It has taken almost two whole months, but we are all beginning to adjust to the new energies of 2012. Many of us are still attempting to realign and center since all the shifts of last year–all that has affected us physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. We have been given this time in February and beginning of March as a gift. It is a time to rest and prepare for what is coming around the time of the Spring Equinox and thereafter, leading into summer. This time promises to bring much activity, an expansion in the consciousness of mass, and the manifestation of all the goals we set in motion through the transformation we have undergone in 2011.

There were spiritual downloads with the new moon on the 21st, so if you felt sleepy or emotional that day (even irrationally so), it was one more blast of energy to help us clear the last remaining old fragments of emotional ties or patterns that have kept us bound and hung up in certain areas of our lives. This was a good one, and there was actually a lot of sweet energy with this new moon, so many might have felt that this was their “real” valentines day. This new moon and throughout the end of February might also be a time of getting over that last hurdle, one more big upheaval before you are ready to truly begin anew in March. It might be a time of surprise or shock in some sorts, and as I can relate in my personal life, even if its of the negative kind or bad news, it will pass shortly. This is allowing you to be free on more levels than you can imagine and will ultimately serve you well in your future endeavors.

Ironically, it looks to me like this time of rest and preparedness before the Equinox is coupled with a lingering intensity of the energies. Particularly on a physical level, many of us are still going through much transformation, and some of that can lead to uncomfortable, painful, or odd body complaints or illnesses. There is much happening in the areas of digestion. For anyone having unrelenting heartburn, nausea, indigestion, and gas/bloating, probiotics from a local health food store can do wonders. I am recommending this to many, although if you have health issues, check with your doctor about this first. Many are also having issues with chronic pain, in the head and back, achy joints, accompanied by dizziness, disorientation, and chronic fatigue. More time spent grounding in nature and drinking lots of water can help. Get extra sleep and less time at the office if that is what you need. Your body is doing some deep healing. You are clearing many layers of emotional res idue and physical illness and injury from many lifetimes all at once in this one, and understanding this can help you have patience with the process. Knowing this can also help us adjust our viewpoint from pessimistic to optimistic when it comes to the impact of the transformative energies from the center of the galaxy during full moons and eclipses, the magnetic changes on Earth, and the solar flares and storms. Instead of clinging to our seats with dread in the news of these events, we can begin to embrace these happenings for the chance they give in allowing us to grow, heal, transform, and create the future we have dreamed of.

This is also why some who have had a chronic illness like diabetes or heart disease have seen a worsening in symptoms. It is also possible that some may discover they have a life threatening dis-ease such as cancer, despite the following of a healthy lifestyle. In either case, this is coming up at this time of your life to allow you to completely heal and clear a longstanding issue(s) and help you be focused, squared and centered, on your spiritual path towards awakening. So if you fit into these categories, ask yourself, “Am I allowing the awakening process?” If so, you should be well on your way towards healing and overcoming whatever maladies you suffer. But one thing all of us should keep in mind is that sometimes it is simply our time to leave the planet. Only our soul can make this decision, not our egos.

In general, because there is so much going on for each of us physically this year, holistic health maintenance can be important. This does not discount seeing a regular medical doctor. The reason I mention holistic health is that this type of medicine treats the body as a whole (not individual parts), helps to strengthen and align body systems in a way that allows the cells to remember and go back to functioning normally, acknowledges all body systems and how they work together, especially how they are influenced by the emotions, and often provides prevention of dis-ease or damage to any body system. Some common areas are: Chinese Medicine, Homeopathy, Bodywork, Energy Healing, and Herbal Medicine. Do some investigating online. You will find many of these services provided in most communities.

And speaking of holistic health, if you are one of the lucky ones having few physical complaints, you are more than likely doing some heavy duty emotional and spiritual work. Many are remembering and reflecting on unresolved issues from their past, both in this lifetime and in many others, accessing and utilizing their spiritual gifts which brings with it the need for an expansion of consciousness, or just plain feeling the world they have known and understood is falling apart. All of this is completely normal for the time we are living in. If we are not actively reflecting on what is causing the imbalances in our lives (and this goes for health, money, relationships, emotions, etc..) and seeking out healing and transformation within ourselves or through the many resources and services available in our world, then our wounds/frustrations/limited thinking will no longer be able to be kept out of our awareness. We can choose resistance but that is what ends up causing pain and struggle. My best advice: deal with it. Once and for all! If you are able to acknowledge it and begin to courageously explore it, you can trust the universe will be there to help support you on your journey. My biggest motto right now is: Help yourself so the universe can help you.

Everyone is a lightworker if they choose to be. Our job now is to spread the light as we already know how to do, through our guidance, holding the truth about the love and light that is here in our beliefs and thoughts, and role modeling this to others through our energy and actions. You don’t actually have to say anything to anyone to make a difference in someone else’s life. If you believe in the fifth dimension that we are moving into, and all it represents–peace, harmony, balance, unity–let that shine through you into the world. You can do this by staying in balance emotionally, thinking about and believing in the love that is always encircling the planet and inside each one of us, taking action for a good cause, and mastering your own personal lessons. This mastery is one of the greatest ways we can benefit others and our world. We automatically carry it in our energy fields, so everyone we have contact with throughout our days can feel it and decide if they want to do the same for themselves.

Remember much of what we stress over is an illusion. Even the things that we worry about environmentally, with regard to natural diasters, the chemicals used in nature and the disregard and abuse of her, can be reversed in what will seem like a moment’s time. We can replenish many of Earth’s resources and live sustainably. It is all up to us and how we act–physically, mentally/emotionally and spiritually in the now, and in every now from here on out. When we look outside ourselves at our world and see chaos and problems, discord chimes within us. As a collective, we are becoming intensely aware of this now, the outrage and injustice is intolerable, we are getting to close to no longer being able to hold back from taking action. Many of us are already acting. This will increase exponentially in the coming spring months. That is the purpose of the illusion, behind which I see a healthy Earth.

And the veils of some of these snowy illusions will be melted away around the time of the spring equinox and into summer when, contrarily to what is happening now during this time of preparedness, the transformative energies will lighten up a bit. It might not feel like it though, because much will be occurring in our external lives. In worldly news, more corruption will be exposed in government, but there will be a turn for the better with insurance and women’s health issues, the old financial system will continue to dwindle, but many people will contemplate more creative, innovative fields as their livelihood, and there will be more revealed about the need to change how we interact with the environment, which will happen. On a personal level, I see this as a positive, bustling phase in many people’s lives. Long held dreams and goals will begin to manifest, especially in the area of soul’s purpose. People will begin careers and new businesses that they have always wanted to start, pregnancies will be conceived, more people will be finding their soul mates and soul families (which by the way, will be an additional source for activating and bring your soul’s purpose into the world), many will change residences/lifestyles, or begin to travel more…anything that involves change. A seed has been planted in late 2011, which is now beginning to bear fruit. Everyone will observe this in their own life in some form.

In my life, I am already aware of the fruits of my labors on the horizon, starting the first week in April. My partner and I are moving to a farm in Northern California (yes, back to California!), where we will live and do our soul’s purpose work. We will both be farming (both with vegetable, fruit trees, and livestock), building sustainable structures for housing, teaching and participating in Permaculture classes and food canning, everything with sustainable living. I will be doing this part-time, and will still be providing intuitive and healing services for all my clients. Even though we will be living more remotely, we will have internet and phone, and I will travel to Ojai and L.A. areas to continue teaching my healing and transformation classes. It has been my goal for over two years, and our co-created dream for over a year to live on land and do this work. We have been waiting and it has finally arrived. I share this to inspire and offer faith and hope to those who h ave doubts about the ability to manifest their greatest desires. Everyone can do this! The other aspect that is important to mention is that we have both had to embrace change and let go of the familiar to get here. I have moved almost every 6-12 months for at least 3 years. Who would want to do that, you might ask? I have loyally followed my inner guidance about what needs to occur so that we can reach our next, bigger dream, and for us its been about moving around a lot to experience and learn different things. But for you, your challenge might be to embrace a different kind of change. So I ask of you at this time to look at what that is. What do you need to let go of so you can be launched into your new future?


These Energy activations will occur to the degree your soul chooses if you intend it. Today’s energy activations will involve a little of the magic of nature to help with change.

The first activation will involve a balancing of the physical body with all effects of the transformative energies. I call forth all of your physical bodies’ higher selves, as well as the Deva of the human body, Pan, and the 5th dimensional Nature Spirits. Ask that all of these aspects connect and engage with your physical self and bring balance, stability, and anchor in a healthy flow of life force energy to help your body heal and thrive. As this occurs, I ask Mother Earth to send her vibration of love around each of your body systems, bringing in balance and healing. Now ask the nature spirits to work with a particular area of your body that needs extra attention or healing, for example, your digestion, lungs, pancreas, immune system, or spine. The healing power of nature is working with color and light to help you assimilate the energies in a comforting way and bring everything back into alignment.

For the emotional body, we are bringing forth the following flower essences:
1)Geranium–to help overcome grief or loss
2) Rose–to bring more self-love
3)Star of Bethlehem–to overcome any shock or trauma
4)Lavender–to bring peace, calm, and overcome any fears.
Pick the one that you need and with your intent it will begin to infuse your field and bring in the healing.

For the mental body, we are bringing forth the following herbs:
1) Desert Sage–for reflection, meditation, and letting go of limited thinking
2) Rosemary–for optimism, opening up to awakening
3) Rue–psychic protection
4) Lemon Balm–calms an overactive mind, lifts depression

Pick the one that you need and with your intent it will begin to infuse your field and bring in the healing.

For the spiritual body, (which includes past, present, and future issues from all incarnations, dimensions and time-space continuums) we are bring forth the following crystal essences:
1)Ruby–heal any issues with survival and security
2) carnelian–heal sexual/sensual issues
3) citrine–brings empowerment
4) emerald–abundance & money issues
5) sapphire–greater expression and right power with the voice
6)Blue lace agate–heal anger, resentments, old hurts
7) amethyst–greater connection to the divine, within & without
Pick the one that you need and it will infuse your field and bring in healing.

And now, a special homeopathic remedy to assist you in embracing change and letting go of all that is familiar and no longer serves you. I am asking the newsletter guides, Mother Earth & The 5th dimensional Nature Spirits to work with your higher selves and guides and bring in the appropriate remedy that is right for your constitution, and will help you move into change gracefully, easily and happily. It will also help you to honor and follow your divine intuition, within your Divine Self that is always leading and guiding you on your path.

There is a special parting Valentine’s message in this homeopathic remedy:
1) Be Love
2) Take the risk, make the choice you’ve been considering
3) Speak your truth
4) Don’t let that someone intimidate you, stand in your power!
5) Despite the illusions, all is well in your life and with you. What you have been worried about will have a successful outcome

Pick the one that resonates with you…it’s just what you needed to hear!

A note here* Don’t do all of the medicines under each heading. Pick one, and if you feel called to, go back and do another one or two a day or week later.


Heather, The Nature Spirits, Mother Earth, and the newsletter guides.

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