Here we are. January, 2013. We made it through the big shift! Have you caught your breath yet? Our experience of time has certainly sped up since December 2012, and many of us have had such huge life changes and priorities, we can barely remember who we were a month ago. And it really feels as if years have gone by.

Speaking of time, many humans are starting to experience instant processing. Dreaming, journaling, discussing,walking to clear our heads, and reflecting on events will be less needed as we move into the future. It will happen at once, in the moment. There will be an “a-ha” feeling as the learning fully registers in our energy fields, and is felt in our hearts. As we let go of the old, slow way of processing, one that relied too much on our minds, we will find we have more time in the day.

We’re now in an adjustment phase, a time to get balanced, centered, and realigned with the new energy on the planet. We have to get our heads screwed on straight again. On top of this, we’re still getting blasted with solar flares, storms, and winds, and the energetic downloads that often go along with them. This all has a way of knocking us off our feet (or out of our bodies). We are meant to go through this transformation process while in a physical vessel, so it’s important that we stay as grounded and tuned-in as possible.

We can still ground, center, and re-charge ourselves with the help of Earth and the nature kingdom. So if you’re feeling off, or if you’re having pain issues, like back/neck/head pain, dizziness, digestion problems, or cognitive impairment, seek the Earth. This can also help if you’ve been feeling very emotional. The downloads of spiritual energy are helping us clear old emotions, beliefs, and patterns, and we feel them strongest as they leave our energy fields. The good news: they are then gone for good!

This is a really good time to tend to the physical–take care of your body, get appropriate exercise (what your particular body needs), and catch up on needed rest. Drink lots of water and eat primarily plant-based foods. The light in these substances will heal your body and ease your digestion. You will be replenishing yourself and preparing for the next cycle that starts after the Spring Equinox and before the April lunar eclipse.

Until then, we will play catch up over the next three months. Many of us are stepping out in the world in a new way. This might be a change in residence, career, project, dream, relationship(s), or even a new perspective on life or the world. The new stance will usually involve some risk, as well as a surrendering of the past.

Over the last two months, I’ve witnessed rapid change around me. I have a friend who dropped one career, to pick up a completely different one, another two friends who left Ojai to move to Northern California, and a colleague who lost so much weight–she entirely transformed her physical appearance! For myself, I’ve just begun to get my head above water. My life switched gears as I started to wrap up my first book at the end of November (see right section for book details). I altered my focus and my life, but the publishing is underway! And yes, I am still seeing clients for private sessions.

When we take a new stance in the world, restricting viewpoints and belief systems expand to help us manifest and create in ways we never thought were possible. Fundraising wasn’t my thing, but I found that as I combined it with marketing, I was able to get my work out into the world quickly and easily. Like my example, stay open to novel methods and situations to increase prosperity and abundance, and to help you reach your goals. There could be something right under your nose, just waiting to be discovered. That something might make life more enjoyable, effortless, or magical.

With the Earth vacillating between the fifth and tenth dimensions, and humans falling anywhere from third to fifth, we can lose and confuse our dimensional status. You may find that while in the presence of certain human groups, physical locations, or places in nature, that this shared reality is very different than your individual reality. This is especially true for those who live with partners or family members. The shared reality is a combination of everyone’s vibration/frequency and the overall dimension of existence.

In any of these cases, you might feel yourself being pulled up or down depending on the overall group vibe. What is most important is to maintain or increase your vibration/frequency, and your overall dimension of existence. Many are finding that it’s becoming increasingly uncomfortable and difficult to be around those in the lower dimensions for long periods of time. Maintaining your dimensional stance will make it easier, but ultimately one or more of the group members must make a shift or the group will drift apart.

There is one easy way to maintain or help you raise your dimensional stance: Spend at least a couple hours a day in nature, making direct contact with Earth. Here you’ll easily be raised back up, your energy fields will be cleared, and you’ll re-ground and center. Large bodies of water and sea creatures such as the whales and dolphins are well beyond the fifth dimension, so spending time with them will rejuvenate and refresh, especially in emergencies.

There are surface-level, crystalline grids scattered across the globe that can assist lightworkers in maintaining and raising vibration/frequency, leading to higher dimensional states. They exist in the most fertile areas, and are not limited to the well known U.S. power spots, like Mt. Shasta, Sedona, or Ojai. They exist in forests, deserts, meadows, oceans, and many other places. Go where you feel called. You will receive great spiritual insights there as well.

When you are fully stabilized in fifth dimension and above, contact with those in the lower dimensions will occur infrequently and only by choice. Those who wish to reach you will have to raise their vibration and dimensional stance (even if temporarily) to do so. Don’t let this hold you back from moving into the higher dimensions. This resistance is what was behind much of the conflict, loss, and heartache that has occurred in personal relationships last year. Commit to your soul’s evolution, the reason for your incarnation. Let go of outdated attachments and experience more joy, grace, and ease as you move into your highest potentials. As you do, you’ll show others the way to freedom as well.


Here is this month’s energy activations for aligning with the new Earth:

I am offering monthly healing meditations to assist you in balance and wellness for the rest of 2013. $66 for the whole year, or $10 whenever you’d like to receive one. Email me at [email protected] for more details.


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