Hang onto your hats! The winds of change are blowing through this solar spring and many of us are feeling emotionally raw. There are many different emotions lifting out of mass consciousness and the Earth’s aura, which leaves us feeling the varying arrays of sorrow/grief, anger/rage, hopelessness, and intolerance. We are particularly feeling the depth of loss as we leave our old lives and realities behind and head into a completely different way of living and world.

The anger is related to the stifled feelings of oppression and victimization that have preyed upon our society and culture since the beginning of time. The hopeless feelings are tied into the fear of where we are headed and the doom and gloom prophecies that have plagued us over the last century. Intolerance and hatred is heightened in those previously u nconscious of their emotional state, as well as those resisting the change of moving into love/unity consciousness which is the basis of the 5th dimensional shift. For those of us who are empathically sensitive, which is more of us with each passing day, we should be even more mindful of our tendency to pick up on the heavy emotions above, including the hatred that others and are worldly environment are carrying. We can clear these vibrations through this awareness and our willingness to let it go.

With these emotions, there is also a lot going on physically. Heart pain, inflammation/tension in any area of the body is possible, insomnia or oversleeping, chronic fatigue and pain are all highlighted as our body responds to the change in the Earth’s magnetics with our sun’s continual solar flare and storm activity. With sleep/wake cycle changes, the source of the imbalance originated with the altered communication between the Moon and the Earth, due to the solar eruptions. Any kind of medicine or activity that can help soothe or calm the physical body and mind will be helpful right now. I would recommend acupuncture, massage, nutritional support and extra hydration, yoga, and energywork to help the body stay comforted and as balanced as possible. I am further emphasizing the need to drink even more water than you think you need! Our physical bodies are changing on a cellular level and we need extra water to be both a conductor and cushion for this transformation. Spend as much time as you can grounding and being outside. Let Mother Earth, in her further evolved state, help nurture and comfort you, as well as role model to your energy fields what you need to make your personal shifts. Walks, hikes, camping, gardening, swimming, or even sitting outside and soaking up the sun (especially our massive, blazing, energetic oven that is totally influencing us to transform on all levels whether we want to or not) are all simple activities to allow this to happen.

And speaking of this windy time both emotionally and physically, all of this solar activity affecting our Sun and Earth also affects the weather/climate. There will likely be more powerful winds and storms crashing through this spring/summer. We will get more precipitation than is normal for this time of year. Mother Earth has revealed that these winds of change are necessary to support a lifestyle shift more easily and quickly as a collective, advancing our evolution in right timing.

It is a great time for everyone in the U.S., particularly californians, to express your appreciation and gratitude to Earth and the area you live in for all you have received, the beauty and the bounty. I recommend feeling humbled by all you have in your life, including the experiences for growth, and the way its been done since the beginning of the shift. I see that it has all happened with utmost grace and ease for all living beings. We can be grateful it has gone the simplest and safest, especially for most in the U.S. I also think it’s a good idea to feel the compassion and gratitude as you reflect on the overwhelmingly, large-scale natural disasters that have mainly occurred outside the U.S. over the last decade. Send out this beautiful energy in the form of your choosing: prayer, meditation, intentions, mantras, creativity/artistic expression, physical offerrings, or any other methods that resonate with you.

We are all moving into a new lifestyle–one that will affect how we spend our leisure time (or what leisure even means to us), how we “work”, what our life priorities are, and what we spend our money on. It is time to let go of those comfortable familiars, especially all the “extras” we have that we don’t need. If we at least let go of our emotional attachment to the many unnecessary consumptions, we won’t be forced to lose them or have them taken away in a traumatic manner. Especially for those with addictions to material possessions, think about how you can keep things simple and how the simpleness is enough. Learn to have contentment and peace without all your things.

Most of all, let go of resistance to change. Ask yourself, what is not working in my life right now? This is where your spiritual work and healing should be focused. Look at your life difficulties and discover the point of origin–your resistance to change. For everyone it is different. It could be a longstanding emotional issue, it could involve stepping into your power and standing up for yourself, letting go of material objects/financial security to promote freedom and generosity, or releasing relationships that create excessive baggage, unhealthy attachments and desire. It could be about leaping into the unknown…Whatever it is, it is time to work on it, shift it, and move into a more evolved stance–one that supports your overall health, wellbeing, and happiness. Afterall, we are in this life to actually enJOY ourselves and have FUN! We spend way too much time being serious. For me, this message finds ways of sneaking into my everyday life. So often lately, while I am working on the farm, a six year old can be heard calling out, “Hey Heather, want to play now? Hey Heather, lets go play with the goats!” I have to tell her all too often that I am working now and will have to play later.

We are being impacted by the great uncertainty of these times paired up with a rollercoaster ride in life events. For many, one day may seem completely usual and typical, with easy balance and flow, while the next brings conflict and doubt, sprinkled with an inability to predict what tomorrow will bring. We may experience these rollercoaster events in conjunction with our emotions as well, where one day we are feeling love/joy/bliss and the next devastating sorrow and despair. The same goes for fear/panic/anger, versus tolerance/compassion/courage. You might notice this in the people around you, even if you have felt like the stable one. There is a definite Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde sydrome happening. Perhaps you’ve been having issues with someone who has been demanding and offensive with unclear or confusing communication one day, while the next he/she is expressing appreciation and friendliness, and interactions are harmonious and crystal clear. What’s the deal? Its about the overlapping of the dimensions–many are still vacillating between the 3rd-5th on a regular basis, and different aspects of our being are in different dimensions simultaneously, even though collectively we are in the 4th. The veils to the 5th and beyond are thinning more and more each day, so much that for many who have remained entrenched in the 3rd, the vacillation is clashing unbearably. Think nails on the chalkboard excruciation. This is part of what we need to hang in there on and be patient with as we will continue to move forward collectively. It helps to just roll with the daily or even hourly or minutely changes, flips, and switches. Again, let go of resistance. It helps to ride these 360 degree turns like you would a wave while surfing. Just go with it, and stay present in each and every moment. If not, you will miss the gifts that are subtlely offered in circumstances you would otherwise view as unfortuante. And you might miss life’s blessings too.

I know in my own life, I have experienced all of the above. And this most intuitives will find true right now–even if your intuition was correct about something originally, even just a day or two ago, that can quickly change. I am not talking about giving readings here, this is just simple everyday living and decision making. You may have made a wise choice at that time (whether an hour ago or months ago), and then come to find out that things are no longer as they appeared. We are currently living on a farm that we contracted to work on for 8 months. I noticed a huge shift in the land for the better since we’ve been here, as well as the lightning speed at which we are learning what we need to continue towards our own long term goal of self-sustainable living and my partner’s to create it as his livelihood. It has only been 3 weeks but things have shifted so that we are on a trial-basis when it comes to whether or not we will be staying for the full eight months. Things could swing in either direction and we may find ourselves going somewhere else to finish the learning that we need to fulfill our soul’s purpose. The following information is for everyone out there right now: Especially when it comes to situations that involve groups, there is an unspoken contract around growth and evolution, but it is up to individual people in those groups, through their own free will, to decide whether they want to shift or not. If they turn down the opportunity to grow and heal, the previous potential for harmony and well-being may fall away or end, leading those who embrace change and growth to need to move on. But this is where the blessings in disguise fall into place…There are new doors of potent possibility opening for everyone, and we have been given a free ticket to move on whenever we want to, if we want to, where previously that was not the case. This gives us the opportunity to learn new and needed skills in a way and an environment that will adequately support our physical needs and spiritual evolution.

Announcements & Upcoming Classes/Email meditations
If you missed the 2012 Teleconference Classes, you can now access one or both of the recordings. The first class addressed health issues, relationships, money, soul’s purpose, time changes, manifestation/creation in the 5th dimension, and the meaning behind “loss” in these times. The second class also addressed health and soul’s purpose, but focused a lot on Earth changes and Earth’s role in the shift. There was much revealed about the big picture reasons behind the more frequent natural disasters, environmental issues, including the increasing solar storms and EMF’s. The cost is $20 per class. Email me at [email protected] to receive the recording(s) and pay at All credit cards are accepted.

I am now doing monthly meditations sent via email to assist all with staying in balance during these changing times. The first one starts at the end of this month! Each month, the energywork will address the themes of that month depending on what is going on with the transformational energies and the world. If interested, let me know. The cost is now just $6 per month to receive them monthly, or $10 each (in which case you let me know when you want to receive one).

Lastly, I am now available for private sessions!

A Redwood Healing & Nature’s Lullaby
These Energy activations will occur to the degree your soul chooses if you intend it. The shifts in energy will be assisted by the Redwoods and Conifers of Northern California, the 5th dimensional Nature Spirits, the plants and birds. For the best results of these activations, I invite you to read this whole section through, and then find your favorite place in nature to receive them, whether under a tree, in a relaxing meadow or on a mountaintop. As you sit there, send out those vibrations of love, gratitude and humility with regard to your place of living on this Earth in the form of your choosing as I discussed in the first section. As you do this, the Redwoods and Conifers, plants, and birds will mirror to you an energy that will support you in letting go of resistance to change and a greater ability to go with the flow.

The first energy activation will lend a hand in lifting out the heavy emotional turmoil being experienced, whether its sorrow, anger, hopelessness, intolerance or hatred. I will ask the 5th Dimensional Nature Spirits in working with the powerful plant energy to assist us in fulling releasing these energies while remaining grounded and balanced as we FEEL our way through them.

I now ask Mother Earth in her highest vibrational state, along with the 5th Dimensional Nature Spirits and plants to bring in a calming, soothing energy for our physical bodies during this transformational time. While we are soothed and bathed in this comforting energy, I ask each of our higher selves to bring forth the appropriate energies to flush out any empathic vibrations that we have been picking up on collectively. As this is occuring, I am asking the sacred geometric patterns of compassion to be activated within us to complete the clearing.

In the long sentence below, pick the word or word(s) that jump out at you, or that you may even think you see but is really not there. Each of them is infused with an energy that will assist you in healing an area of physical disfunction. The word also represents what you can do to help yourself feel better multidimensionally during this time.

Now the Redwoods are downloading their wisdom with letting go of what is familiar and shifting into a new lifestyle, as they have seen & allowed many changes in their hundreds of years of existence. The Nature Spirits will work with you on this lifestyle change as well, helping you to change the way you “work”, bringing more joy and ease with work, and less hours needed to get it all done.

Lastly, The Nature Kingdom, including the Stars, Moon, Redwoods & Earth would like to sing you a lullaby to bring more abundance in all forms as well as to balance the sleep/wake cycles in the physical body.

chorus (to be repeated after every verse):




With love & peace,

Heather & The Nature Kingdom

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