Awakening the Divine Feminine in 2012 and Beyond
By Heather Green
We are living in the time of a great shift in consciousness on planet Earth. This evolution will involve the balancing of the divine feminine with the divine masculine. Our new world will operate on the feminine principle, utilizing qualities such as gentleness, receptivity, cooperation, and nurturing. As women, we are being asked to embrace the sacredness of our innate femininity. Our inner guidance is calling us to reflect on our lives and decide what needs changing or healing. As we heal, transform, and accept that which we truly are, we will be able to show the way as leaders of the new world.

Masculine-dominated societies have prevailed on Earth for thousands of years. Masculine qualities can involve action, rationality, knowledge, and competition. They have an important place in our lives and the world, but if the feminine is undervalued or unacknowledged in the process, discord and unhappiness can be consequences. To help balance the masculine with the feminine, we must infuse all areas of our lives, particularly those areas of weakness, with more feminine qualities. As women, we embody the divine feminine, having direct access to these attributes that can be modeled in our world through everyday living.
But we have to walk our talk. We have to be willing to look honestly at our lives and ourselves, roll up our sleeves, and do the work of our healing and transformation. If our health has declined, have we sought out the medicine that resonates with our soul? The time is now. Have we taken steps to revive or let go of an unhealthy relationship? The time is now. Have we made a decision to move into a career that will support a more fulfilling and less stressful lifestyle? The time is now. It is our divine right to be able to enjoy living all of our cherished dreams and goals! More importantly, are we comfortable with ourselves as feminine beings? Have we honored the physical experience of being female—from the beginning of our monthly menses, through our childbearing years, into the change of life, with all each phase entails?
The transformation on planet Earth will support all women in healing the ancient wounds of the divine feminine that have kept us blind and bound in a masculine-dominated society. When we heal, we release what no longer serves us, and grow into our divine potential. As we fully incorporate our femininity, perceiving emotions, vulnerability, and intuition as our greatest strengths, we become naturally open and compassionate. We can then behold the truth and act without force or oppression, understanding each being’s divine worth, and thus lighting the way towards peace.