The Lion’s Gate Portal Day is Monday 8/8. On this day the star Sirius lines up with the earth and the sun from its ruling sign of Leo. Work with the mystical energies available in this window of time for accelerated manifestation with many of the following intentions:

-Open up to new visions
-Allow for endings/completion while simultaneously stepping into new beginnings/openings
-Witness timelessness, grace and the miraculous in your life
-Amplify fertility and abundance of all kinds
-Move into higher realities and timelines based on soul level dreams and passions
-Feel more love, support and creative power through the magic of divine connection
-Make bold breakthroughs
-Experience deep releases, healing & transformation
-Expand self worth and confidence
-Increase clarity and empowerment in all life areas
-Tap into boundless potentials
-Develop more courage and strength in the face of the unknown

On August 8th and through the 12th, you might feel called to do sacred ceremony in honor of your intentions and co-creating with the energies to bring about your deepest soul level desires. Working with the energy of this portal can help you manifest many of your creations now and over the next year. It can produce life-altering changes. Enjoy the journey!