As we quickly roll into the month of September, we’re greeted with a new moon,

another opportunity to start fresh and anchor in our intentions.  This moon’s creative energy moves through the end of next week, even through Friday the 13th. Although historically this has been a date associated with fear, horror, or other bad omens, I see it bringing good fortune for many this month. So count your lucky stars and make a wish during this time. 

It feels refreshing and comforting after that intense, and for many of us, excruciating, integration period that began with the astrological sextile at the end of July. (More shared here in the expanded version newsletters. For more information about the   expanded versions, or to sign up, go to:
     And this month’s energy is all about balance. As we move more fully into the time of autumn, it is essential that we remain balanced/grounded and present in all life areas to move forward evolutionary-wise. To our benefit, transformative energies working with us this month will give us a hand. 
     But first of all, realize that every area of your life is interconnected and mutually influential. In the past, with the old energies, your work, relationships, leisure/play, spirituality, and rest were all separate, having no bearing on each other. But now, in the time of the new world, everything is one. You can’t isolate yourself or an area of your life without dropping back down to the 3D level, and playing by the old rules that create limitations, obstacles, and fear. Instead, tend to and nurture all areas, especially those that have been neglected. Make decisions and take steps for improving life aspects that are suffering. (More info. here in expanded version).
     July and August were big energetic months—lots of spiritual downloads and integration happening. You may feel a challenge with this, as if you’re really dragging, can’t get out of bed in the morning, wanting another coffee and it’s only what, 10am? Or maybe you’re achy all over and just want to lie down. When we move a lot of energy, we burn protein. So for some, increasing protein loads, or eating more dense protein sources may help. Drink and be near water more. Be outside, on the Earth, connecting with Earth as much as possible. 
     As the Pleiadians (higher dimensional beings from the planet Pleiades) have put it, “You do have to allow your body/mind/spirit time to transform. Don’t push yourself too hard in your daily tasks. If you feel yourself in pain or overly fatigued, it means you need more down time because of too much physical or mental activity. Move back into the heart space and rest.” And the biggest reason and solution for the complaints above…let go of your resistance to change. The Pleiadians say, “Let go of your structure of how change should look or feel. It doesn’t have to be uncomfortable or awkward. Think of it as a joy, a breeze, making life easier.”
     The biggest area of resistance I see is with utilizing our 5thdimensional energy systems. This is synonymous with allowing the higher frequencies to move through our physical forms, helping our bodies evolve. It is about accessing our higher selves from within, and therefore, becoming more easily able to recognize and integrate our issues. It is also about letting go of the mind more, trusting, and operating from more of an intuitive/heart-centered stance. As we practice working with our new energy systems, we begin to tap into (or for many of us, move more fully into) our sovereignty, which further creates our realities through our intent, and allows us to fully discover and work with our psychic abilities, and those of telepathy and telekinesis. (More info. shared here in expanded version).
     So overall, if you’re tired, scared, in pain, or resisting change in your everyday lives, cut yourself some slack, because ascension is a process that for good reason, does not happen overnight. Instead, while disillusioned by linear time, we get to choose how and when we go about our integration process, and what we think and feel every step of the way. But the biggest thing we are remembering is that we create our lives—every hour and every moment of all now’s. And especially this month, with the influence of lucky 13, we can begin to turn the tides in our favor.
See you around the next corner of the journey,
Heather, The Pleiadians, and the newsletter guides
To help with the following life areas:
*open up to and take action with new potentials and possibilities
*tend to all life areas and keep those areas balanced while you’re at it, for overall life benefit
*let go of the “shoulds” and follow where your energy calls you
*the benefits of the 5th Dimensional energy system and how to utilize it
*how to maintain your center and timing when around chaotic/discordant vibrations, and how to show others how to do the same.
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Here it is, August already. And I ask myself, how do I begin explaining what’s been happening for all of us? As the evolution on Earth unfolds and we move deeper into our abstract, all knowing, nonlinear awareness, our primarily left-brained, 3rd dimensional minds no longer have full control. They are becoming useless for comprehension and explanation purposes, which is why many aspects of the world and our lives now seem so perplexing and obscure. This brings challenges for writers like myself, and other lightworkers who are guiding others. If this is you, know that it’s now about how we show the way through the example of our own lives, and the energy that comes through our writing or teaching, not the written or expressed words themselves.

It is also so very,very hard to think at all. And you’d be lucky to have a moment’s notice to do so with time slipping through your fingers. In fact, thinking or trying to figure anything out at this point feels like exhausting, torturous work. (More information shared here in the expanded version newsletter. To read more about the expanded versions or to purchase for $9 go to:

You might also be feeling tortured, exhausted, and at your wit’s end on a regular basis these days. After that astrological, Grand Sextile event that began on July 29th, I can see why. This helped bring about an expansion of consciousness related to the balanced inner masculine/feminine, and a release of old limitations within and without, but it had an element of friction, thus the explosions in interpersonal relationships.

These explosions, emotional meltdowns, or the psychological instability–whatever you’d prefer to call them, are not to be taken lightly. They erupt because we try to hold on, keep it together, ignore, or deny how we feel. Many of us are horrified by what we’re learning about ourselves and others, seeing perhaps for the first time, the degree of hostility, fear, or grief we’ve been carrying. As we wake up and clear our baggage through our awareness, we become willing to make those courageous choices, doing what’s necessary to heal. Like an alcoholic, many are finally hitting an emotional rock bottom.

We have moved in to a new evolutionary cycle, and although some of us are finally receiving fruits for our labor, many of us will not see major life change right away. This is where much of our tension and angst comes from. A friend of mine recently exclaimed, “I’m so overwhelmed with my life! I just don’t want to suffer anymore. I want to be happy. I want to be at peace. I want to be able to say that I love my life and that there’d be nothing I’d do differently to change it.”

We have to learn our lessons–fully and completely–before we can move on from specific issues for good. This is what is so frustrating: the chronic issues and untapped solutions. But the 5th dimensional nature spirits assure me that we HAVE made progress and that we ARE rounding corners, even if it’s unnoticeable through 3rd dimensional eyes. We must keep going and maintain the faith, without knowing how or when it will be done.

I can say for myself, this overall feeling of uncertainty and doubt has led to my arising at 3 a.m. on more than one occasion, begging for answers, questioning the bigger picture of my life and wondering whether I’m just attempting to live out some kind of fantasy. There are many of you out there who feel constantly conflicted about certain aspects of your life–enjoying and yet hating them for different reasons. You may feel stuck between a rock and a hard place, there might not seem to be any clear way to freedom or success. This 3rd dimensional reality (duality and limitation) in combo with the 5th dimensional integration experience (release of density with body/mind) can bring a heavy intensity; a feeling of depression, despair, or wanting to give up or escape. This is why many aren’t choosing to stick around and will continue to exit the planet up until the old world disappears. (More information shared here in the expanded version newsletter).

We have to continually remind ourselves why we have signed up to be on Earth at this time: to ASCEND. It is our soul’s intention (and the goal and prize my friend is crying out for) to get there if not in this life, then in another. When we understand the profundity of what that requires of us, we can keep things in perspective. Although we may long or wish for the good ole’ times of the past, we’ll make things easier for ourselves if we surrender to our ascension destiny, as well as step into our earthly missions. And the nature spirits say this destiny is worth creating. There will be freedom with jobs, changes with money (debts) & banking, true communities, and health (no more illness), all of which many will see in their lifetimes before we get to the 5th.

As a collective, we still reside in the physical, old world.  Most of us experience reality in between the two worlds (no longer primarily in 3rd dimension but not fully anchored in the 5th). Even though we’re still in transition, we always have open access to the new world’s ideologies, energy, and consciousness. In our direst moments and times of greatest need, with our intent, we can link back to the new world through the portal in the depths of our hearts. This is how we transcend our current limitations and contradictions, click our heels three times, and begin our return home. (More information in expanded version). If you’re unable to access this inner portal, begin getting yourself into the zone by bringing to mind what makes you smile, finding gratitude, experimenting with your creative/manifesting power in every moment, and connecting with those around you. Then, be present, open up to insights, and expect miracles.

See you around the next bend of the journey,
heather and the nature spirits

These energy activations will help with the following life areas:

*support & solutions for cognitive dysfunction (thinking/speaking/writing)
*creating more time
*healing/releasing longstanding emotional issues (and eruptions)
*comfort with change, taking risks, uncertainty
*accessing 5th dimensional info to shift our biggest problems/challenges

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Joyful June and Dreams Come True…

As we begin a new month, we are taking a pause to integrate all of the powerful, life-changing energies of the triple, lunar-solar-lunar eclipses through April and May. And we need it! It has been an overwhelmingly intense last couple of months. It takes great strength and courage to exist on this planet during this shakin’ and shiftin’ time. So be gentle and kind with yourself and others no matter what your life circumstances, situations, or where you think you ought to be.

Enjoy the pause while it lasts because we are coming up on summer solstice in a couple weeks, another cosmic party with plenty of spiritual fireworks. Should we expect the emotional meltdowns of last month? Although this will be another opportunity for cleaning our karmic houses so to speak, I see it as more of an uplifting movement in our evolution. For those who have done their work, there could be a transcendence of old patterns, emotions, and experiences that have kept you blocked or stuck. Not to mention downloads of joy and bliss, like a cool, delicious, ice cream on a sunny afternoon. This is cause for celebration! Two newsletters ago, I wrote that this summer is the time for bringing our babies home and this I see happening for the many… (More information shared here in the expanded version newsletter. To read more about the expanded versions or to purchase go to:

As the baby birds outside my window have reminded me over the last week, we are learning to fly. We are ready to soar. The next two weeks (before solstice) will be the time to set our intentions in motion for the greatest success in all the applicable life areas. I’m hearing it’s necessary to get prepared, lay all necessary groundwork for the needed life changes–both emotional and practical. And the birds say, “be ready to be busy if this is what you want; don’t miss out on opportunities that may be available for only brief periods of time.” This preparation must be complete by the time mercury retrograde starts around the 26th of June so that we are ready to move forward. After that, we simply step aboard the streamliner and are whisked into our new lives.

Many of you may be feeling like you still have one foot in both worlds–your old life and your new one. It can leave you with feelings of confusion, anxiety, uncertainty, or disorientation. One minute you were so sure of a decision, and the next you might be questioning your sanity. If you find your life changing with little or no effort, support that seems to come out of the woodwork, and doors opening around you as you consider a possibility, that is your thumbs-up or green light to move forward with a change (even if much of it is still unknown). And yes, things might yet change again, and look differently to you, but you will have taken the appropriate steps to make your new life a reality. I know I can relate to this one in my own life…(More information shared here in expanded version newsletter).

You might also be living your past and future simultaneously, which leaves you even more paranoid or doubtful to say the least. Afraid of experiencing past traumas or mistakes all over again? The best thing to do in either case is to stay rooted in the now. We are changing the past and creating the future through each moment and that is the beauty of being fully present. Notice what is happening, make the needed changes, and master the lessons so that you can finally be firmly planted in your intentional life.

In the meantime, what about that future life? What about our new babies? Does it feel like it’s still a fantasy or illusion, or a destination you’ll never reach? Although we still have more inner work to do to experience the full fledged, big picture of our dreams in action, we will get our wish and have our new start…but it is only the beginning, so we must have patience while things continue to unfold. Despite the waiting time, it is safe to trust the dream, safe to honor the knowingness that tells you to make a change, the calling of your heart to a particular place, vocation, or person. The high councils of Sirius and Pleiades remind me that this summer won’t be a time of let down or disappointment, but a taste of what is to come, like a tantalizing appetizer before the main course.

During this whole process and especially during the solstice time, similar to what we’ve experienced over the last month, we can expect many energetic changes (and bodily symptoms). Dizziness, with or without nausea, disorientation, forgetfulness, ungroundedness, heart palpitations, imbalances with digestion, sensitivity to light and sound, headaches, and backaches are only several of the many. (More info. here in expanded version).

And what to expect for the rest of the collective (those unawakened or newly awakened) during this powerful time? There is a vast, untapped, emotional wounding in this group that must be worked through for the greater good of all on the planet. My sense is that there will be plenty of time and ways for the wounds to be addressed in the coming years (More information here in expanded version). What we can do to help in the process is to focus on healing and shifting ourselves, thus becoming enlightened role models, rising above fear and embracing the excitement of this lifetime’s adventure. Yes, even while facing threatening social and environmental issues! When in doubt, desperate, or hopeless, remember: We are all creating our shared reality as we go along…through what we believe…together.

See you around the next corner of the journey,

Heather & the newsletter guides

Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star: Energy Activations from our galactic friends

You will receive these energy activations from the Sirian and Pleiadian High Councils. They will help with the following life areas:

Get more information on your new babies (aka projects, new beginnings)

How to move more fully out of your old life and into the new

Generating greater perseverance and trust to further motivate and inspire you towards BIG dreams

Healing to ease the bodily discomfort/emotional angst with transformation

Role modeling to those newly awakened, your commitment to the healing journey, while maintaining optimism with life’s ups and downs along the way…

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April 24th, 2013

Wow. Saying there will be massive transformation happening throughout April and May is an understatement. This is a fervent upcoming month! Get ready.

And give your physical body ample time to rest and rehydrate, minimizing aches, fatigue, and irritability. The infusion of spiritual light and energy, and the subsequent cellular changes will be extraordinary. (More shared here in my expanded version newsletters. For more information, to purchase them, or for samples of my full newsletter & the energy activations they contain, go to:

This energy of tomorrow’s (April 25th’s) full moon/partial lunar eclipse began early, and will continue throughout the weekend of the 27th/28th. We will then receive the rest of the three-fold series: the solar eclipse on May 10th (adjoined by the new moon), and the full moon/penumbral lunar eclipse on the 25th of May. Take advantage of these profound spiritual portals and opportunities to clear karma (and the old beliefs systems and patterns that go with it), achieve spiritual mastery in areas where you’ve been hindered, and further balance the yin/yang energies. The best way to do this is to create your own spiritual practice/ritual. (More shared here in my expanded version newsletters).
Although our conscious minds may be unaware, there is so much happening below the surface at the end of April. Many of us are picking up on this through the subtleties in our interactions. By this I mean, it’s the energy behind our words that counts (even if they come from smiling faces that seem harmless or even helpful). And yet sometimes it’s just our own paranoia, our old wounds reflected in the mirror of the person standing before us. Discernment is essential to keep you sane, and your heart’s inner compass will be your guiding directive in knowingness. (More information shared here in extended version newsletter)
May’s solar eclipse will blast illumination and insight into areas of your life that are obscure, or where you have felt uncertain or in the dark. I see the electrical energy bringing immense clarity if you allow it, finally taking those blinders off and being able to behold a more accurate view of your reality. For some, this may not seem good, but remember with unity consciousness there is no good or bad, there simply is. In this middle ground which is the source of all freedom from suffering is acceptance, contentment, and peace. And I’m hearing all is as it should be–a fantastic sense of divine order for all who read this, even in the most unfortunate of circumstances. The truth will set you free. When you can see more clearly, you’ll make decisions and changes that will remove obstacles and limitations in your life and for your spiritual growth.
For others, the solar eclipse will bring a clearer version of the true nature of reality. You’ll be seeing through new lenses, because with your dedication and persistence in your personal work, your mental bodies will become more aligned to the 5D energies. The worry and tension of the past (especially over the last year) simply melts away, and you’ll be replenished by the frequencies that stoke your inner fire–the passion, courage, and enthusiasm that comes with this life-altering level of awareness. Because we now have no markers, no ways of predicting the future, we won’t know where we’re headed, but we’ll FEEL where we are going. That feeling will help us ride the wave of any sorrow, fear, or despair, instead of wiping us out.
And at this stage, you’ll be able to accept the wise council of the grasshopper and the birds. Ever notice the birds are very active these days? It isn’t just because it’s spring, it’s about freedom, fun, and manifesting…(More information shared here in the expanded version newsletter).
The best part of the solar eclipse time is that you’ll feel more energized and you’ll get a short break from clearing/releasing. The purifying forces will pick back up again at May’s end, at the time of the full moon/penumbral lunar eclipse. This time promises to take you through the end of the fast and furious energies of spring. The eclipse energy feels dark and mysterious, an update of the feminine, like the energy of the void. It brings with it complete change, death. There will be a new beginning/creation within you–and in one or more area(s) of your life. But it’s the last power punch at the end of the three-fold eclipse trine. And I don’t want to spoil the ending! So buckle your seatbelts, go with (allow) the flow, and intend to enJOY the delightful, adventurous ride! And so it will be.
Love, Heather & the Newsletter Guides
These energy activations will help you clear karma, achieve spiritual mastery in the areas where you’ve struggled, balance the ying/yang energies within, and expand your consciousness for a life experience of greater unity and harmony.
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By Heather Green, RN, M.A., Intuitive, Energy Healer
Have you wondered what is happening on our planet? Have you sensed the shift already occurring in the nature kingdom, in our forests, prairies, and oceans? Most of you have noticed that something is different in our animals as well, both wild and domestic alike. Have you felt an intensity coming from our fellow humans, a sense that something is about to change? Well, it is true. We are all shifting. The earth is shifting as well, and we all have the opportunity to be a loving witness to her growth, as she does the same for us.
Unlike what many sources of information circulating now say, I do not believe this shift to be one to fear or dread. I do not see it as doom or gloom. I see the potential as being beautiful and peaceful, with all in harmony here on the planet. The harmony is about understanding our oneness with every living being, seeing the divinity that lies within them as it does within us. For this heaven on earth to occur, as a whole, the consciousness of the planet must shift to one of love, instead of fear. We have the opportunity to move ourselves and our planet into a higher plane or dimension and leave behind the past as we have known it. For most, this is something they can’t even fathom. Not yet.
However, sometimes the darkness has to leave before we see the light. There are many energies the earth is clearing and ridding herself of, energies that we and other beings have dumped upon her–some of those physical, others mental/emotional, and some spiritual. The shifts she is going through can also be perceived as negative, especially if natural disasters are a result. These are not always what they seem. Sometimes shifts have to occur to open our hearts, minds, refreshing our spirits, and allowing us to see how we are all connected. Sometimes these shifts allow us to see what our true purpose is, what we are here to learn, and how we can help others. It can be a part of what our soul(s) chose to use as a mechanism for growth. There are also shifts that we perceive as uncomfortable in our environment that provide a clearing of all previous contracts we have had with earth. This includes physical actions such as polluting, but also all the behavioral interactions we have had with all the life forms that are part of earth, including the life forms that live on earth.
You might be wondering, what can we do to move through this transformation as gracefully as possible? There is a lot we can do. To make a change, we have to be aware, and that is the basis behind my message. We can start by doing simple, practical things. We can recycle, pick up trash and litter, help to clean up our beaches, and avoid using plastic bags that are toxic to our land and seas, as well as the living beings in and on them.
For the emotional/mental aspects we can start by becoming more aware of what is going on within ourselves. As we are living on this marvelous planet, we are affecting her in every moment by how we are feeling and what we are thinking, whether we are aware of it or not. Taking responsibility for our state of mind and emotions is how we begin to shift them, which will benefit our relationships with other beings as well, leading to a more positive energy spread all around the globe. There are many forms of healing available to beings at this time. I believe the most effective are those that address all levels of our being, not just the physical. It is also helpful to use a form of healing that gets to the root cause of a particular issue, instead of just treating a symptom. Energy Healing is one of them.
As an Energy Healer, I find that the earth offers an amazing energy to help us heal. Nature, including many of the animals here, have an uncanny ability to clear energy through their electromagnetic fields. If we are aware and willing, through our intent, we can choose to release the burdens we have been carrying. Most energy healing modalities work through the foundational belief that universal energy, or life force energy is everywhere, and if we know how to direct it, we can heal ourselves and others with it.
In addition to this, there are other energies coming onto the earth, many sent from other beings, in other places of the universe. These energies are healing, and are meant to help earth, nature, animals, and mankind. This is why to some degree, we are all shifting, even if we aren’t all consciously choosing to. We all process these energies in different ways, however, and many common symptoms of headaches, dizziness, nausea, fatigue, and fogginess in the thinking faculties are results of this.
One way we can help ourselves process these energies with comfort, is to connect to the earth. As a Crystalline Consciousness Technique ™ practitioner, I can help beings stay balanced through these times, as well as deal with what is going on inside of them. Crystalline Consciousness Technique ™ works with one’s crystalline energy field, which can provide an extra protection from the old energies leaving the planet, and
allow for an easier assimilation of all of these new energies. It also helps with grounding, stabilizing, and the time challenges we are having due to time speeding up.

Another way to adapt to these new energies coming onto the planet, as well as those leaving is to take the time to surrender to what is. Instead of resisting the uncomfortable fatigue, dizziness or nausea, take care of yourself during this time. Rest if you can, in moments of fatigue. If nauseous or dizzy, go out in nature and ground through breathing and being in the present moment. If you feel pain that you know is not yours, have compassion for the beings and the earth who you are feeling. Most of all, take these moments to acknowledge this discomfort as a spiritual opportunity. Foggy-headedness and fatigue especially are moments when spiritual portals are opening and we can allow this energy in to help us heal. We can also access information that we can share with others on an energetic level to help them. None of this is done with our minds. We can all share and access this energy and information at the higher self level through our awareness and intent. This is all we have to do. This message is meant to help you do that if you so choose.

With all of this energy and light coming from the beings and planets assisting our own, there is no way we can’t each move forward on our paths as well as make the big dimensional shift. It is the choice to focus and believe in love instead of fear. It is also visualizing the world we want to live in, believing in that, and holding the emotions that support that vision. This is how we create our future, and the world we want to live in.