In this Online Event, I’ll be part of a panel of intuitives, channelers, astrologers and numerologists offering information on what’s to come for July, August & Sept. 2020.

Solarzar will share the Wisdom of the Tarot; Lilyana Bethanee, an intuitive, channel and healer, will share her Alchemical wisdom for the coming quarter; Kyralani will share the Vibrational Numerology; Joyce Day Meuse, astrologer and intuitive, will share the astrological guidance; and Heather Green, an intuitive, channel and energy healer, will offer energy forecasts, insights and understanding for the coming quarter. Live fully by being fully informed.

This is an Online Only event. Full Access is $16. Friday June 26th from 7-9pm.

Register here:

Audio replays will be provided to those who register.