Mid-next week brings the Autumn Equinox, otherwise known as fall. As I look out my office window today, I feel the crisp and gentle breeze, the cool breaking summer’s heat wave that heralds this time of change. Beginning a new season is a perfect time to reflect, to look at where you have been and where you are headed. The themes of harvest, safety, hope, letting go, grounding, and self-illumination come up as we enter a new cycle in our lives and our world.

The first major theme of harvest is about enjoying the fruits of your labor, particularly all you have done during the flourishing months of summer, both on a literal and spiritual level. Take the time to notice all that you have available to you, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, to be grateful, and to learn from every experience over the summer (whether it be good or bad according to your ego). This is personal inventory time. As we head into this new season, it is time to tie up all loose ends, finish projects or studies, or heal whatever has lingered too long. This is a great time for having a celebration or feast in honor of the accomplishments or abundance you have acquired (again on all levels, no matter how big or small). You could plan a meal using the seasonal and symbolic fruits and veggies: grains, squash, corn, apples or pomegranates, apple cider or wine, and connect to Earth in this way. Or feel the joy and gratitude in a simple meditation to a cknowledge the equinox. Living in the world we do today, many are taking for granted all they do have, and just focusing on what they do not have. We all have SO much that we don’t appreciate in our lives–good health, friendships, money or jobs (for those that haven’t lost them), a roof over our heads, more than enough food that so much still goes to waste, sunlight, clean water, and spiritual resources. As we feel joyful and grateful over these, and with our intent, notice and acknowledge them, we attract more abundance to us.

As I touched on in the last newsletter, there are still many who are processing survival issues in the root chakra, feeling scared and hopeless. Mass humanity is working through the survival issues as a collective. But it is our responsibility as individuals to do our part in helping this process go smoothly and gracefully by working out our own issues with survival. Tap into your inner source of security, safety, and eternal life within your own divinity, the divine line that runs through you. Be present with this part of you every day, and eventually your external world will change, or you will know exactly what actions to take if necessary to receive the abundance that is your birthright. This is no time for victim consciousness. For all of those who have lived too long with fear, particularly fear of poverty (literally or on an emotional, relational, or health level), from all times and dimensions, activate the spiritual lessons of empowerment and love. You can do this no w with your intent, simply and easily. Keep doing this as often as necessary and you will receive the shifts each time, getting to the place where you will find the issue has passed.

The biggest key here is SELF-RESPONSIBILITY. As a culture, we are long overdue for learning and mastering this. It is no longer about anyone else, no matter what your situation is. It is no one else’s job to tell you what to do or how to live your life, or even to examine it. It is time that we all pick up the pieces and begin to sort things out within. How do you think you are doing? What is off in your life or inside yourself? What are some ways to make things right? We all resonate with certain healing techniques, practices, or life choices. As a professional psychic, I have people ask me all the time, where am I headed or what should I do with my life? My question to you is, what do you want to do? Where do you want to see yourself by the end of this year, next year, or 5 years down the road? We all have the ability to create this for ourselves. Don’t let what you think are your limitations or weaknesses get in the way. Find a way to work with them to achieve your dreams. For example, let’s say your dream has always been to be a doctor. Perhaps you think you aren’t smart enough or that the schooling will take too long. Look into why you want to be a doctor. Is it about helping others heal? Is it about your interest in medicines or healing devices? Look at specifically what it is. Then, follow a path that leads you to living the essence of that goal. You can help others heal in many other ways besides being a (traditional) doctor, for instance, as a counselor, energy practitioner, yoga instructor, Doctor of Chinese Medicine or herbalist. These don’t necessarily require as much time and book smarts. If its about the medicine, find a way to study that which sparks your desire. But it is also important to look at what you see as a weakness, because you probably have more of the book smarts and patience than you think you do, especially if this is your life’s passion. That spark of joy or passion that you feel when you think of what you would lov e to do tells you this is the path to follow. Bingo!

When we begin to feel safe and secure, hope can prevail again. This is another one of mass humanity’s issues right now, so if you are feeling hopeless when you usually do not, release it. If it is yours, ask your guides and the beings of light to help you shift it into hope. As we enter the time of fall over the next two weeks, the veils will be thinning to a degree that many of us will have the opportunity to hear our guides easier, as well as the spirits around us. This is true for great strides in spiritual and evolutionary development, so if you’ve been feeling more psychic and sensitive this is why. And it will continue…Divination will be easier during this time as well, and many who usually are not adept with these skills will get glimpses into the future. Ask for the messages that will help you achieve and maintain hope for where you are heading and as we get closer to the portal into the 5th dimension. With time and mastery, this hope will transmute into a knowingne ss. And then there will be no fear. I say this to help those who feel hopeless right now, because in reality there is nothing to fear. We are headed into a beautiful, harmonious, and peaceful time in history. It is why we have all come. Just remember not to buy into the events that may or may not precede it. This is just about the old fading away.

And speaking of fading away…the fall time is just that. Letting things fall away. Let yourself fall. What does that take? Letting go of control and what is familiar, and most of all, fear. Remember, we can do this with grace and ease, or it can be a struggle. Which do you choose? This autumn equinox also signals a time of even more letting go. Yes, more of that! Letting go of attachments to people, places, animals, and life circumstances. Look inside yourself now and ask, what is it that I really need to let go of that I have not been able to yet? All things must die before they can be born. This is what the time of fall symbolizes. It’s a preparing for death. All spiritual ascent requires descent first, and all those who look for light must first face their inner darkness. Have you really begun to look at those deep dark places yet? Or are you still trying to avoid it? There is no time for avoiding now, as mass consciousness is going through this as a whole as well, and th is fall is it. We must arrive at a balance before beginning the descent, but we must decide we are really going to go for it first. Do your part and make that decision now. As we come into the time of Libra, this balance is essential. My guides are telling me to encourage you to think of it like a mystery. Haven’t you ever been interested in a good mystery novel, sci-fi movie, who-done-it game or show? I realize this can feel different when its your own personal mystery, but at least view it the same as the experiences above. Because afterall, this life is really one big game, isn’t it? We have to be enough in our bodies to feel the truth of it, in order to really master the lessons, but at the sametime, we can’t be too plugged in or we lose our spiritual perspective. So my advice is, play the game. Be in the experience of this life, really feel what it means to be human, and simultaneously move the chess pieces on the board but know that it really doesn’t matter how things end up. It’s like the saying by Ralph Waldo Emerson, “Life’s a journey, not a destination.” When we get to the destination, it won’t matter, and by the time we get there, it’s just another beginning of a journey anyhow. Even the worst fear of all, death, can lead to bliss. Who says that if that is what unfolds for you or any loved ones, that something is wrong or off, or that it could’ve or should’ve been prevented? Most mystics and mediums would say there is usually no suffering after death. And again, if there is suffering, it is the soul that creates it. But without getting to deeply morbid, I really want to impart a message of comfort. Most of what we fear is suffering itself, not the object, person, or life circumstance that brings it about. So take the time to explore the basis of what you think the suffering will be. Is it really real or valid? If that person, object, or circumstance comes into you life, how do you know you will really suffer? Perhaps as you let go an d fall into a sweet surrender, new ideas, options, and inspiration will come to you that couldn’t before (because you were blocked by fear). As you sit with them, put them into action or inaction, you are becoming empowered. Now you won’t have to suffer. When we look at it this way, I think FDR had it right when he said, “There is nothing to fear, but fear itself.”

As we come back down to Earth, this fall is a time for grounding and centering. I spoke of the need for this in my last newsletter. As the Earth shifts, so do we, and vice versa. We cannot ground and be nourished (energetically and physically) the same way through her etheric field, so we must reground every few weeks or months as necessary (and as the shift continues). Ask the nature spirits and the spirit of your physical body to work with Earth and reground in a way that benefits both our and Earth’s evolutionary process as well as sustaining and supporting us. This will help with irritability, insomnia, anxiety, fatigue, headaches, hunger, weight gain, and muscle aches. I am getting so many questions about this from clients, that I am mentioning it again here. Drink lots of water and consume more protein to help with your transformational process. This will ease the above symptoms and keep you grounded. We can also take the time to ground this fall by walking in the woods , mountains, on a beach, or in an open field. Be present, viewing the leaves changing color, smelling the wood and pine aromas, feeling the Earth under your feet. The Nature Spirits and trees are working to help us anchor into our physical bodies even more as we transform during the shift. Notice them, sit with them, and enjoy their messages. You might receive whispers of guidance and self-illumination. The energy of the trees and Nature Spirits will also help to calm and protect from the chaos in the external world. They are a life-saver for our sanity during this time.

As I write this, the cicadas sing hymns to me from the Sycamore trees in the nearby, Oak Creek. Their choir is a reminder of coming together, teamwork, and that what we do as a group is in service to the whole, not for us as individuals, although we can be benefited here as well. We can take note of the importance of groups in our lives during this time, and how they can usher us forward spiritually.

Cicadas also role model to us the process of going deep within for transformation before being re-born. They bury themselves in the Earth and hibernate, usually for 2-5 years, and rarely for a decade or two, feeding off the roots of trees. When the time is right, they instinctually know to come out. This brings to mind the qualities of patience, right timing, and renewal. We can utilize these qualities in our own transformation process, harnessing patience and perseverance, but also knowing that it is up to our own soul to decide when we want to resurrect. So ask yourself, is it your time and you are delaying or holding yourself back, or are you pushing too fast, too soon? We can follow the example of the cicadas hibernation period and review our pasts, maybe even the last 2-5 years or a decade or two, discovering what needs to be transmuted. Like many cicadas in the southern U.S. coming out for the first time in 17 years this year, many of us will be reborn during this time. It might just be the first time in our lives when we can actually sing, delight, come together, and take flight!


This Energy Activation will occur for you if you intend it, to the degree your soul chooses.

Today’s Energy Activation will occur in an unknown place, a place of your choosing. Think of a beautiful place in nature, anywhere in the world, or in your imagination. The place can have anything in it, people, objects, or animals, be inside or outside, or you could be alone. But it must have trees and cicadas. Don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be a place where trees or cicadas naturally live. They will come to you anywhere you are, even if you are cozied up in a secret hideway or on the moon…Pick the type of trees you want surrounding you, and bring them into your place now.

For those of you who can’t think of their own special place, you can work with mine. I am out in the Arizona desert. But it is fall, so thankfully the weather is cool. I am headed up into the red rocks, making my way up each boulder with steps towards the towering monoliths above. As I walk the trail, I pass Prickly Pear, Mesquite, and Juniper trees. As I climb higher, I can smell the many Pine and Fir trees and the fresh scent of the afternoon’s rain. It is dusk, and the full moon illuminates my path. I now reach the top of the trail, a platform rock with which a panoramic view of the city is easily available. The lights of the city twinkle like stars in the distance. I am surrounded by the ancient, cathedral red rocks. This is a magic, crystal city.

I find a prominent Ponderosa Pine, and place myself under it. As I rest there, the Nature Spirits join me, and the spirit of the tree connects with me. I take a few deep breaths, and breathe in the beauty, feeling the joy and gratitude in my heart for all I have. I bring all that I appreciate to mind, and feel safer and more content than I have in a long time…In the silence, a peace permeates me. All fear of the unknown, fear itself, drifts away with the help of the spirits. I take a few moments to meditate with the Nature Spirits, the trees, and the spirit of this soaring Pine. As Mother Moon shines radiantly above me, a mystical feeling comes over me. I am reminded of times from the past, in this life and others…Times when I have triumphed and times when I had lessons to learn. Do any of those times resonate with what is going on in my life now? How about for you? As you meditate for a few minutes, let the trees help you self-illuminate. What must you face in your inner darkness? What does this have to do with the past 2-5 years, or even decades past? Look for connections, they are all there.

In a distant creek in the valley below, I hear the cicadas. They sing together in their community. In their own timing, the music crescendoes, and they all stay in sync. Let this activate connections for the communities and groups in your lives, for better balance and integrity. As cicadas are deeply connected to Earth through their hibernation process, they are working with you now, to connect to Earth for extra grounding and safety, support, and security. Earth is the source of most all of our resources, what we utilize on a day to day basis. As you do this, you receive love from her for all your hard work during the shift. Now send this love back to her in turn. She is the reason we have come this far as a collective on this planet!

Cicadas are insects that come out in the heat. When they emerge from their hibernation, they look for their mate. Feel the love inside for yourself, Earth, and others. If you are not in a partnership or marriage and you desire a special someone, with your intent now, ask for a healthy love relationship to come into your life. This is the time of bringing together soul mates and twin flames for the purposes of healing each other and our planet. If you have a beloved, just ask that the love you have together or within heightens to a degree that you can serve in an even greater way. You can also ask for new friendships, animals, or other types of loves to come into your life. Remember, this is a time to follow your passion and greatest dreams! Let them be ignited now.

Cicadas usually come out after approximately 2 years, which is again, the number that represents polarity and the need for balance. As we enter the time of Libra, this balance is essential for us as individuals and a collective. Ask yourself, what needs balance in yourself or your life? If you don’t have a clue, ask the cicadas to reveal this to you in their song. As they do, they begin to help you become more aware so you can make changes. Also, any karma keeping you in the trenches of duality consciousness is cleared, so you can move towards unity.

Now it is time to contemplate your rebirth. Are you ready? Ask the cicadas for help. They remind you that this is your choice, and you can always bide your time. What do you need to let go of so you can be ressurected? Ask the Earth, The Nature Spirits, and the trees to help you let this go. Bury it, or dispose of it in a way where no one else will come across it, and so it naturally disintegrates. You can do as a ritual in your “real” life if you choose. Even with non-physical or symbolic issues, you can write them on a piece of paper and bury it in a special place in nature, or burn it in a fire ceremony. Cicadas also represent magic, that you reap what you sow. It is time to receive the harvest of your labors, that which you have earned through your spiritual growth in this lifetime (that you haven’t received already). Begin your descent from the mountain in the desert (or head back from whatever place you chose). As you walk on your path or road, there is a gift that awai ts you. This is your harvest. Take it in with open arms. This might symbolize something that you don’t have today, but that is coming to you…just around the corner.

It is going to be a marvelous fall…

Enjoy & Many Blessings,

Heather, the newsletter guides, The Nature Spirits, Trees & Cicadas