3 Teleconference Classes : All on the changes of 2012 and beyond, for our Earth and all living beings. Want to know how this amazing time on Earth can benefit all areas of your life? Want to know how you can step into your soul’s purpose–to help yourself and others during this transformational time?

Dates for the classes are the following, all in Mountain Standard Time. Pick one or all. Each class is $20:
February 22nd, at 4:30 pm
February 24th, at 7 pm
February 25th, at 10:30 a.m.

This class will address how the great transformational shift affects our Earth, the nature kingdom, animals and humans–on a physical, mental/emotional, spiritual, and energetic level. It also addresses relationship, money, career, creation/manifestation abilities, environmental issues, and karma changes. Soul’s Purpose refers to a unique aspect of your soul that can be expressed in a way that you choose, simply by being or doing what brings you joy, peace, bliss or passion. You will learn how to discover soul’s purpose, activate it, and live it through your everyday life, helping others and yourself spiritually grow and evolve.

Email me at [email protected] to sign up and I will give you instructions for pay and the dial-in number.