The Tower – XVI
tarot card

This month of October promises to be a power packed month of–you guessed it, IMMENSE change. So much in fact, that on some level by the end, you won’t remember what the beginning was like, or the essence of what you thought, felt, or how you experienced life. There are 3 portals this month, one of which we already passed through on the 5th (and are still feeling at this point). Another one comes with this week’s full moon. The last will present itself timely at the end of the month on the 28th and through the Halloween holiday. During this time and into the end of the year, time as we know it will be accelerating, many will experience a quicker or instant manifestation, and will be able to heal and transform in ways previously unable. And I am talking, over lifetimes..

This is just the beginning. But let’s talk about the portal we just went through on the 5th. There is a new energy on the planet reflected by the new planetary influences in the cosmos. Many of us are adjusting to this as I speak. If you feel off, disconnected, numb, or like you just want to zone out, watch TV, and munch on the snackies, you are most likely adapting to and processing these energies (not to be confused with true depression or isolation of course). These energies can cause a disrupted or chaotic feeling in your energy fields that will leave you wanting to distract yourself with familiar comforts. This is temporary, and my feeling is to just go with the flow for the time being, until it passes. Give your emotional and mental bodies time to catch up to the shift in your energy body. The above experiences, as well as restlessness or mild anxiety is also due to your being’s greater assimilation of this light and the current frequencies. However uncomfortable it is, know that if you are feeling this, it means your consciousness has expanded enough to hold the light, making you a role model for humanity in the coming new earth. There is a need to express or radiate the grids and codes you have come to bring forth in the world. These codes benefit the Earth, humanity, and animals/nature, and if we hold back on our release of the energies due to self-doubt, fear, ignorance or denial, our health, well-being, and spiritual growth could be hindered (as well as the world’s). A big part of expressing these codes comes with the territory of soul’s purpose–being able to tap into it and let it shine in your life. The soul’s purpose awakening is about delving into the depths of your soul, knowing who you are, and choosing how you want to express this part of you. That is essentially how these codes and grids are released.

This is also a time of stillpoint as we adjust and our systems are updated with the new energy of the 5th. We will experience a similar feeling around the full moon on the 12th, which will feel like a new or dark moon because it will bring with it a renewal and a replenishing energy we are so in need of. Like taking a vacation or traveling to new horizons, our souls and energy fields need this refreshment. This re-filling, magical and mystical moon is much needed in preparation for the portal on the 28th because of all the change it will bring. So be receptive to this healing and calming time mid-month. Take time for the inner stillness needed to contemplate, locate and identify yourself again (especially if you have been feeling not quite your self, like ever wonder who’s skin you’re in these days)? At stillpoint, your energy is reset so it’s more aligned to the universal energies leading to effortless, yet massive movements in spiritual growth and divine grace.

The biggest portal as I stated before is the 28th, but I must emphasize that the month of October is huge as far as transformation goes overall. The best symbol for this month’s revamp is The Tower in the tarot deck. Have you seen the card? What do you think of when you look at it? Picture a looming tower struck by lightning, victorian style, with two people thrown off the top. Water surrounds the tower and there is no land in sight. If you must, google the image to get the point. Without instilling fear–and this is definitely not my intent here, the tower warns that change has been broadcasted for awhile now…if we aren’t willing to step into in willingly, we will be thrust out of familiarity. The rug will be pulled out from under us so to speak. There is a major dismantling of the old, in our inner structures (physically, emotionally, spiritually, and mentally) as well as in our world. This is what may be the most painful for mass consciousness to see. Our outer world ref lects what’s going on within. But if we know this, we also know that this transition will pass…new structures will be built, as we are receiving and incorporating the new blueprints for the divine human right now (which affects ALL levels of our being, especially our biology). We are discovering and remembering who we really are, thus leading to harmony, peace, and love internally. So what comes after? The world’s reflection to us of what we are experiencing within. This is what we can look forward to. And for those of us who have already gone through this process of inner dismantling–we will be protected from the experience of this reality shared by mass. Can you believe that it’s truly possible for the realities of heaven and hell to be lived out on the same planet, depending on where you are in your spiritual growth and evolution? I have spoken of many of the ways the dismantling may look in our world today in other newsletters, but one that will bring great interest i s a cosmic uncovering that will make the spiritual aspect of the great shift on Earth undeniable to all of those previous doubters. It will bring much peace, comfort, and understanding to many as well, although there will always be those who choose to view the surreal and unimaginable as dangerous.

On a physical note, this time of assimilating the light and new energies brings more physical body pain, particularly digestive issues, including gas, bloating, heartburn, diarrhea and/or constipation, irregular heartbeats, dizziness and headaches. Yes, more of the same. I should also mention that this is why many unidentified “illnesses” that are falling under the labels of Lupus, Fibromyalgia, chronic pain or chronic fatigue are actually just the transformational processes’ affects on the body. There are many more dis-eases as well, and I still advise all to see a doctor just in case, but temporary bouts of many of the previously unexperienced or otherwise unidentified are just that. Just remember, we are processing lots of energy, so this is actually a GOOD thing, however we decide to treat or deal with it. Meanwhile, take time to rest and be tender with your bodies.

As time accelerates, we will become more telepathic and therefore more able to send and receive information from all over the universe (not to mention our own planet) thus overcoming time in its linear form. We can literally integrate knowledge, information, and communicate with lifeforms from the past, future, and everything in between with our intent, so don’t discount all the eerie or sublime experiences or desires that have occurred for you. Use this time to heal and transform like never before as you bypass the “normal” timeline. This is also why it might seem to you that there is never enough time in a day…or night. For myself, I moved to Arizona just a little over 2 months ago. It already feels like it’s been 2 years. We are getting closer to the reality of time in the 5th dimension. Can you comprehend how just knowing and using our telepathic abilities can change the world and affect our experience of time as we know it now? Just take a moment to think about it. Ins tant communication. Instant download of information and healing. Boom. Now you’ve just moved forward 2, 3, 5 or 10 years into the future with your knowledge, health, spiritual growth, career, and relationships. And just think about what you could create…

This is what I think is so exciting about this month. I have been feeling it all through the end of September. We now have the ability to instantly create and manifest like never before. Be aware of how your thoughts and emotions influence your reality. A big part of what I teach my clients is how to work with the mind and feelings to bring forth the life you truly desire. We have learned much about this in 3rd dimension. So it’s time to fully master it. There are a number of ways and methods. What I will say here is to use the tools you have to shift out of the thoughts and emotions that you know are creating negativity in your life, even the oldest of the old…those hurt feelings and betrayals that continue to draw the most unhealthy of people and circumstances to you. If you can’t shift it (in the moment), surrender to the feeling and thoughts because they will actually pass quicker this way than if you try to fight them. Next, seek out the healing you need in the form th at is appropriate for you. We are coming into a time when there will be a great awareness for mass that healing is necessary to create the world we want to live in. What comes after the healing is complete? The joy and play we have all been primed for, and this we can experience now as well. As we should!

Really, whatever we want to create or manifest in this world, whether it’s a new career/job, place to live, better health, more money, a new relationship, emotional well-being or inner peace or anything else, the quickest way is to bring in the frequency that matches how you will feel when you have it. We don’t have to focus on visualizing anymore, although we can. But the frequency is more important. Here is why: Let’s say you want a new home on a beautiful property because that will bring you stability and peace. If you just focus on visualizing the property and home you want, and not bringing the frequency in, you could get that exact home and property you desire, but with a landlord or neighbor who’s a tyrant, or circumstances line up that make it impossible for you to afford it in a year. Instead, if you bring in the frequency of peace, stability and security (which is really love disguised), at the same time putting out to the universe that you desire a beautiful home, perfect in every way for you, you will actually get the PERFECT home–even if it doesn’t look the way you would’ve envisioned. It will bring you the peace and love you have desired. So the main frequencies for manifestation are: peace, love & joy. Ask to bring these in (with the help of your guides) to create the life of your dreams.

Along these lines these days is the hot topic of abundance and prosperity. It is important to remember that prosperity is more than just having lots of money. If you have lots of money, but no time to relax, is that really having an abundant life? True abundance is good health, many healthy relationships and friends, happiness, peace, freedom, good food, and doing your life’s work to name a few. To bring more abundance into your life during this time in the new energy paradigm, it is about following your bliss. Do what brings you passionate feelings, joy, what is playful and fun, easy and smooth. This will attract abundance on all levels to you. If you know what this is begin doing or being it. If you don’t have a clue, remember what brought you a sense of joy and wonder–freedom as a child. If childhood wasn’t a good experience for you, imagine what would’ve brought you joy or freedom, or what you have always longed to do–if only…Then begin doing it, no excuses. If you ne ed to keep your day job, do just that, but spend your free time, even if it’s only a day off, doing what you love. Keep in mind that this does not have to be what you do for a living–that is more your life’s work or life’s purpose. We are talking about what you love doing, what feels joyful. It could be gardening in your backyard, or tinkering with old cars in your workshop, collecting rocks or antiques (and cleaning them up) or listening to music. Start this today. Begin dabbling. Living your passion and joy ties in with soul’s purpose which is what I discuss in more detail in my classes. It is the bigger meaning to why people are losing their homes and jobs. As they fall away, new ones become available. It is about finding out who we are behind all the masks, labels, and layers of identity. So get to know what moves your soul, what you experience while doing or being that helps you connect with your uniqueness, who you genuinely are, and your gifts. That will be your firs t steps in discovering soul’s purpose if you haven’t already.

Here are some more simple steps to aligning yourself with the new energies and bringing more abundance your way:

-Cut back or eliminate what you call ” hard work”, anything that involves striving, struggle, or dread. (Btw, dread is being experienced by mass consciousness right now so if you are feeling a heavy dose of it, know that it will pass or take the initiative and clear it).

-Take care of your responsibilities (like what you do for a living), but then spend time doing what you WANT to do, not what you have to do.

-Adjust your schedule so you have downtime or free time, time without an agenda. Sometimes people complain they never are able to relax, but their personal schedule is so jam-packed they have no room for it in their lives.

-Let go of any logical or common sense ideas on how to make money (unless it’s something you are motivated and inspired to do). Logic doesn’t work the way it used to in this time of the new energy. Many “logical” and commonplace jobs no longer exist.

-Spend time in solitude or stillness (like meditation, prayer or yoga). This will help you receive guidance from the higher realms, your guides, and your higher self on the next steps in your life and what will bring money or abundance your way. Be open to ideas you would’ve never considered or that do not make logical sense. Like the time of the full moon this week, the stillpoint brings an opportunity to feel that we are all parts of the bigger whole–separate, yet all one. If we can get this on all the important levels, we have learned the lesson of the new age!


This Halloween story includes the Energy Activations to assist in the assimilation of greater light and frequencies, adjusting to the shift in magnetics with comfort, activating and discovering soul’s purpose, healing all appropriate heavy, negative emotional/mental baggage, and bringing in the frequencies of peace, love & joy for manifestation and abundance. You will receive them as you read it, if you intend to, to the degree your soul chooses.

This story is in honor of and dedicated to my soul’s experience in another time and place, as well as to all of our loved ones who have passed over. May we bless them during this magical Halloween time.

It was mid 14th century in Wales. Ruth was just fifteen years old and had recently lost her family to a devastating fire that swept through their village. She was the lone survivor. After her extended family arrived, notified of the death of her parents and brother, it had been decided that she would live with her Aunt Betsy and Uncle Frank. But Ruth never liked the look in Uncle Frank’s eyes or the feeling she got in the pit of her stomach when he was around. She made up her mind to run away and live on her own.

Ruth’s mother had taught her much in her brief childhood. She knew how to grow food and run a household. She had also always been gifted in the intuitive arts. Like the feelings and impressions she had about her Uncle Frank, Ruth had a way with being able to read people. She could see into their lives, knowing things about their personalities, hidden desires and longings, and detecting skeletons in their closets.

At first she planned to move on to one of the neighboring countries, perhaps working as a maid or caring for a wealthy homeowner’s children. But one day a band of gypsies came by in a horse and wagon. She watched them from the corner store, as they set up camp in a nearby park. She felt drawn to them somehow. The wheels already starting churning inside her mind as she thought of how convenient it would be to befriend and perhaps hitch a ride with a group of wanderers. This way, she would never have to worry about being found.

It was easier than she thought. The lead gypsy, Tom, was a talkative horsetrader who was easy to get to know. He had an open, optimistic demeanor and his gentle, easy smile told Ruth he was safe. Ruth acted interested in his horse work, as well as the arts and crafts the others sold in the park. They were considered eccentric by the community, on the fringes of normal society, but not yet outlaws. Ruth turned a sympathetic ear to their predicament and before she knew it, within a matter of weeks when it was time to leave, she accompanied them on their travels to England.

Tom, a short, heavy set, gray haired storyteller, kept her company with his tales as they rode long, hard days and nights in the carriage. It was a journey she wasn’t used to and it took some adjusting on her part. Ruth had told Tom that her family perished in the fire, but that she had no living relatives. Afraid he would report her to the authorities, she asked if he would take her to England where a family friend lived. There she would look up this person, a woman she called Anastacia. She told him Anastacia lived in a city called Chester, conveniently closest to the border of Wales. From there, she knew she could always travel on by herself, but this opportunity would get her out of Wales fast. Tom believed her story and agreed to help.

The other gypsies kept to themselves, often eyeing Ruth suspiciously. Ruth looked at least seventeen, inheriting her mother’s tall, lanky build and good looks, light blue eyes with a sprinkle of freckles across her nose, which was to her benefit considering she had to look for work. She hoped this would deter the other gypsies from asking too many questions. As she combed through her knotted, flaming red hair, she wished she had a mirror. It had already been weeks on the road and she knew she must be a hideous sight.

The night before they were due to arrive in the destined city in England, there was trouble with the carriage. A wheel spoke had busted. They all needed to walk to the nearest park or unclaimed land. It was already dark and Ruth was beginning to feel afraid. At least all she had was a suitcase to carry, but even that got heavy as they trudged along on foot. Shivers went up and down her spine, as Ruth heard the owls hooting in the distance and wild predators like coyotes whimpering. She prayed they would be protected from any harm wherever they bed down for the night.

They finally found a place in the middle of a heavily wooded forest. Ruth had no bedding, so she had to borrow some from the other gypsies. Unfortunately, there was not enough room in the tent for her. This was for the adults, two married couples, except Tom. Ruth and Tom slept outside, under the stars. Tom fell asleep quickly on his on bed pad, and it wasn’t long before Ruth felt the reemergence of her friends, fear and loneliness. She could hear movements in the trees, like footsteps in the distance, and clung to the bedding in hopes that it wasn’t a hungry animal looking for his next meal.

At one point during the night, there was no avoiding it. She had to pee. She summoned all the courage she had, and finally slipped out of the bedding and made a run for it. After doing her duty, she saw a shadow of a human before her, reflected off the moonlight onto a tree. Trying to tell herself it was just her imagination, she couldn’t break through her denial when she saw the shadow dance across the tree again. This time there were two figures, much like a human man and woman. Ruth grasped the tree before her and tried to breathe. She remembered that tonight was Hallow’s Eve, the night of the dead, and as some of the town’s pagans called it, Samhain. Attempting to hang on to her sanity, she thought maybe it was a practical joke.

Then she felt the hair stand up on the back of her neck. She knew there was someone else behind her. She closed her eyes to prevent herself from seeing the projected image of the two people come into greater focus in front of her. Ruth suddenly felt a hand on her shoulder, and giving in to the terror, she let out a scream. In shock, she fell to the ground.

When she came to, she saw what appeared to be her late mother and father, except they were see through. They looked like some kind of optical illusion. Still in heart pounding shock, she finally put it together. Could it be real–the ghosts of her parents?

When she heard her mother’s calm and comforting voice, Ruth began to relax. They wanted to send their love, that they were okay, and that they were so sorry she had been left behind all alone. After a few minutes of reuniting, Ruth’s mother explained that there wasn’t much time. She had specific instructions to give her, to help her along with her life. She told her to find an office in Chester where a doctor named Herskel worked. He would let her work there, using her gifts of intuition to help others. She would also be able to see into the future more and more, guiding people in that way as well. But most importantly, she told Ruth there was an actual family friend who lived in the middle of England, a town called Norwich. Her name was Margaret. She needed to go to Chester first, to meet her, though. And the biggest perplexing detail of all–that the name Anastacia would help her find Margaret. As they continued talking, Ruth heard someone approaching from the other side of the forest. She turned around and saw Tom. When she looked back where her parents had been they were gone.

Ruth and the band of gypsies made it to Chester. Just as her mother had said, she did find a Dr. Herskel’s office right downtown. She introduced herself, and was able to get started easily and quickly, doing fortune’s for the townspeople. Herskel was a believer, and Ruth was happy to be making money, good money that is, and taking care of herself. She even lived in a little cottage behind his home, paying him with money she made in the office during the day. She spent weeks trying to figure out what her mother had meant when she told her Anastacia would help her find Margaret. She had no luck so far, and they had not appeared to her again to explain.

Over a month went by, and now Tom was asking her if she had found her family friend, Anastacia. Not knowing what to say, Ruth told him she hadn’t been able to locate her. She asked if they were going to a town called Norwich. Perhaps she got the town wrong. Lying, she said the town Norwich stuck out in her mind and that it was possible Anastacia was there instead. Tom looked hard at her before deciding he would take her to Norwich. After thinking about it, he figured it would be a good place for the rest of them to stop before they went on to Scotland.

That night she packed her things in the cottage and thought about leaving. She had grown to like this old town, even the colder, frigid nights as fall led into winter. She loved her work in fortune-telling, even if it was considered witchcraft by some. She felt sorry for those that saw her in secret, not wanting the common townspeople or family members to know, but she knew her work helped them greatly. Most of all, she worried about how she would make a living in Norwich. There was no Dr. Herskel there. Who would let her set up an office doing what she did? What if she couldn’t find work caring for children or a home? What if she couldn’t make enough money? Ruth started to cry when she thought of this and began to miss her family, too. She hadn’t shed a tear since they died. Instead, she had been focused only on her survival. She fell asleep crying.

The next day as she picked up some food at a local market, Ruth had an even greater surprise. She saw a law enforcement officer standing outside of the county jail talking with none other than her Uncle Frank. Yes, it was definitely him. Dark skinned, dark eyed and with that same creepy energy she could feel miles away. She could hear everything from where she stood. Uncle Frank told the officer that someone had seen Ruth talking to gypsies and that they had traced the tracks of the wagon here. The officer wrote down everything.

Without a second to lose, Ruth ran off to find Tom and the others. They were loading up, and Tom had concern written all over him when he saw Ruth. She explained in the calmest way possible, that she really felt like it was time for her to go. Could they leave sooner, today even? To her amazement, Tom said they were leaving now within the hour, that he had been planning to go out and look for her.

Relieved at another bout of good fortune, Ruth jumped into the wagon and settled into her usual spot. They drove off a few hours later, but before they could get very far, they were stopped. She stuck her head out the side of the wagon to see who it was and fear froze her stiff. It couldn’t be.

The officer hauled her off to jail. He told her Uncle Frank was taking care of business in a nearby city, but would be back for her in the morning. Then she’d be going back to live with him. Staying in the jail was no fun and no place for a child! At least they kept her in a bigger cell, away from the adult criminals. Ruth was glad the officer hadn’t asked many questions. She made sure to stuff her money away into her undergarments, just in case. Poor Tom and the others had been thrown in jail too, for helping a minor. Ruth didn’t know what would happen to them, but she couldn’t think about it. She needed to focus on getting out of here.

That night a black cat appeared outside her jail cell window. He slipped through the rails on the window, rails that a human could never fit through. Once inside, the black cat rubbed up against her, penetrating her gaze with his deep, green eyes. Ruth felt a connection to him that went beyond time. Then he walked through her cell and into the jailhouse area, where the guards were. When he came back, Ruth noticed he was playing with something on the ground, like a toy. She looked down and discovered that it was a key. Without hesitation, she fit the key into the lock of her cell. Quietly, she slid out past the guards who were both fast asleep.

Having no idea where to go, Ruth ran and ran through the night. Up ahead of her, she saw the black cat again, slick like molasses, a mystery like the moon. He looked back at her and met her eyes. Then he took off for the hills. She decided to follow him. What other option did she have? After what seemed like hours, with exhaustion setting in, Ruth saw a sign in the distance. It looked like lights from a carnival. She remembered Tom and the gypsies, and that most of their work was at a local carnival. Could this be it? Someone might be around this hour.

Ruth slipped under the fence of the carnival. There were a few lights on at a few booths. The cat led her on. He turned a corner and there it was. A house-like booth with the name Anastacia at the top, in bright neon lights. The cat stopped right in front of it. There was nothing else left to do. Ruth knocked at the door. When it opened, a witchy woman appeared. She had straight, long, jet black hair, heavy eye make-up, and wore a floor length, purple velvet gown. She was gorgeous and terrifying at the same time. A huge smile wrapped around her face. At first she explained that Ruth needn’t worry about the gypsies, they would be fine. She was married to the lead jail officer and he would let them go tomorrow. She asked her how she had managed to take her cat with her on this long journey. Ruth shook her head, confused.

Then she said, “I am Anastacia and I know you are Ruth. This cat belongs to you. Do you notice he doesn’t have a collar? He belongs to no one, yet he led you here, didn’t he?” Ruth nodded. When she asked what his name was, Ruth noticed a clock behind her that was just striking midnight. “Its midnight, of course.”

“My cousin is Margaret who lives in Norwich, said Anastacia. You are safe here until I can take you to Norwich. I know everything and I think you will understand. Afterall, I just saw a ghost.”

Happy Halloween,

Heather & the Guides