May Newsletter

May Newsletter

Spiritual Mastery and the Shifting of Timelines
Well, congratulations! As we make our way into the 2nd half of 2017 and begin to get our heads above the integration waters, many of us are starting to feel energized again. This is surely a breath of needed air after the last several months of feeling uninspired, unfocused or spacey, overly emotional, and fatigued. Many of us in our spiritual advancement/5D embodiment process are creating new life missions and desires. But in no way are we completely clear on where we are going–the universe is definitely letting us harness the needed faith, trust, and intuition in order to develop the strength and courage for what is coming next.

The reason we are not completely clear is because of the shifting timelines. We have all experienced this over the last year, both personally and collectively. For those who are unfamiliar, I’m referring to changing the course of your life/path and outcomes to situations due to a shift (higher or lower) in your vibration/frequency. Many are not aware that they’ve made a leap until they begin to question what the heck is happening in their life, or why things seem so unfamiliar or confusing. For example, you might suddenly question what you are doing at a particular job or place you live, or you might just know that it’s time to start a new business or leave a relationship. Things you’ve always or never noticed in these areas will either disappear or become very apparent to you, all in a way that means your life will never again be the same!
So if this is happening for you, it’s all good no matter how it looks! Every single living being on this planet is expanding their consciousness to a degree that means only forward movement or the tendency towards higher vibrational experiences/timelines. Because we have done so much inner work and shifting, most of us are opening up many different options in our life paths. The truth is that we have infinite potential, but we do lean to certain particulars.
As the Angelics have recently shared, “The awakened will have more insight or intuitive hits on these upcoming possibilities. They might come to you in a meditation, dream, or even as you reflect on your life. In these cases, you’ll know what choices you could make that may influence future outcomes. This is great wisdom to behold and act upon in your times in order to create and progress in your life and in the world.” 
Many are receiving information about things they have no control over but are concerned about, often life areas that involve another’s free will or choice. These messages are frequently coming from our future selves who are alerting our present selves that we might want to make a change in our behavior/dynamic or even work things out with the other person at the higher self level, so that  the highest and best outcome can be achieved for all. This way of approaching potential future timelines is empowering, autonomous, and always interesting and fun!
The confusing part with changing timelines is that there can sometimes appear to be too many options in our present moments! To those on the accelerated path this is often the case. You’ll experience this when you are deciding where to place your focus or what your next move will be. In my own life, I’d like to start writing again. But I have a number of interests. One is a healing handbook I’ve already written that needs a lot more fine tuning and my editor’s help, another is the first draft of a children’s fantasy novel that I have scribbled in a notebook, and the last is some writing I’d like to do on the topic of soul mates and twin flames. I could work on all of them. But I’m currently most passionate about the topic of relationships…
As the Pleiadians say, “What is most important is to go with what feels light, inspiring, and exciting. Often it is what is most relevant in your now, but not always. You are then moved by the greater forces, not really making your own move. In this way you create your highest pathway of service. Even with projects or tasks you’ve abandoned if it truly motivates and uplifts you, or helps you or others to expand, you will return to them in right timing. For some, this could be years later. But the options that have expired and belong to the old timeline will be forgotten or no longer desired. You’ll be unwilling or unable to continue them.”
So leave logic behind and don’t feel you have to complete something just because you started it! As humans we’ve been programmed to live this way, but it stagnates the creative juices and our life flow.
The most positive news of all about shifting timelines is that you don’t have to know where you are headed! In fact, it’s often better to let go of this and focus on how you can best manifest your highest potential, by adjusting your own vibration and frequency. This is what it means to be sovereign.  Run the energies within you that truly serve your life: joy, empowerment, connection, fulfillment, passion, serenity, clarity, or whatever it may be. Become really attached to what you are creating in your inner world as that will soon be reflected in your outer life. From this stance, you’ll naturally fall into a level of trust and faith with any timeline change. When your intuition is needed it will be heeded accordingly. The strength, courage, and other gifts and mastery that you build along the way will prepare you for the new level of service and abundance that you will soon be stepping into. 
For many of us, the journey over the last several years has felt  long and often weary, and we shall welcome any new purpose/mission or rise in status so to speak. But with any change, the power we are given warrants a greater level of integrity and responsibility. This is the reason for all of our spiritual weight-lifting, especially over the last year! I’m told that the start of June and through the summer will herald a time of motivation, inspiration, productivity, emotional balance, freedom, lucidity, grace, and vitality. So hang in there as we round this next corner of the journey; the hard work will pay off in exponential ways 🙂
Love and Blessings,

Heather and the Guides
Relationships and the Shift: April Newsletter

Relationships and the Shift: April Newsletter

Most of us are experiencing great transformation as we navigate our lives during this paradigm shift happening on Earth. Every life area is impacted, including relationships. Many clients and friends have recently contacted me for information about what is going on in this arena, which is why I’m inspired to write about this topic for April’s newsletter. I’ve experienced many of the relationship nuances described throughout it!

 Right now we are in the time of Venus Retrograde until the 15th of April. This is a time when we review and evaluate our relationships, deciding on the worth and value of those we are currently in, and considering the potential of those we haven’t begun. Although many might feel pulled to take action or make major life adjustments we are advised to wait until after the 15th when all has been reflected upon and processed.

Most of us are no longer operating predominantly in a 3D manner when it comes to relationships and sex. As we step more fully into 5D, we move from codependence to co-creation. We express mainly from a place of unconditional love and less from neediness or desire. For many of us, we are being asked to let go of who and what no longer resonates or fits, particularly when the energies or issues with certain others have been stagnant for too long. This is emphasized as well, when despite our best efforts no shifts have been made.

In this evolutionary time period especially, many are finding that in any kind of relationship–with a friend, lover, partner, or family member, there might come a time when separation or even a definite ending needs to happen. This does not mean you’ve failed or given up, or that the relationship wasn’t strong enough or the real deal. In many cases, it’s quite the contrary. Sometimes the highest spiritual partnerships need space and time for one or both people to heal a particular issue or expand in a certain way. Then they can come back together again when or if it’s right, and move forward into a deeper purpose and passion.

What does this mean for happily ever after? Does it even still exist in current times? I believe it does. But I do think that with most friendships and romantic partnerships it can be challenging if both people aren’t willing to do their inner work. Continuing to change and grow promotes long-lasting, spiritually-evolved relationships.

There is also a shift that is becoming more common in romantic partnerships and friendships these days. Many people in healthy, comfortable, and satisfying relationships are being pulled to new spiritual partners and friends, in order to fully participate in higher level potentials. These can involve soul mates; those who are part of our oversoul or another oversoul, or twin flames, the female or male counterpart of our individual soul. (For more info. on oversouls, read my previous blog post here). With soul mate and twin flame relationships, the purpose of coming together is to ignite mutual soul growth while bringing service to the world in a form the couple chooses. Twin flames, through the power that is emanated in their merging and wholeness, specifically help expedite the ascension process on earth.

Many people are confused at first as to why they are drawn to these new lovers or friends. We might not be easily impressed. Often soul mates and twin flames come in packages we don’t expect. Sometimes our higher level potentials are just beginning their awakening and will need a great deal of time/space and support during their transformational process. We might need to develop more courage, trust and patience, and be able to hang in there during periods of the unknown. Like any relationship, there is never any guarantee that the relationship will progress in a certain way or be long-lasting. This is where we learn to let go of attachment to outcomes, loving unconditionally.

What is most essential is your awareness. No matter what circumstance you might find yourself in above, if any of them apply to you, follow your intuition. Follow the pull even if it doesn’t make logical sense at first. You’ll know it’s likely a higher level partnership–soul mate or twin flame, if you feel expanded or activated in the other’s presence. You’ll experience a level of joy and connection like never before…And then, with all the love and excitement, the unhealed issues come up for release. This is where the willingness to do the inner work comes in. 

Due to the depth and power of these relationships, it is difficult for many people to go back to stagnant partnerships and aspects of their lives. Of course, we always have our free will to choose. We might have our reasons for not choosing our higher level partners as well, especially when abusive or destructive behaviors are present. In these cases, time, space, and unconditional love can offer the support needed to help them shift in the short or long term, opening up the potential for you to be together if you desire to, later on.

In going forward and saying yes to our destinies, whether that be in continuing, ending or separating, and/or starting new relationships, we are becoming more whole, more expanded, more connected to ourselves and our divine essence. This leads to rewards in many forms, not just in relationships. It offers us the ability to experience a sense of empowerment, strength, trust, love, joy and fulfillment that has never been possible. We are able to do this because we have deepened the most important relationship of all–the one we have with ourselves.

Until the next bend of the journey,
Heather and the Guides

For those interested in extra energetic support, guidance, healing, and information during this time of the shift, join me in my upcoming tele-class with colleagues Wanda Vitale and Theresa Luttenegger, on Saturday April 22nd from 10am -12pm PST Details here 

March Newsletter: Endings and Beginnings

March Newsletter: Endings and Beginnings

     It has been quite an adventure through the month of February, if you still find yourself standing up that is. Two eclipse sandwiches and we purified ourselves emotionally, mentally, and physically before the month’s end. If you don’t recognize yourself yet, give it some time. 

Be tender and compassionate with yourselves and others. Since this was such an intense process, we’re all being aligned and reset once again, so we can make our way to the Equinox ready and able to receive those upgrades and activations. But most of us, aware of it or not, are still reeling from all of the healing and clearing, both internal and external.
     If this is true for you, be reassured all is as it should be. With all of the shifts happening for us within, and the subsequent changes we see reflected back to us  in our personal lives and in the world, there is always a time of confusion and chaos. Most will find these disturbing feelings and happenings, along with a lack or clarity or direction in what’s coming over the next several weeks. It’s a great opportunity to practice patience and trust. Where can you find that trust when all seems shrouded in doubt and the unknown? 
     We are beginning to see the budding fruits of our labors in many life areas as exponential possibilities for expansion arising individually and collectively, with positive events occurring as people come together for passionate causes. The women’s marches in January were a great example. Additionally, as the Pleiadians have often shared with me, “In the deep recesses of the heart, all shall be revealed. ” Go there when you despair or fear and the truth with always be made evident. 
     Energetically, so many areas are affected by transformation and will continue to be during this first half of the year. Relationships are highlighted. We are letting go of what isn’t in our highest and best or what doesn’t help us grow, while new connections with a potential for deeper spiritual partnership are being formed. And many relationships are on the fence as we relearn this dance between the divine feminine and masculine. The feminine is deepening her healing, moving through anger and rage from oppression, releasing memories and trauma of being abused or used, and feeling grief from being unvalued, unnoticed, or abandoned outright for far too long. It’s time for us to let this all go, so we can open fully to unconditional love. 
     From this stance, the feminine can hold space for the masculine as he begins taking baby steps in his vulnerability. As the feminine holds that supportive anchor of love and compassion, the masculine can put down his sword of competition, pride, conquering, control and so much more. There can be a balance with the sexes now, and the joy of true knowing and honoring.With the feminine and the masculine, we are also releasing old sexual energies and memories of neediness, uncontrollable desire/attachments, all related to survival in 3D.  Sexual union can now become more sacred, more aligned with the heart center and unconditional love. 
     So if it isn’t enough to have relationships and sex on the brain, throw in the emotional components and major life changes and you’d think you’ve reached the end of your rope. The spinning and repetitive thoughts can be relentless. And if this is true for you, surrender to it. The energetic downloads are almost continuous now, and we are releasing what no longer serves. Fear patterns and grief are lifting out for most, but regardless of what you are feeling, go into it as much as possible while not attaching to any of it. Celebrate the fact that it is leaving for good and your new life and creations are just around the corner.
     Many in their current changes are experiencing different levels of loss.  With this comes a letting go of what had been safe and comfortable while following the calling of the soul. The old is falling away to make room for the new and upgraded. For myself personally I’ve had to make changes in relationships and residence that have been challenging and sorrowful, but I made the conscious choice to relinquish control and therefore allow my soul to move into higher levels of spiritual evolution and partnership, peace, unconditional love, and joy in all life areas.
     Major transformations like this are comparable to birthing a baby. The labor is unbearable at times, overwhelming, and all consuming. But any temporary pain is so worth the reward at the end. And we will have those rewards coming to us in many packages: freedom, love, joy, connection, peace, fulfillment and abundance are just several. When and how this will all happen for each of us and collectively is yet to be certain, but most are already getting sneak peaks and sporadic moments with these gems now. Some of us are even experiencing these energies on a 24/7 basis, and this is all related to the level of healing/clearing that has been done. 
     But no matter where you are at, the important point is to continue on your path of integrity with determination, courage, and faith. As you die and are reborn again and again, your most authentic and enlightened self comes forth. From here, you’ll be crystal clear about what you really want and you will manifest these heavenly versions more simply and easily. From this place only are you truly the creator of your life and the co-creator of your bigger world. And this is the year, 2017, that we’ll begin seeing the changes we’ve been forever waiting for!
Until the next bend of the journey,

Heather and the guides
Full Moon & Healing W/Horses Workshop

Full Moon & Healing W/Horses Workshop

Saturday, September 17th from 6-7:30pm in Templeton. $35. Email or call me to sign up or for directions.

We could all use some extra assistance during these potent transformational times; especially this month with two eclipses and mercury retrograde! Celebrate the Fall Equinox and the full moon in this workshop as you set new intentions for yourself. Heal relationships, emotions, health issues and behavior patterns with the help of the horses!

Bring your intentions and a token of offering to the spirits of land and the horses in this powerful workshop for starting a fresh chapter in the book of your life! We will be working with the energies of nature and the full moon/equinox in sacred ceremony to fully access and activate our intentions. In the last half we will work with the horses for extra guidance, healing, nurturance, support, and empowerment with all of our upcoming changes.

The interactions with the horses will include active and reflective activities, all on the ground. No horse experience is necessary.
Bring snacks and water.

Cost is $35. Sign up deadline by Wed Sept 14th. Email or call me to sign up for directions: [email protected] or 805-451-1585.

To buy now online click here

May Newsletter: The Retrogrades

May Newsletter: The Retrogrades

This month’s newsletter title says it all. Most of us have felt the intense internal effects of this 5 planet retrograde cycle that will last for the next several months. Although with Jupiter going direct on the 9th and Mercury on the 21st, experiences should lighten a bit and become easier. I’m no astrologer, but I do pay attention to planetary cycles, pagan holidays like the solstices and equinoxes, and eclipses. I read the energy around them like I do when helping any animal or human on their life path. Due to the shift in consciousness happening on earth, at the time of particular planetary alignments, moons, and season changes, we always receive big downloads of transformative energy which help us grow and evolve. 
That’s what this cycle is all about: healing and transformation. I know for me, life has slowed down a lot. If it has for you, this is good. It’s time to go inward. We are getting a big golden opportunity from the cosmos here, to really clean our slates. Start fresh. Get rid of all that baggage. And although this might seem redundant when it comes to the new age “heal thyself” lingo, I can’t emphasize enough that this IS the time. Because when our loads lighten substantially we’ll have the ability to fly free and effortless by the time summer solstice comes around. So ask yourself, how long have you been waiting? For how long have you wanted to see major change in your life? This could be in any area, but for all it can essentially boost us forward in our soul’s authenticity and mission work. Simply put: Be who you truly are and do what you came to do!
It takes guts that’s for sure, and the strength that comes with vulnerability. Think you’ve got it nailed down? If you’re still having emotional crashes and pity parties, you still have work to do. It’s time to  go deeper in your self discovery and ultimately take off those masks! While in the depth you might be feeling great turmoil, doubt, frustrations, or mind-bending confusion. If your world is falling down around you, try not to stress too much.(Ha!). In fact, celebrate it. The same goes for loss. This is the death that comes before the beautiful new beginning with all the gifts, joys, comforts, and abundance that you’ve been creating thus far. 
Back to the pity party though. Don’t beat yourself up if you’ve been going there. You’re meant to feel the drastic swing of emotions; that’s why you are human! Your reaction will begin to change though, more and more, and you’ll be less likely to find yourself going off the deep end. Instead you’ll be more of a witness, still experiencing the feelings, but just noticing. Those who are able to maintain the 5th dimensional consciousness while still in a 3rd dimensional vehicle and world are already creating from this emotionally balanced place.
And this is when the masterpieces become evident. This is where we are all headed. Embracing our own power along the way is essential. As the Pleiadians share, “Only you can heal and transform yourself, or release your illusions of limitation. To be free and sovereign you must play the part. This involves shifting your beliefs, a key piece in the process. Because as humans, you create with your beliefs.” 
So ask yourself, what do you want to experience? Accept the beliefs that support that reality and give them your full attention! This can involve the work of uncovering wounds, patterns, and programming that led to the disempowering beliefs in the first place, yet who can deny the awesomeness of altering your inner life and outer world simply by choosing what to believe?!
There is more to manifesting here. According to the Angelics, “Sometimes you will have difficulty creating what you want because you’ve outgrown particular incarnational contracts with others. At that time it is appropriate for you to call forth the new ones, contracts where all beings involved carry a similar vibrational resonance.” 
Before you incarnate and usually on an unconscious level while here on earth in a body, your soul makes contracts with others that you can potentially work with, live with, serve, or be in certain kinds of relationships with. Even your relationship with different parts of the earth or areas you live in involve a contract or agreement, one where you can learn from each other. But if by the time you meet these beings on your journey you have already mastered what you signed up to work with them on, the contract is then up for review. At that time, the other being or place will feel familiar to you, but you might be conflicted about them. You might also lack the desire to begin the relationship.
If you decide to forego the relationship, then you quickly attract in your next contract. If this one is more vibrationally resonant, than likely it will feel right and you’ll go for it. If not, you again move along to the next one. You can choose a contract that is not a perfect match. But often your time with this other being will be shorter and will perhaps serve more of a purpose of convenience. In this case, there is still always the option that the other being, through their desire to evolve, will rise up and become a vibrational fit in time. But while the contract is up for review, there will come a moment where only you can decide if you want to begin the relationship based on your feelings.
If this transpires during this astrological cycle, the crazy roller coaster ride of the retrogrades might strike you! A recent occurrence in my life exemplifies this. While looking at new places to live with my husband, we took our time, waited, and reflected on the right choice for us. I delayed…perhaps for too long, on my end of the decision. It didn’t look like we would get what we wanted. And then, oh the questioning, the doubt. Did I do the right thing? We turned around and then boom, everything shifted again. We did indeed get offered the place! Back to present and coming full circle. So we went for it! 
Because the truth of the matter is that the future is yet to be seen. And the best advice I can give you is to work with the power of your awareness; your intuition in each moment. This brings the clarity that all of our souls are seeking during this amazingly transformative time. If you are clear and trusting, you truly can’t go wrong in your choices. You can never make a mistake. No matter how many times things change for you, and however topsy-turvy you might feel, you’ll always land with your feet on the ground. You’ll find yourself where you need to be, with the right beings, and for however long it serves all of you. And that my friends, is what this miraculous, highly accelerated time of growth and healing, and mutual love and connection is all about!
Until the next bend of the journey,

Heather & the guides