The Sweetness of Spring
Wow. Can you believe we are here? Can you believe it’s finally time? Much like the movie “The Wizard of Oz” when Dorothy, the scarecrow, tinman, and lion arrive in Oz after their long journey, many of us are at long last reaching our personal destinations after such arduous challenges. And with this time, comes the diminishing of the harsh, dark, cold and bitter time of winter. We are truly coming into a vital, fresh, fertile, and new beginning in our lives and in the world. Although, it seems as though we have not been able to fully feel it or come to terms with it yet.

That’s okay, give yourself time to adjust. Like a prisoner who is finally let loose after years of being locked up, for sometime after, he or she acts as though still living in that small, dark, limited cell. And after being in the darkness for so long, the eyes have to acclimate to the light. So remember this if your personal reality is currently a struggle. You have already reached your destination. You just don’t know it yet, but you will. And then you will be off for the next destination which will take you through the end of 2012 and beyond.

Lets address the challenges first. Over the last couple of months many of us on the front lines as lightworkers have been tested beyond our capacities. Our feet have been held to the flames as our greatest fears, losses, and life lessons have come to a head. We had no other choice but to get through it. And it wasn’t easy. Some of us have been traumatized in the process but the important thing to know is that it is done. We have passed the test. All the invisible helpers are patching us back up as we are sent back out on our way to help humanity and the world again. The darkness did rear its ugly head in an attempt to prevent us from doing what we came here to do. But as usual, we triumphed. We will continue to do so. Reflect on the Wizard of Oz movie. Dorothy has a goal to get back home again. Her friends that walk the yellow brick road with her are her greatest strengths. She has the good witch of the North on her side to help out when circumstances are beyond her control. The wicked witch of the west is nothing other than the obstacles on her path, which give her the opportunity to harness all her strengths,trust, and empowerment to overcome them.

Isn’t this true for us? What qualities have we already cultivated that can be used on our own personal yellow brick roads? Do we have compassion, courage, or inner strength? Are we resourceful, kind, intuitive or tenacious? The good witch in our world are all the spirits watching over and sending love to Earth and us during the transformative time. It is also the grace of God or the great spirit. Can we trust that we can only do our best and that the divine will step in when we need it? We have doubted this assistance because of the impact of karma that left us feeling hurt and abandoned for so many lifetimes. For those on the front lines, that karma is clearing, and we are now living a more instant karma. We can therefore fully trust in the divine’s protection. And life’s hardships are just obstacles. You are on the edge of or have finished mastering what you has kept you trapped, but as you reach one goal, be aware there are always new ones to take the place of the old ones . Such is life, there is always something to help us learn and grow. This is true for all of it, your big or small personal issues–health, relationships, money, career, emotional problems, and the worldly troubles–politics, goverment, the economy, the environment, including the huge shifts in electro-magnetics and not to mention, it’s that time again, mercury retrograde. The important thing to change is our perspective on how we view these challenges or obstacles. If all else fails, don’t beat yourself up, simply FEEL your way through life’s challenges. That is how it will be different in the 5th dimension. There will always be needed change, and with that comes the need for growth. But we will begin to feel contentment and joy instead of suffering in the process.

I want to take a detour here, and discuss some of the changes in our physical world, since they have been so huge at the end of last month into this one. First of all, the first week or so of March brought a full moon, many solar flares, storms, and CME’s which have greatly impacted us. The good news is that they were strong enough to affect power grids and technology infrastructures, but did little to no damage there. I also see that the Earth has handled the transformation of our sun with utmost grace and support (for the the sun and our benefit). The electro-magnetics of Earth were affected however, and that is why many of us felt irritable, confused, had fatigue or physical body pain, headaches, etc. On top of this, the Electro-magnetic frequencies (EMF’s) that are so widely prevalent no matter where we live in the world (or whether we have a cell phone or computer) can cause a disruption in our energy fields. That is why it’s so important to do what we can to stay in bal ance every day. Do what is needed to clear your fields, too. Take salt baths or swim in the ocean, spend time in direct contact with Earth (by laying on a beach or on the grass), use crystals and devices to block heavy energies from technological devices. Kelp and seaweed are good supplements to help clear toxic energies and radiation from our environment. I will include energywork in the Activation section to help protect our fields from unhealthy toxins. The other good news is that we can use all the above phenomenon to help us shift. Instead of looking at these happenings with dread or anger, use them to increase your awareness of your true feelings, issues, health, and to take proactive steps for your health and the environment in general. We are getting closer to a better way to use and live with technology. Think solar! And in the midst of all of this, are the spiritual downloads coming from all the changes in the cosmos, which are helping us expand our consciousness o n a daily basis. This is another piece of good news, we can always be grateful for this, even if we don’t feel like our normal selves while it’s all occurring. Since its mercury retrograde, use the time from now until this first week in April, to reflect, meditate, and heal. That is what this time is for.

For those new to the awakening process, which will increase substantially from now until the end of the summer, it is time to be accountable for your life and to look at it honestly. What are your issues? What has become impossible to avoid right now? Like when Dorothy arrives in Oz and meets the fraudulent wizard, you are beginning to see the truth. What needs revealing in your life? Where have you been fooled or scammed? Have you given away your power to other spiritual teachers, leaders, or religions? This has only been a lesson of reclaiming what has been yours all along. Let go of old ways of coping and reacting to your pain. Blaming others, self-sabotage, lashing out, attacking, and remaining stuck in your problems clashes with the new energy paradigm. Remaining stagnant in these old ways can prevent you from moving forward in your life. Put down the weapons. Everything that you see and experience in your life is a reflection of what is going on within you. If you feel someone has done you wrong, let you down, or abandoned you, ask yourself how you have done this to yourself? Does it feel as though your life is falling apart, that you have been unable to overcome loss or lack? Loss is about letting go of attachment to others and things, and connecting to the essence inside of you, the love and light that is always there. We no longer need money or people to teach us how to find true abundance through the love, wisdom, and power at our core. We can build up these energies and locate them again through healing old wounds related to not being loved, accepted, worthy, and safe.

Many are fearing the unknown right now. Depending on where we are on our paths, if it feels like the R.E.M. song, “Its the end of the world (as we know it),” it is. We are letting go of what no longer serves us. To further illustrate this point, I will share a life-changing dream I had several years ago. I was in my bedroom, sitting atop my bed. A huge tornado came through the house, shaking the core foundation. Everything was stripped bare in the room, including the bed and walls. I just clung to the bed, there was no time to take shelter. A healer I had been working with at the time was there with me, and although her presence was comforting to me, I was still scared. But I knew I was safe. I knew everything was going to be alright, even better than alright when this storm was over. At last, the walls in the room collapsed and there was nothing left. The storm had passed and all was silent. Then I became overcome with excitement and the kind of inspiration that foreshadows a desire to create something new. I remember being so glad it had all happened because now I could truly create whatever I wanted, instead of go along with the status quo. I began to rebuild new walls and paint them teal, the color of my choosing. As you journey through the winds of change and the levels of enlightenment, let go. You are safe. You are right where you need to be. Even though it feels scary, this time of transformation will ultimately bring you freedom from suffering.

Going back to the beginning again, the sweetness of spring is here. We have arrived in the wonderful land of Oz. It is an abundant, fresh new start for all of us. Use the energy of mercury retrograde to wrap up the old in your life so you can see the beauty of the oasis that is in front of you. It is in perfect timing as the Easter holiday is right at the end of mercury retrograde this year. Many of us will finally begin to live the dreams we have worked for over the years, especially over 2010 & 2011. From the spring equinox into the summer months, we will all see many beneficial changes manifest in our personal lives and in the world. Collective humanity will make huge leaps and bounds forward. Whether you are living your dreams or not, it’s time to sow the seeds of your future. Spring is a fertile time, the renewal of Earth after winter, a time for birth and growth. The classical symbol of the egg is about the return of the sun’s nurturance and warmth, the resurrection and redemption that we have been waiting for. If you celebrate this time in a religious service, prayer, or ritual, don new clothes, or color Easter eggs, decide what you want to achieve over the next few months. What do you want to bring into your life? Connect and honor Earth, ask for her help as you move into the next level of your evolution. And most of all, as Dorothy says, “There is no place like home.” You have it inside of you, you have always had the power to get home on your own. But sometimes we have to experience the duality of Oz to learn the lessons that help us realize this.
A Healing Meditation For Spring
These Energy activations will occur to the degree your soul chooses if you intend it. For all of you who wished to receive a free sample of what my monthly email meditations will be like, here is the first one for the month of March. Please excuse any technological glitches & voice hesitation. This was my first time recording AND Mercury retrograde. But all the energy is there and it is clear! It’s about 13 minutes long. Listen as many times as needed in March. Click on the link below to listen to the meditation:
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Announcements & Upcoming Classes/Email meditations
If you missed the 2012 Teleconference Classes, you can now access one or both of the recordings. The first class addressed health issues, relationships, money, soul’s purpose, time changes, manifestation/creation in the 5th dimension, and the meaning behind “loss” in these times. The second class also addressed health and soul’s purpose, but focused a lot on Earth changes and Earth’s role in the shift. There was much revealed about the big picture reasons behind the more frequent natural disasters, environmental issues, including the increasing solar storms and EMF’s. The cost is $20 per class. Email me at [email protected] to receive the recording(s) and pay at All credit cards are accepted.

I will be doing monthly meditations sent via email to assist all in staying in balance during these changing times. Each month, the energywork will address the themes of that month depending on what is going on with the transformational energies and the world. If interested, let me know. The cost will be $10 per month to receive them monthly, or $15 each (in which case you let me know when you want to receive one). I will send out a free one for all to sample by the end of this month or in April.

Lastly, I am moving to Northern Cali at the end of the month. I will be unavailable for private sessions between March 27th-Mid April. During that time, please contact me by email to set up future appointments, sign up for classes, and/or meditations.
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