11-11-11, Need I Say More?

Here we are, on the edge of the 11-11-11 portal. I could not resist the opportunity to get this newsletter out for the big day that will be one that is forever remembered. Many of us are still reeling from the portal that began on October 28th, and in a way, from that time until the 11th is a gateway in and of itself. So you could say we are in the portal as we speak, being pulled up higher and higher, in the ascension process towards an evermore expanding consciousness that affects humanity, nature, animals, and the Earth herself. If you are still trying to get your bearings, figure out who you are again, and re-connect to all beings and the planet, not to worry. Give yourself another week or two to feel normal again.

Like last month, this is a time to give yourself permission to say “screw it” or perhaps another four letter word when it comes to being up to doing your regular everyday tasks, your work schedule, and any other chores or responsibilities, even big projects and dreams that normally inspire you. Especially the mundane like bill paying or shopping, or the physical body care–yes, showering and eating for some is just too much. It’s because there is so much happening on a spiritual level, we don’t know what to do with ourselves. And you may have even been wondering this….when you do have time in your day to do nothing. What do I want to do? What do I need? My suggestion is to what feels good or what brings you back into balance. Being in nature, meditating, listening to music, reading your favorite novel or watching a movie to name several. But I would recommend anything that does not require brainpower or steady focus or concentration…something that feels relaxing, easy, an d comforting. We need to rest and this is part of resting all aspects of us. If you are feeling any of the above (and it isn’t normally like you), you are actively in the healing process. So yeah for now, I would condone sitting in front of the tube with chips in one hand, the remote in the other, and enjoy that football game or whatever it is (this one’s for my family)! This is your time to take it easy.

We have been prepping for this time since the summer. We are almost there, almost to our goal collectively, and for most of us personally as well. With last month’s dismantling process, many feel raw, as if we have survived the storm at sea, but now we are left picking up the pieces again. It may feel as if there is no time to rest in between bouts of blasts in consciousness, but we really have to take the initiative and rest when we need it. So if this 11-11 leaves you feeling like you are coming down with the flu, while your neighbor is reaching greater levels ecstacy, you are both right on track. Maybe you stay home because you don’t feel well, while he goes out to celebrate on the 11th. No matter, there will be time to celebrate later. Everyone is at a different place in their process and no one situation or life circumstance is better than another no matter how it looks.

Many have been feeling the effects of the shift more on an emotional level or on a physical one. For me, 2010 provided the opportunity to move through emotional hurdles so I could be ready for the physical changes this year. Again, everyone’s process is uniquely their own, and is in right timing for their soul. In either case, the heightened emotional or physical punches should wrap up their grip over us by the end of the year. Remember to use the tools available that resonate with you for staying in balance on all levels. If you need healing for your body, mind and/or spirit, reach out and get the help you need. This is an intense time to try to do anything on your own. This need for help is what will awaken mass consciousness…..I can already feel it. Unfortunately, it will be the uncomfortable hardships that will trigger awakening for most. They simply won’t be able to continue living the way they have been. More jobs will fall away and in many areas the housing market wi ll be affected. Without a home or a job, people have no choice but to find out what they are really here to do. They will surrender, and in surrender find truth, tap into the wisdom of the void, and discover compassion. Enough people will be affected to change the world. In government, there will be battles with insurance and the U.S. deficit. Actually the two are related and each influences the other. There is coming a time where I am seeing a clean break, a compromise that will even the score financially. It will be a starting over in some ways, but the solution will occur within our own system. The money will come from unexpected sources and the U.S. will clean up its own act. I see this as a win-win situation benefitting all, even if we have to rebuild the economy again. It will lead to the development of a foundation based on truth, integrity, and generosity. Along with these changes, there will be more environmental toxins and lack of nutrients in food, so take the nee ded measures to protect your health (like vitamins, herbs, supplements, iodine), and we will bring in an energetic from your Divine Self that can protect you as well. Yes, this enlightened aspect of your being can really provide for you in a time like this! Imagine a world where no violence exists and where no one has to get ill to learn lessons anymore. This reality isn’t quite here yet, but it is the future for us, our children, and our children’s children to experience after the 5th dimensional shift is complete.

As for 11-11, I see it as an honorable, sacred day, much like our historical Fourth of July. Except it’s not about a country’s freedom, its about the freedom experienced in the collective humanity. Freedom from all previous restraints that blocked access to our spirituality, as well as all the karma that we have accumulated over Eons. Right now and and through the 11th there is still much dread lifting out of the fields. This is related to old belief systems and old information floating around out there that the world is going to end, there are going to be apocalyptic events jeopardizing many states and other areas of the world, and that we still need one event to show up in our external world that will tell us the shift has really happened. Well, I can tell you we are already in the process of that shift–it is not about one event or an apocalypse. This is it–the main event is what we are living now! I can also say that for those who have been committed and determined on th eir spiritual paths, they will finally feel the joy and peace they have been waiting for on and after 11-11, because of the major shift that will occur in the collective, as well as for them personally. During 11-11 and after, it is important to re-ground and re-center, getting back into your body in the ways you know how because the shifts that occur are going to be so huge on a spiritual and energetic level, that you may experience temporary difficulties being in a human body, performing the normal 3D ways of living. Check the mirror to remember who you are, and update your identity. All of this will occur in a illogical way, subtle yet potent. You will just naturally find yourself energetically mastering what you have often struggled with. For example, boundaries, trust, faith, worry, compassion, and clarity are biggies. Another example could be someone who used to always get under your skin will no longer bother you anymore. For absolutely no reason. You’ll just wake up one day and realize you don’t get angry, annoyed, or feel hurt by anything they do or say. Your mind will probably not know a thing about it. On the other hand, your mind will help you process things much quicker than would normally take days, weeks or months. You will have vast, more positive ideas and your perception for others will change to a much more loving and compassionate stance. Again, with no effort. As long as you are not in resistance to the changes that are occurring now and through 11-11, and well beyond of course. But you will start to see shifts in these areas by 11-11.

In addition, on 11-11, the Mayan Elders will complete their journey with the thirteen crystal skulls in L.A. This pilgrimmage has served to shift the world, and more specifically, the consciousness of bigger cities, like New York and L.A., which ultimately impacts the well being of our world. The crystal skulls are working with the magnetics of Earth, preventing many of the previously prophesized harrowing disasters. When I look at it, I see many unseen, benevolent beings radiating our planet with forces to keep things operating as they should, helping to prevent mayhem and chaos within our collective. By the grace of these beings, we owe our deepest gratitude. As well as through their help, the animals are stepping into a deeper level of empowerment as they role model to us the essence of oneness, and how to love, value, and respect every living being. This is illustrated in a recent picture I received where a deer visited a cat everyday in a Pennsylvania backyard. They play ed together and are caring companions. Who would of thought one is predator and one is prey? Race, species, religious affiliation, sex, and age did not seem to matter. They got along marvelously and harmoniously. Just think how our behavior along these lines would change our world…

As I spoke of earlier, many are close to living their own personal dreams and goals–those they have been striving for throughout this lifetime. If it is your right timing and in alignment with your spiritual evolutionary state, a change in your life circumstances can happen sooner, for the better or worse, than originally planned. If for some reason your life circumstances shift for the worse (i.e, the breakup you thought was coming up next week happens today), it is because of necessary lessons. You must complete them first before you are able to move on into bigger and better things–no matter what your goal is. Lets say your dream has been to own and operate your own farm, with vegetable, flower, and herb gardens, livestock for milk and clothing, and healing retreat facilities, where others can stay and heal upon the land. Perhaps you feel you’ve been struggling along at a snail’s pace, trying to put the pieces of the puzzle in the right places, so you can set things in m otion. Do you still feel like you have a long way to go? Do you feel like your mind and emotional state are blocking you, or is it your level of confidence, self-worth, or a victim mentality? Maybe you would logically think it would take years for you to be ready on any level for this type of life. What if I told you it doesn’t have to take that long? What if I told you that the years it would take for you to move into the appropriate spiritual evolutionary state, emotional mastery, and prosperity consciousness to live your dream were just months–not years away? Don’t try to wrap your mind around how you could shift enough to do it. But just know that it is possible. If you allow it. This is something only your soul can decide, not your mind. But if you are reading this, than for those that it is possible, it can happen. The energy of this newsletter can help. Don’t fret, you won’t feel yourself launched into something you will be overwhelmed by. It will only happen if your soul wants it and therefore aligns with the universal forces. If it would cause too much fear, it won’t occur. So if you are feeling fear by just thinking of it now, this does not apply to you. If it isn’t right timing, you may have an intermediary step, one that will prepare you for the big dream. This one will be fulfilling in its own right, because you will be lifted out of current and outlived circumstances, into a brand new life that gives you new learning opportunities for what you will do, as well as the needed healing. So instead of the big farm, you might find yourself on a ranch or farm owned by someone else who can teach you what you need to learn for good pay, while mastering your confidence, fears, and developing self worth (because here you are, doing it)! In turn, the land heals you because you are on it everyday, and you are able to work out any old issues around empowerment in a peaceful, supportive environment. How’s that for a dream? This is an example of someone I know, but you can translate it as appropriate for your own dream. And if you haven’t a dream, don’t you think its time to begin creating one?

A Past Present and Future Energy Activation All In One

You will receive these Energy Activations to the degree your soul chooses if you intend it.

To start off this Energy Activation, I wish to bring in the 5th Dimensional Nature Spirits, Gaia, The Deva of the human body, and Pan. They will work with each one of you, using the colors green, yellow, and magenta as appropriate, and light, the help of magnetic forces, to bring us back into our physical bodies, ground and recenter, and connect to this living vessel that houses our soul, so we can connect to all that is physical around us, including people, animals, and the nature kingdom. Do not use your mind to try to make anything happen, simply allow the nature beings to work with you energetically, adjusting and aligning the magnetics as needed all the way through 11-11 and thereafter into the end of the month.

The next Activation involves music. Pick a name of one of the rock/musical bands or composers below that calls to you. It should be music that is reminiscent of the past. Something perhaps, that you enjoyed as a child or teenager. It doesn’t have to be something you like now. Pick only what you feel called to listen to, even if it makes no sense logically.

1. The Beetles
2. Joni Mitchell
3. Reo Speedwagon
4. Duran Duran
5. Limp Bizkit
6. Green Day
7. Anything by Bach or Beethoven
8. Fleetwood Mac
9. Queen
10. Tori Amos

Whatever you have picked, google a song that you enjoyed by them. Either play an old record or CD of the song, or google a You Tube video of it. I have set up an Energy Activation involving all of these artists that will work with any song you listen to. As you listen to it, a shift will occur inside of you that will prepare you for the big one on 11-11, which will propel you forward, closer to your personal dreams, as well as helping to shift the mass.

The next Activation involves a Limerick to help you connect to your Divine Self on a deeper level, advancing yourself spiritually, as well as healing and protecting your physically body from future environmental toxins, bacteria and viruses, and allowing a greater ease and comfort in assimilating the transformative energies. Here it goes:

The secret garden deep inside
Will hold you steady, strong, and fast
As you need the connection and rest
You will find there is no other place best
All dirt and grit aside, with a sheepish smile
No more to hide, you confide in a dive

After you read this Limerick, pay attention to a word, phrase, color, image, symbol, feeling or physical sensation that comes over you. This is your tool to use when you want to connect to your Divine Self and when you want to purify your food and water. With your intent, bring in the tool as needed, and then observe as the energy moves into the appropriate places. You can also direct the energy into the subatomic particles within your body, clearing there instead of at every meal.

The last Energy Activation is one that helps with oneness and unity consciousness. You will receive the Energy Activation by viewing the photo above.

Heather & the Guides