Mp3, 90 Minutes long

For those who weren’t able to join in on the call, you can now buy the recording to receive the info, healing, and activating  of the divine feminine and masculine energies within. As we balance, blend and appropriately express these energies, we are more aligned with the energy of our new world, which helps our personal evolution (and our lives) move forward easily and gracefully.
Find out how this recording can help you:

This recording will include information, energy healing meditations to shift and balance the divine feminine & masculine energies, and activities addressing the following areas:

-why healing the feminine energies are so relevant/essential to this next life cycle stage with Earth and all living beings

 -how to heal or release those unhealthy attachments & relationships,
 and attract in your heart’s desire
-what soul mates & soul aspects are and how to improve these relationships
-healing of the divine feminine to bring empowerment, joy & ease for many life areas, including  family/groups, career, creativity, leadership, motherhood and more…
 -healing shame and sexual/sensual distortions and abuse
 -how to access your innate wisdom through the void
 -the future of the feminine in authority: women’s rights, women in politics, leadership roles with animals/nature and the environment

-A description of what the divine masculine is and common misconceptions
-The history of how the masculine got distorted and its wounding to men
-Heal the old distortions of the masculine, which includes force, aggression, and rational obsessions
-How to utilize the masculine energies in different ways for success in a variety of life areas–money, career, and relationships.
-how the new masculine can support the feminine energies that will lead in this new cycle for Earth & all living beings.

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