A message from the Pleiadian High Council: “Allowing the light codes and downloads to assist you”

Be present in your heart center and allow the light codes and downloads to assist you. They will help to purify what is under the surface, what is unacknowledged, and what you haven’t yet dealt with or completely faced. These downloads and light codes are coming in from the center of the galaxy and from your earth to assist you in this process of transformation. As you allow this unconscious material to be transformed and transmuted, anything else that has been holding you back can be worked with as well in the same way, including any doubts, fears, or insecurities. Where do you feel lack? Where do you feel an inability to move forward?

As you breathe into your heart center, you will notice the deepest layers of your threefold flame expanding and lighting up. And many of the intuitive centers in your heart and in your throat chakras are also expanding and lighting up during this time. This will allow all of you to be able to recognize your gifts, to gain greater confidence, clarity, and to overcome fears or doubts, many of those older patterns, and the karma. Many of the implants that you’ve picked up over time that have been held in the throat and heart chakras are being cleared now. They are being transformed through receiving these light codes and in the revelations that you are all moving into during this time.

So it is happening step by step and we recommend you stay patient with yourselves. Treat each day as a brand new opportunity to move forward in all of this. Do not judge or criticize yourself too harshly. Let yourself make mistakes. This is all part of your awakening, part of the transformation of much of what has been hidden under that surface layer.

As we have said before this is a time of powerful shifts in consciousness and great leaps forward for many of you individually and collectively. The possibilities and potentials for this are monumental this month. We speak of this clearly for you all to hear and receive it on a deep level of your being— the monumental potential of the drastic shifts that you can all make. And it is because you are able to shift much of this unconscious material that is under the surface layer. It is like the surface of a body of water, where you are unable to see what is below in those dark depths. You are all progressing, shining a spotlight now in those dark depths…seeing, feeling and knowing what is there and in that way helping your process.

And you are also progressing through your connections to the vastness outside of yourselves, to the earth and star energies, and to your higher levels, all of those larger soul groups along your spiritual axis. These are powerful ways of rapidly elevating your consciousness and allowing this transformation to happen.

So we recommend these connections and we recommend music, listening to music of all sorts. Be in the creative space whenever possible to keep you open, flowing and free at all times. Stay out of the logical mind more often. If you can remain more right brained, centered in your heart, and in the creative zone, this process will unfold with much more ease and grace.  In fact, much can be released in a quick and easy way without your even being aware of it or only subtly noticing what is happening without having to feel the full impact. And you’ll be able to transform while you do other things in your life as well— while you work, while you do your chores, while you connect with your friends, while you pay your bills, whatever it is that you’re doing. You’ll be able to do all of this so much more easily.

You will also become acutely aware of the diamond light frequencies coming from the sun. These diamond light frequencies are higher level frequencies that help the body transform into crystalline light. But they also help to purify the mind.

It is important that you open up more and allow yourselves to receive these powerful frequencies without resistance. If you have resistance, they can feel painful going through your body, and you might feel a sense of anxiety or instability. If you can open up and allow through your awareness, knowing they are benefiting you, they are expanding you and they are lightening you up in all ways, they can bring you the highest level of bliss and joy that you’ve ever experienced. The more you allow, the more it helps in your transformation, which will ease your body as your body transforms too.  And your mind and emotional levels will open up to more freedom, joy and flow.

So if you find yourself in resistance to these light codes and frequencies take a breath and remember how much benefit you get from them. Ground yourself. Stabilize yourself on the earth and through your awareness, through your intent and your will, open up to receive them. As you do, these energies move through much more easily, gracefully and they can benefit you in a quicker way too. “