy exchange. But remember, money is neutral.” This is true when you think about it. Money is really just a green sheet of paper with a president’s face and a number, giving it value. Yet we project all kinds of negativity on money, and we let it control us or impact us in the worst kind of ways: through greed, manipulation, dominance, fear, betraying our souls for it, and some of us, even dying for it. On the contrary, some look at it positively, seeing money as happiness, freedom, the right to existence or holding themselves in high esteem, and more time. Neither is true, it is just our perspective.

Instead of putting positive qualities on money, we can tap deeper into the essence of these qualities within us. If we no longer want money to give us challenges, learn the lesson it has taught us within us. Look at any greed, fear, manipulation, deceit, or betrayal we hold within…and transmute it. So let’s start with that. The 5th dimensional Nature Spirits, Mother Earth, and The Ascended Masters will work with us today, locating all the qualities through money–whether we see them as positive or negative, within us. Tap into the freedom, self-worth, power, wisdom, and love that you hold within your Divine Self (which is held behind your heart and before your spine). Now go within, and see any greed, hatred, control, dominance, deceit, or betrayal. The Ascended Masters will work with you to shift these energies, activating all lessons, and transmuting them into generosity, love, self-control, empowerment, honesty, self-respect, and self-loyalty. Take a moment to let the sh ift complete.

As you tap into the inner abundance within, and as Mother Earth mirrors hers to us, let that attract in all the resources you need in life right now and more, whether money, food, housing, transportation, people, medicine, clothing, etc…everything we have can be broken down into energy exchange, which essentially is abundance.

Now take a moment to really consider….how much money would you like to have, if you could have your wish. How much would you like to make everyday, month, or year. Be honest with yourself, because with different amounts of money come different kinds of lifestyles, whether for yourself or your partner, or another family member who provides. With that idea in mind, take a look at the mandala I have placed on my writings page at Within the first few seconds, take note of what color inside of it jumps out at you the most (not a color you necessarily like). Now come back to the newsletter. This is a neutral mandala that I have infused with money energy. Working with the Nature Spirits, Earth, and the guides, we have interweaved differing lifestyle energies as well. This part of the activation section will show you what it is you really want, because many of us are conflicted about it. Here is some illumination:

If you picked orange: You are interested in staying in the money system, and developing a career or being provided for by someone who has a career that brings in large sums of money. If this doesn’t describe you now, there is a part of you that desires to live like this. You may enjoy a lifestyle in the city, tend to like being busy, and need hired help for many kinds of services, including financial consultants, housekeeping/nanny, tax services, computer and other business related technology. You might have people working under you. This doesn’t mean you don’t appreciate nature. You may even live or own a farm or ranch.

If you picked green/yellow: You are interested in staying in the money system, but are not necessarily interested in an extremely big salary or living wage, nor the lifestyle that goes along with it. Perhaps you enjoy living in the city and working at a job or career where you have more than enough, and still have time to relax on your days off, and be with family and friends. You may also enjoy the country or nature. You may volunteer or offer some free or discounted services from time to time. You don’t want to bother as much with paying for other business related services. You try to do as much on your own, or ask friends/family for help.

If you picked blue: You fall somewhere between the money system and barter. You could potentially be someone who does a little of both, or you might have a spouse or partner who is in the money system, but you volunteer services, care for a loved one, or are a stay at home parent or homemaker. In either case, you don’t live a very high paced lifestyle and no one who contributes to your income is bringing in extremely large sums of money each year. You might also be in transition, open to changing your lifestyle to suit your needs and those of your family if you have one. So you may be cutting out expenses you don’t need, or taking on side jobs to pay for expenses. You might decide you don’t need a car, and take public transportation instead, walk, or ride a bike. Or you might live without certain appliances or TV. These are also people who have been hit hard financially. You may have lost a job, filed for bankruptcy, or had to defer student loans. You might be searching for a new way to take care of your finances or live more simply, having more time to do what you love.

If you picked pink: These are the people who could live through barter or “off the grid.” If you aren’t currrently living like this, a part of you longs to. You like nature, farming, gardening, and animals, and being in nature fills you up on all levels of your being. You desire to really slow down. You would love to live more in the older ways–taking time to grow and cook your food, do arts & crafts, work outside, have more time to raise your children. Having a more open schedule to write or do any kind of creative pursuits would serve you. City life is grating on you, or it is hard to handle due to your sensitivity. You would benefit from having land around you, more psychic space, and going into the city only when you need to. For many people in this category, you would rather not have to deal with money, and would embrace an alternative solution.

These categories are based on where you are today. This can change as you continue to grow and change, altering your lifestyle through your free will. If the color you picked doesn’t sound like you, than there is a part of you that longs for this or is holding old belief systems about what should be. The reason I included this game was to bring awareness. So if you don’t like what a part of you (perhaps unconscious) wants, change it. If you do want it, but don’t have it, change that too.

Ask your higher selves to bring into your conscious awareness right now, what kind of lifestyle your soul truly desires–what would help you be the happiest. This goes for all areas of your life: health, wellbeing, spiritual growth, relationships, and service. Take a few moments to let that happen. Now go back to the mandala again, at For those who are able, look into it to see into your future, where you are headed. If you cannot do this, ask your higher self to send you a thought, word, image, color, sound, emotion or physical sensation that will bring some clarity. You should get some kind of validation or information about what is coming. Lastly, ask your higher selves, and The Ascended Masters here today, to help align all levels and layers of your being to the lifestyle that is best for you at this time. Release any old beliefs systems, thoughtforms, desires, behavior patterns, and emotions (whether from you or others) that are holding back from a lifestyle that would support your greatest good. Ask to receive the tools and resources–whether it be confidence, self-worth, courage, empowerment, patience, trust, loyalty, respect, or any other, to live the life you have been waiting for.

Many Blessings for this Happy 2012,

Heather, The Nature Spirits, Mother Earth, The Masters and the newsletter guides.

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