Blue Moon Fever
Did everyone enjoy the Blue moon last saturday? It was a beautiful, powerful sight to behold, and we were all sure to feel the boundless energies filtering onto our planet that day as well. It was a triangle of forces from Sirius, Pleiades, and Arcturus, working to help us release and transform on multidimensional levels. If you felt dizzy, lightheaded, irritable, tired, unable to focus or think, this is why. If you tune in now, you’ll notice you feel lighter, even if all the thoughts get in the way…

And speaking of thoughts, we are filled with them. There is an enormous mind clearing happening, which is helping us move more fully into our hearts, and adding to the confusion and senselessness that accompanies any kind of left-brained task, like writing, or speaking…boy, can I relate. The overwhelming mind-talk is really a sign of the purification happening there. Meditation and any kind of stillness practice can help you become more centered and grounded and to get some reprieve from this overload.

Time is also accelerating in our physical dimension, making it more difficult to get things done. If you have to maintain a productive lifestyle, work with the Mayan Time Lords, your higher self and the timing grids from the 5th dimension. Visualize the period of time you have to get something finished, or to take part in an activity or project. Ask your guides to help, and imagine that the time frame that you have to finish a task gets expanded beyond the time available, however that looks to you in you inner vision. For example, If you see a linear line of time of 2 hours in front of you, call forth the 5th dimensional grids and the Mayan Time Lords, work within the other dimensions, asking to expand it larger, opening it up to 3, 4, or 5 hours of linear time, whatever you need. There is no right or wrong way to do this, your intent and imagination make the shift. In this way, through the other dimensions, you will actually be using 5 hours of time (or whatever time you req uested) in a 2 hour 3rd dimensional window, thus having more time to get something done and not getting delayed or stressed in the process.

This month and for the next couple of months, there will be more chaos coming up in our shared physical world–seen in government, environmental areas, and emotionally in the human collective. The time of the election in November will prove to bring many surprises. More greed and corrupt experiments/projects with the Earth will come to light to be revealed. Regardless of how it looks, it will be a positive thing, bringing about the change we’ve been desiring by waking up many about the misuse of power in much of our culture’s authority. Mass consciousness is still being prompted to shift and it’s creating a lot of tension that many of us are picking up on. Stress release and relaxation activities are very important for all of us right now! If you have stress related health issues coming up like high blood pressure, adrenal imbalance or ulcers, or if you are becoming extra hyperactive–or feeling the need to be hyper even if it seems like your day to day life experience is lik e walking through molasses, this is why. It’s not just you.

From now through the Equinox we can expect to feel a bit disconnected from Earth, as if we don’t recognize that calm, nurturing, comfort that comes with living on the planet. She’s working in many of the higher dimensions now, operating well beyond the 5th on a lot of levels. For many of us still vacillating between the 3rd and 5th dimensions, we might not be able to reach her energetically. If it leaves you feeling anxious, involve yourself in any kind of activity that helps anchor you in your physical container (your body), like yoga, physical exercise, or direct contact with Earth. This will help you process what you need to spiritually, and still stay in touch with the nature kingdom and world around you. Your connection to Earth’s energy will come and go, much like tuning into stations of a radio while you drive a car. I will give some activations in the energywork section for helping to stay grounded and connected to the magnetics on the planet, as we are still in the p rocess of shifting from electro-magnetic to crystalline.

Some of us will still be in the waiting period when it comes to the manifestation of our next level of new life realities this month. Like the process of labor in childbirth, the contractions are like the ebb and flow of life events in conjunction with spiritual mastery. Just be present with where you are. Accept this, but at the same time know that there is always more spiritual growth/work to be accomplished. If you’re uncertain of what you need to work on, simply look at your current life. What needs attention?

This month it’s all about relationships…healing, clearing, releasing, mending, exposing, discerning, and deciding. That should ring a bell for the majority of us out there. Although I discussed love in the last newsletter, and that many of us are healing grief/pain from relationships in this life that connects with any kind of abandonment, rejection, or hurt from other times, we are going into an even deeper process of healing in this area for about the next two months. In particular, it involves getting REAL. With yourself first, and then with the “others” in your lives. If something is out of balance or integrity, or you haven’t been honest or truthful with another, now is the time to come out with it. If you hold it in, with all the solar flare activity and portals opening up with each full moon, the thoughts/feelings can come blasting out in an inappropriate way or time. Discern if you are in right relationship with yourself first and then observe how that affects wheth er your relationships feel right. Remember that loyalty, honor, and respect for self are necessary to receive the same in return. When you make the needed shifts within, you might find certain relationships are no longer a fit. Or the opposite could happen, and as you shift, the relationships you are a part of begin to shift into what you desire.

And Lastly, decide. We all have the right to decide what is best for us in our lives with regard to relationships at this time. The 5th dimension is all about co-creation, which involves equal amount of time, energy, commitment, sharing, resonance, and cooperation in whatever you come together for. A healthy relationship in this time is about equal give and take, even if its not in the same way. If it feels like you have given or taken too much, make needed adjustments, reach out to the person and attempt to repair what’s out of balance, or decide to bow out. Notice what you’ve learned from the relationship and feel gratitude for that–its ultimate purpose. If you have grown and feel it’s time to move on for your highest good, don’t let guilt or shame get in the way…this is a natural process and we must shed our skin like snakes while in transformation. Sometimes it involves letting people go.

A dear friend of mine recently went through a huge changing over of friends and is a good example of this type of transformation. I’ll call her Sally. Sally just recently got married and had a baby. Up until this point, she had a light, part-time job at a local bookstore, which left her plenty of time to spend with friends, relatives, her boyfriend, and keep social obligations. She thought she’d be able to keep up with it all. But since becoming a wife, her relationship shifted into a new level of commitment and responsibility which needed more time, nurturing, and energy. On top of that, the baby was a wake up call! She thought maybe she’d have some free time… well, she was wrong about that. And she was growing exhausted keeping up appearances. So the friendships and even some family member relations went to the backburner, and resentments brewed. Sally was also beginning to feel pulled in another direction. She felt drawn to making new friends, forming new bonds with thos e she now had more things in common with. In her childbirthing classes she met other couples who had their babies right around the same time she had her baby. She felt a resonance with them, not only because they understood exactly what she was going through, but because they offered each other advice and help in their new lives, and they supported each other every step of the way. Although she gained the help of some relatives (with baby care), most of them just wanted her to be the same old sociable Sally that she was before. But she was no longer that person anymore. Racked with guilt, Sally tried to explain this to her friends and relatives, and some people understood, but many didn’t. She lost some of these people, even though part of her didn’t want to. But as months went by, Sally found out it paid off to do what was best for herself and her new family. Those who were true friends and those relatives who understood the link between love and non-attachment, maintained their connection or got back in touch with her later, even if they didn’t get to see each other as much or talk about the same things anymore. The original bond was the foundation that withstood the earthquake of change.

So what’s your earthquake of change? Most of us have something coming up in the relationship department. But the change could also be in another life area…The next three months will allow us to jump ahead in our spiritual growth and transformation more than we have in a single lifetime. The visual I get is a tornado coming through and wiping a town clean. Don’t be afraid of this metaphor (and it’s not literal by any means). We are going to be clearing so much (especially karma), so much is changing with Earth, the grids of the planet, and the human collective grids, that it will feel as if our future life’s slate is wiped clean. This is actually wonderful, because we then have the free will to create something new, to start over fresh. We are free of the burdens that have become obstacles for our dreams, soul’s tasks, and life purposes. But it will feel uncomfortable, because we like to know what’s going to happen, and as humans, we like to cling to what is familiar. We hav e to learn to let that go…and trust. This clean slate is something your soul didn’t even plan for before we incarnated because it wasn’t known at that time. We didn’t know how far we’d each go in the collective shift and what it would look like ahead of time. There were many possibilities of how that could play out, depending on the speed of our individual (which affects the collective) transformation.

And with all this transformation, we may feel a sense of identity loss, which can result in confusion. This is why even though we are at the gates of the 5th dimension with the grids in place, we will still spend a significant amount of time processing, assimilating, and gaining our bearings before it is our reality.

Sound Activations with the Dolphins, Whales, & Galactic Beings
These Energy Activations will occur to the degree your soul chooses if you intend it.

Today’s energy activation will involve a sound meditation. Click on the link below to listen to it. The energy coming through my toning and singing is for anchoring in the higher frequencies, helping with grounding and connnecting to Earth, reconnecting to divine identity, releasing stress and assisting in emotional agility with all the energetic changes. Its about 8-10 minutes long.

Summer Blessings,

Heather, the sea creatures, Mother Earth & the Higher Dimensional Beings

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