July 7th, 2013

Do you have your bearings yet, after those powerful summer solstice energies? Physically, you feel like you’re waking up with a big hangover or you’re recovering from being hit by a truck. Mentally, you know you have somewhere to go (but you forgot where it was), and you can’t find your compass/map/directions, so you don’t know how to get there. Emotionally, you feel anxious, irritable, helpless or hopeless, yet calm, peaceful, and even joyful, all in one day.

Can you pull yourself together enough to socialize, plan, work, or even function on a regular basis this month? (More information shared here in the expanded version newsletter. To read more about the expanded versions or to purchase for $9 go to:

If this is you, not to worry.These last couple weeks of mercury retrograde will help you get back on your feet, IF you take the time to rest, relax, and review what’s happened in your life this year up until this point in time. It’s a very important step, one we cannot skip, because the solstice launched many of us into our new lives very quickly. I still can’t believe we moved to a new town on the actual day of solstice, of all days–and yet it’s perfectly appropriate astrologically. Yet I still wake up each morning wondering if it’s really true.

Those of you who’ve been hard at work on your spiritual paths, plowing through your issues on a regular (let’s say at this point, daily) basis, will be glad to know that you’ll be clearing out the tail end of some old patterns, originating from ancient times. These have been recreated in this lifetime and many others with disastrous results. You’re just about ready to advance to a level in your evolution where you will create a more comfortable physical reality. You’ve birthed your baby this solstice, but now you’re pregnant again. And this pregnancy heralds your next cycle of evolution which culminates around the spring equinox, 2014.

I’m the first to admit I haven’t done much as far as relaxation this mercury retrograde, and I could probably use more than I could get in an extended, month long vacation. Yet, I also feel the desire to get out, mingle, and explore my city and current reality. If you’re feeling similar: more exhausted, confused, disoriented, yet restless, with difficulty making decisions, this is why. Because even if you didn’t physically move, you moved energetically, and now your personal grids as well as the collective’s, are being updated and recalibrated. It is as if our personal consciousness is sort of up in the air, or at a standstill, which is why we feel like we’re in no man’s land. We’ve definitely been offline, that’s for sure (More information shared here in the expanded version).

You might feel a bit disappointed, worried, or frustrated; perhaps things don’t look the way you expected…or the energy of this new “move” doesn’t feel the way you thought it would. Maybe you’re regretting your new move altogther? All par for the course. Take the time to stew in these uncomfortable feelings and doubts. One thing to come to terms with about this time we are living in, especially emphasized this month: nothing is for certain. And yet anything is possible.

How’s that for duality? And so, at the same time as being scared, you may also feel free, exhilarated, joyful, and fulfilled. There’s that part of you that knows you are exactly where you need to be and that there are never any wrong choices, even while blinded during the integration process. There’s that part of you that can’t wait to tap into many of your great potentials and successes (yes, just around the corner), as you’ve made this huge leap forward into the unknown…based only on following your heart…and your willingness to take risks. (More information shared here in expanded version).

And again, that’s why it’s important to look at how far you’ve come since Dec. 21st, 2012 (the beginning of our year). Look how different you are, how much progress you’ve really made, and how much closer you are to your long term goals. Use that for a gauge of what’s to come from now until the end of this year, Dec. 21st, 2013. This, among a few other energetic tips, will help you with making critical decisions (More information shared here in expanded version).

But the biggest thing I hear and tune in to on a daily basis, not just for myself, but for all of us, is patience. And trust. Big time. Yep. Simple words but not always easy to put into action. Wait, don’t rush. When you want to jump in both feet first, take a step back. This is true for our collective as well, and for Mother Nature, and the animals.

And even though I haven’t taken my own advice this month, it pays off to be tender and compassionate with ourselves and others through the challenges that are part of becoming fifth dimensional. There could be some blips in the plan environmentally and energetically this summer (More information shared here in expanded version) and towards the end of the year, but slowing down, letting go of trying to control outcomes, accepting what is, and uniting with our communities (I’m talking genuine connections here) will make all the difference. It will either prevent these issues or make them more tolerable–in fact, even enjoyable. I see hidden blessings in all these potential happenings.

See you around the next corner of the journey,

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