“Greetings, dear ones. We are the Pleiadian High Council and it is our pleasure to be with all of you tonight. Take a nice deep breath all of you and feel yourself welcoming in the new dawn energy. This is the shift that’s occurred in the last few days that many of you have picked up on, this new dawn energy. It is the time of the Aquarian age and with it comes a higher vibrational state, more divine energy and a higher timeline….

For many on a personal level, this month of January and the next month of February will bring the last of the lifting out of old remnants, as well as other issues, patterns and aspects of your life. Anything that is uncomplete or needs to be released or transmuted, will come up to the surface to be reviewed, worked with and released at this time. This is a natural process but many of you will ask yourselves, what is wrong? Why am I feeling this? Why am I experiencing this again? The truth is, it is releasing. It is lifting out. So remind yourself when that happens, that it is in flow with your transformative process and part of the ending of the old cycle and beginning of the new one.

(2nd Segment)

So for us, we see this as a time of celebration and joy and to focus on what it is that you desire in your own lives, what it is that you want to create. This is a very important time to stay focused on your own lives and not be distracted by what may be happening in the lives of others or in the collective at large. Stay focused and true to your own path and journey. Stay in your own lane, we would say. Be very cautious then in that way, of the decisions you make. Keep in alignment with your higher levels and where you are directed in each and every moment as that can change very quickly in this time.

We see with the acceleration happening in your world, a timeline shift, and with that comes changes in the way you experience time as those higher dimensions merge with your physical reality. Many of you will notice this and one day to the next can seem strikingly different. So take a deep breath when this happens and stay in your present moment in order to make decisions, change course or to make choices about what is needed in that moment.

Some of you may change completely the direction of your life or your work, what you may call your career or purpose, in the next few months as this energy coming in that wraps up the old and begins the new will be like a reset for many of you. Like a light switch that goes off, suddenly you are in your new time, reality and life. So in this way, it is worth celebrating. But in order to stay present and not get too disoriented by all the changes that are coming in at one time, we recommend that you set up a structure for yourself that can help you stay balanced and aligned, like the calm within the storm.

Because with change that happens on the inside, comes change on the outside. And for some, this can appear as a chaotic energy. Many people may not know what to do with that energy of change and may act out. There may be other behaviors including rebellion. This is normal in this time with change. We remind all of you, as you bring to mind and into your life those structures and routines that help you stay balanced and calm, that they will also help you stay focused on your path and journey and to show the way for others.

(3rd Segment)

Life is meant to be enjoyed, and more of you in this year of 2021 are going to get a taste of what this is like, allowing yourselves to be connected spiritually, as a spiritual being in human form. For you are meant to enjoy your human lives and not have to be in suffering. This is a new way of being for many of you. When you are empowered and leading the way through that higher vibrational frequency, you will create the life personally that you desire. What may be playing out in the bigger world may look very different. But know that your life and personal reality doesn’t have to be affected by that. And in the long run, the energy that you create in your personal reality will influence a greater change in your bigger world and in the new world that’s beginning to come online for all of you in this year of 2021.”

(These three segments were taken from the “Support with World changes Channeling Class,” on January 13, 2021).

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This is going to be a fun one with lots of juicy info on how to create more abundance!