Happy Holidays and the 12-12 Shift

We are at the beginning of another power packed month! Let the magic of this holiday season waltz you through the multiple energetic portals. First, this saturday is the full, total lunar moon eclipse, amping us up for the 12-12 gateway. It fares to be a purifying cleanser, ridding us of anything we still haven’t shifted, cleared, or transformed. Yes, we are still doing our inner work, still in process, our final goal–the goal before the next goal, still in sight. I have been feeling these energies since thursday, and you might feel sleepy, stuck, irritable, lethargic, and even a little down, as the cleansing power of the moon works with you. The day of the full moon itself will help to unleash anything blocking you from moving forward, bringing in the motivation, inspiration, and enthusiasm you need to spiritually evolve, grow, and move into your greatest potentials. If you had been procrastinating throughout the year, this moon will help you break out of that period of stagnation, finally launching you into what you have been wanting to do.

Then when you reach the 12-12 portal, it will be another opportunity to leap to that next level in the expanding of your consciousness. Not to mention, this will be another chance for mass consciousness to move into the fifth. Each portal helps each of us personally take a major step forward, giving humanity as a collective the chance to make the big one. But it can never be predicted…As the newsletter guides say, the movement into the fifth can take place any day now (not necessarily on a day of particular emphasis like 11-11, 12-12, or 12-21-12), because we are in process, already living in the 2012 energies, and everyone’s spiritual growth affects the overall whole, leading to that 100th monkey level being potentially reached with every passing minute, hour, day, or month. With the 12-12 portal we will feel the overriding bliss, but it might also feel like 11-11 did for some–dizzying, nauseating, and disorienting. Remember to stay grounded. Continue to use all the tools you have at your disposal for starting each day off centered, calm, and clear. Many of us who have been walking this path for at least several years now, since the beginning of the energetic shift on the planet, are starting to feel less of the mental/emotional anguish and physical body symptoms that go along with the transformational process. There is still more to do though, and the focus as we head into 2012 is more physically-oriented.

If you think about this it makes sense. We cannot go through the ascension process in our physical bodies, without our physical bodies transforming as well. This is unlike other times and places where ascension occurred and we left our bodies or died during it. Our physical body is the vessel for our souls, and it is moving to higher dimensions as well. We can expect to feel lighter and healthier. In fact, well past 2012 will bring a time when illness or dis-ease will not be an issue. We will simply learn our lessons another way, no longer needing our bodies to teach us. Instead, our bodies will just do what they are designed for–giving us a means of transportation while we radiate our soul’s purpose. Many of us are already experiencing this now, and this is much of what the physical healing I facilitate in others involves. But with that said, since our bodies are transforming, there will be more uncomfortableness. Just think of it as growing pains, knowing your body is doin g what it needs to do. Especially for those just beginning to awaken or follow a path, those who have more baggage to be cleared and are just realizing it, it might feel like the growing pains you had as a kid–aching in your legs and joints, and particularly back pain as the kundalini energies rise up the spine. Some are still experiencing heart pain and palpitations with the electro-magnetics being recalibrated and the heart chakras opening. There is also much going on in the organs of digestion. Deep-seated anger and resentments, fear and worries, old injuries and hurts well beyond this lifetime are being cleared. It will help to know this if you are one of those people needing to pop pepcid, alka seltzers, or Gas-X on a way too regular basis. This should pass by the end of the year for most. Headaches will continue to be as the pituitary/pineal glands are healed and balanced, and more crystalline structures are activated there for the ability to receive more spiritual do wnloads and information, as well as activating a greater level of divine intuition. The crystalline structures in the ears are being activated as well, awakening our inner hearing and the connection to our guides. This can be experienced as a ringing in the ears, and for some in resistance, ear infections. If you are itching in a particularly unusual area of the body (with no known cause), toxins are being cleared within on a cellular level. Many will feel the resurge of heavy emotions due to the release of old energies, as well as the usual, fatigue. It too shall pass, and the more inner work you do, the less unpleasantness you will need to feel.

After 12-12, we get a break for about a week before the winter solstice that begins on the 21st and goes into the christmas holiday. This is another portal too, and with the magical new moon on christmas eve, it will be one that can bring a simmering warmth, deep peace and comfort to our physical and metaphoric hearts. I see this portal as the most powerful one of the whole month with the blessings of the Angelic Realm and the prayers, good tidings, and wishes that are sent out from all over the world. Christmas eve will also give us a window of clearing from the catalytic, masculine energies of the other portals, including 11-11, where much was happening, but some of us were reeling and spinning our wheels as we attempted to stay grounded and centered. We will have a chance to sit in peace, and really FEEL the beauty of it. The new moon of christimas eve is also a good time to do ritual or ceremonies, evoking all of your intentions for the new year. Don’t forget your stronge st desires, intense longings, and hopes…even those you thought could never be. This month brings the potential for anything you have ever wanted (as long as it is aligned with the goodness of the universe and each individual’s free will) to come into being. The key is believing. You have to BELIEVE it is possible, because as many are now becoming aware, what you believe will happen whether you’d like it to or not. This is based on the effects of the shift, intensifying the strongest and most frequent thoughts, emotions, personal vibrations and frequencies into form. So why not believe in something you want, something that could change your life for the better? If you are clueless as to what could possible change your life for the better, here’s a suggestion. Ask the fifth dimensional nature spirits and Santa Claus, (yes, he really does exist and is a nature spirit himself), to help you believe in the following: You can spiritually grow and evolve or heal in a way that is c omfortable, easy, and fun for all levels of your being, the universe will take care of all of your needs, financial and otherwise, and the qualities of play, joy, fun, passion, and peace will lead you to your heart’s desire and abundance in all of its forms. All of this is true by the way, but it is activated more deeply when you believe it. Be open during the solstice and christmas holidays for the infusion of the holiday frequencies of love, joy, and peace to provide a calming, soothing, relaxation, increasing your personal vibration.

A note of caution during the month: There will be at least a few solar flares and CME’s scattered throughout that can cause irritability, feeling overly and negatively emotional, headaches, and ungroundedness. These sun changes cause a shift in the electro-magnetics which is why it impacts how we feel emotionally and physically. Remember to re-center and re-ground with Mother Earth each time you feel this happen. There are also loads of loss and grief being released from mass consciousness, so if you are feeling this check in to make sure it is yours. If not, clear it. The last thing we need is to tap into these lower vibrational frequencies that others are experiencing, as well as what is happening with the U.S. economy and changes in government. A seed of fear can be like poison to our systems, so monitor how much T.V. or media feels right to you and maintain a a healthy detachment from it. Release these lower vibrations so you are better able to receive the resources and a bundance that can help you heal/grow/evolve or otherwise change your life. Know that the power of the good is working behind the scenes in government, even it looks like the darkness is winning or has the upper hand. It is not so, it is simply an illusion and part of our part as a collective to reaching the fifth dimension. The truth will be exposed little by little, and things will be made right. If we had complete change overnight we would all be traumatized by the process. Be patient and trust. The newsletter guides tell me we are right on schedule.

All of these changes in the electro-magnetics, as well as the vibes in our collective and government, in combo with family visits this holiday season can be a disaster waiting to happen. Do what you need to, to care and provide for yourself this month. Put yourself first, so you can really be there for others. Take time for solitude and rest. Drink lots of water and spend as much time as you can in nature. We will provide some energywork in the activations section of this newsletter to help family visits and physical changes go harmoniously this month. What you can do now is hold gratitude for all your family has done or provided for you (even if the only think you can think of is the fact that you were born through them), and to re-connect to your spiritual family(just beyond the veils)–a family that truly loves and supports you in a functional way. You afterall, are their agenda. Call them into the now, and ask to feel their presence and guidance during this time. Call bac k all of your own love and need energy into your core, so you aren’t as likely to get triggered by the desire to get a want or need met, or the love you think you deserve from them. Remember the most important relationship you have is the one with yourself. Take the time to meditate, heal, know and love yourself on a deeper level this holiday season. For those who are feeling especially alone this time of year, separated from family and friends, or those who dislike the holidays and tend towards depression, embrace the solitude and take the time to go within. If you let go of the fear of feeling the despair, loneliness, and loss, you can actually transcend it. Part of this process involves pushing deeply within the void inside of you, being with it, and when the time is right coming out…in which you will find yourself out of the emotional darkness as well. The timing of the full moon and before mercury retrograde ends on the 14th is perfect for this type of healing to take place.

I remember a holiday season that I spent alone several years ago. I was at a difficult place in my life. I was temporarily estranged from my biological family. Because of going through so much transformation so quickly, I had lost most of my friends. On some level, I chose to be alone at that time of my life, although I would not have admitted it. As christmas approached, I was beginning to dread it. I thought about all those people out there gathering together, celebrating, and feeling happy. Old memories came to mind of other holidays I enjoyed with family, friends, and boyfriends. I started to feel sorry for myself. Before I knew it, Christmas came. I knew I could either be miserable, or shift the energy around the circumstances. I did not want to distract myself. That never worked for me anyway. So I surrendered to the solitude. I surrendered to being with myself through the holidays. I meditated everyday. I went to a local temple and spent time in nature alone. I read my favorite books. And I felt the feelings that were lingering just below the surface, those I wanted to avoid. If you can believe it, it turned out to be one of the best and most memorable holidays ever. By the time Christmas was over, I felt refreshed, rejuvenated, and ready to get back out into the social world. This is understandable if you realize the symbolic meaning of depression. I call it a deep-rest. Say that out loud and you’ll get it. I definitely got plenty of rest, and it proved to be immensely healing for me. That is why I am sharing this. For those in similar circumstances, you can do the same amount of healing, if not more this month. With the help of the astrological influences and the powerful transformative energies, you can transmute what no longer serves you and rise up out of the sadness and despair .

The Moon, The Earth, and Santa Claus

You will receive these Energy Activations to the degree your soul chooses if you intend it.

Today’s Energy Activations will involve your higher selves, the full, lunar eclipsed Mother Moon and Mother Earth. As we begin, I call forth Mother Moon & Earth to hold safe space for us as we cleanse and shift during the full moon portal. Throughout this month, as solar flares, EMF’s, and other changes in the electro-magnetic fields occur, Mother Moon & Earth will work with the transformative energies and astrological changes, helping us remain grounded and centered, as well as gracefully and easily integrating these changes within for themselves, and sending the tools and information to help the process go smoothly to us. Take a moment now to breathe. Ask your higher self to help you release any feelings of grief or loss that you are picking up from mass consciousness or anyone else around you.

At the winter’s solstice this month, I invoke the Angelic Realm, the fifth dimensional nature spirits, Santa Claus, Mother Earth & Moon to bring in the frequencies of the holiday season–love, joy & peace. As you receive these frequencies and integrate them on the appropriate levels of your being, your personal vibration raises. Santa Claus approaches you with a gift. He pulls it out of his big red bag. Accept this gift that comes as a result of raising your vibration. You might see, hear, feel, or know it. It could be literal, metaphoric, bring back a memory, or evoke a color or image. Take a moment now to understand what you have received.

I have set up a container using Crystalline Consciousness Technique (CCT) TM, for this next activation, with the help of the fifth dimensional nature spirits, Mother Earth, Mother Moon, and Santa Claus. State your intentions for the new year. You can say them out loud now, or during a ritual or ceremony this month. In either case, the container of CCT will help them manifest with greater ease. If you don’t have a particular intention, you can use the following, activated within the CCT container: To begin to BELIEVE with the wonder, innocence, and enchantment of a child. Transforming with the new energies is fun, easy, and comfortable. The universe provides for all needs, including financial. Play, fun, joy and passion lead to our greatest heart’s desire.

I now ask to bring in the frequencies of the fifth dimension to your higher selves, transmuting any current fears about the world we live in, and transmuting anxiety about the unknown.

The next activation is for those who want assistance with family/friend visits this holiday season. Ask your higher selves to illuminate your two biggest triggers. Whatever you normally feel when you get triggered, whether it is disrespect, anger, disempowerment, disloyalty, mistrust, hatred, betrayal, fear, sadness, self-doubt or insecurity, let’s bring in mastery in each individual for the top two greatest emotional lessons. (This might be different for each person). Go back to the point of origin for the trauma. With each of your higher selves and your spiritual families working inside the container of this newsletter, transmute all energy, and heal the point of origin. (For example, the anger you feel when your mother says words that leave you feeling disrespected often go way back to something that happened a long time ago). Now ask that all the love and need energy that you’ve ever had and ever will have come back to you in the now, whole and healed. All of the light be ings assisting in this newsletter are now sending you the vibrations of self-love, tolerance, patience and compassion, to hold within your fields during your holiday visits.

Mother Earth will now role model how to connect to your Divine Self on a deeper level during this holiday season. Let her help you get to know and love your true self. For those experiencing despair, loneliness, or loss, this activation is an important one. The activation will happen as I relay the story of a beautiful, yet tragic holiday tale. It is the Story of The little Match Girl, by Hans Christian Andersen. In it, a little girl is wandering the cold, winter streets, trying to find shelter. She has not made a sale all day selling matches, and she is afraid to go home to her father. She feels it’s useless to go home anyway, because there is no food or heat there. Instead, she lights the few matches she has, trying to warm herself by the temporary heat and light. In the process, she has visions of comfort, protection and food. When she finally lights the last match, she sees her dead grandmother. “And her grandmother had never appeared so large or so beautiful. She took th e little girl in her arms, and they both flew upwards in brightness and joy…where there was no hunger nor pain, for they were with God.” (From Classic Literature at about.com, http://classiclit.about.com/od/christmasstoriesholiday/a/aa_littlematch.htm).

In the above tale, the little girl dies and her grandmother escorts her to the other side. But this tale is also about connecting to your Divine Self, which is above you and within you. If you surrender to your suffering (not by dying but instead by choosing not to fight the feelings anymore), you will find that connection. Fully connecting to your Divine Self leads to the light, joy, and freedom your soul has been longing for.

The last activation is for those who are really suffering this holiday season, particularly those feeling hopeless and depressed. If you feel called to participate in this one, do so, but only if it resonates with you. If you desire to transcend this despair, you can journey with the Moon, Earth, and the unicorns into the void. This is a place that exists inside of you. Make a decision to do this in dreamtime or in your waking life first. Then decide if you want to do it a little bit each day or night over the course of the month, or if you want to do it for a few days or nights around the full moon or the new moon. These are the most powerful times to do this healing. If you decide to do it in dreamtime, make the intention, including what nights. As you go to sleep those nights, know it is happening. If you do it during the day, pick the days and then spend time letting the Earth, Moon, and unicorns help you during some kind of spiritual practice–meditation, yoga, chanting, prayer, time in nature, etc. You will only heal as much as you are ready for. I have set up a safe container for this, so you can’t go too deep. The Earth, Moon and unicorns will be with you every step of the way, so feel the support now and before you begin.

May your holidays bring you peace, joy & love,
Heather, The Moon, Earth, nature spirits and newsletter guides