April 24th, 2013

Wow. Saying there will be massive transformation happening throughout April and May is an understatement. This is a fervent upcoming month! Get ready.

And give your physical body ample time to rest and rehydrate, minimizing aches, fatigue, and irritability. The infusion of spiritual light and energy, and the subsequent cellular changes will be extraordinary. (More shared here in my expanded version newsletters. For more information, to purchase them, or for samples of my full newsletter & the energy activations they contain, go to: http://tealhealing.blogspot.com/2013/03/expanded-version-monthly-updates-on.html#more

This energy of tomorrow’s (April 25th’s) full moon/partial lunar eclipse began early, and will continue throughout the weekend of the 27th/28th. We will then receive the rest of the three-fold series: the solar eclipse on May 10th (adjoined by the new moon), and the full moon/penumbral lunar eclipse on the 25th of May. Take advantage of these profound spiritual portals and opportunities to clear karma (and the old beliefs systems and patterns that go with it), achieve spiritual mastery in areas where you’ve been hindered, and further balance the yin/yang energies. The best way to do this is to create your own spiritual practice/ritual. (More shared here in my expanded version newsletters).
Although our conscious minds may be unaware, there is so much happening below the surface at the end of April. Many of us are picking up on this through the subtleties in our interactions. By this I mean, it’s the energy behind our words that counts (even if they come from smiling faces that seem harmless or even helpful). And yet sometimes it’s just our own paranoia, our old wounds reflected in the mirror of the person standing before us. Discernment is essential to keep you sane, and your heart’s inner compass will be your guiding directive in knowingness. (More information shared here in extended version newsletter)
May’s solar eclipse will blast illumination and insight into areas of your life that are obscure, or where you have felt uncertain or in the dark. I see the electrical energy bringing immense clarity if you allow it, finally taking those blinders off and being able to behold a more accurate view of your reality. For some, this may not seem good, but remember with unity consciousness there is no good or bad, there simply is. In this middle ground which is the source of all freedom from suffering is acceptance, contentment, and peace. And I’m hearing all is as it should be–a fantastic sense of divine order for all who read this, even in the most unfortunate of circumstances. The truth will set you free. When you can see more clearly, you’ll make decisions and changes that will remove obstacles and limitations in your life and for your spiritual growth.
For others, the solar eclipse will bring a clearer version of the true nature of reality. You’ll be seeing through new lenses, because with your dedication and persistence in your personal work, your mental bodies will become more aligned to the 5D energies. The worry and tension of the past (especially over the last year) simply melts away, and you’ll be replenished by the frequencies that stoke your inner fire–the passion, courage, and enthusiasm that comes with this life-altering level of awareness. Because we now have no markers, no ways of predicting the future, we won’t know where we’re headed, but we’ll FEEL where we are going. That feeling will help us ride the wave of any sorrow, fear, or despair, instead of wiping us out.
And at this stage, you’ll be able to accept the wise council of the grasshopper and the birds. Ever notice the birds are very active these days? It isn’t just because it’s spring, it’s about freedom, fun, and manifesting…(More information shared here in the expanded version newsletter).
The best part of the solar eclipse time is that you’ll feel more energized and you’ll get a short break from clearing/releasing. The purifying forces will pick back up again at May’s end, at the time of the full moon/penumbral lunar eclipse. This time promises to take you through the end of the fast and furious energies of spring. The eclipse energy feels dark and mysterious, an update of the feminine, like the energy of the void. It brings with it complete change, death. There will be a new beginning/creation within you–and in one or more area(s) of your life. But it’s the last power punch at the end of the three-fold eclipse trine. And I don’t want to spoil the ending! So buckle your seatbelts, go with (allow) the flow, and intend to enJOY the delightful, adventurous ride! And so it will be.
Love, Heather & the Newsletter Guides
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By Heather Green, RN, M.A., Intuitive, Energy Healer
Have you wondered what is happening on our planet? Have you sensed the shift already occurring in the nature kingdom, in our forests, prairies, and oceans? Most of you have noticed that something is different in our animals as well, both wild and domestic alike. Have you felt an intensity coming from our fellow humans, a sense that something is about to change? Well, it is true. We are all shifting. The earth is shifting as well, and we all have the opportunity to be a loving witness to her growth, as she does the same for us.
Unlike what many sources of information circulating now say, I do not believe this shift to be one to fear or dread. I do not see it as doom or gloom. I see the potential as being beautiful and peaceful, with all in harmony here on the planet. The harmony is about understanding our oneness with every living being, seeing the divinity that lies within them as it does within us. For this heaven on earth to occur, as a whole, the consciousness of the planet must shift to one of love, instead of fear. We have the opportunity to move ourselves and our planet into a higher plane or dimension and leave behind the past as we have known it. For most, this is something they can’t even fathom. Not yet.
However, sometimes the darkness has to leave before we see the light. There are many energies the earth is clearing and ridding herself of, energies that we and other beings have dumped upon her–some of those physical, others mental/emotional, and some spiritual. The shifts she is going through can also be perceived as negative, especially if natural disasters are a result. These are not always what they seem. Sometimes shifts have to occur to open our hearts, minds, refreshing our spirits, and allowing us to see how we are all connected. Sometimes these shifts allow us to see what our true purpose is, what we are here to learn, and how we can help others. It can be a part of what our soul(s) chose to use as a mechanism for growth. There are also shifts that we perceive as uncomfortable in our environment that provide a clearing of all previous contracts we have had with earth. This includes physical actions such as polluting, but also all the behavioral interactions we have had with all the life forms that are part of earth, including the life forms that live on earth.
You might be wondering, what can we do to move through this transformation as gracefully as possible? There is a lot we can do. To make a change, we have to be aware, and that is the basis behind my message. We can start by doing simple, practical things. We can recycle, pick up trash and litter, help to clean up our beaches, and avoid using plastic bags that are toxic to our land and seas, as well as the living beings in and on them.
For the emotional/mental aspects we can start by becoming more aware of what is going on within ourselves. As we are living on this marvelous planet, we are affecting her in every moment by how we are feeling and what we are thinking, whether we are aware of it or not. Taking responsibility for our state of mind and emotions is how we begin to shift them, which will benefit our relationships with other beings as well, leading to a more positive energy spread all around the globe. There are many forms of healing available to beings at this time. I believe the most effective are those that address all levels of our being, not just the physical. It is also helpful to use a form of healing that gets to the root cause of a particular issue, instead of just treating a symptom. Energy Healing is one of them.
As an Energy Healer, I find that the earth offers an amazing energy to help us heal. Nature, including many of the animals here, have an uncanny ability to clear energy through their electromagnetic fields. If we are aware and willing, through our intent, we can choose to release the burdens we have been carrying. Most energy healing modalities work through the foundational belief that universal energy, or life force energy is everywhere, and if we know how to direct it, we can heal ourselves and others with it.
In addition to this, there are other energies coming onto the earth, many sent from other beings, in other places of the universe. These energies are healing, and are meant to help earth, nature, animals, and mankind. This is why to some degree, we are all shifting, even if we aren’t all consciously choosing to. We all process these energies in different ways, however, and many common symptoms of headaches, dizziness, nausea, fatigue, and fogginess in the thinking faculties are results of this.
One way we can help ourselves process these energies with comfort, is to connect to the earth. As a Crystalline Consciousness Technique ™ practitioner, I can help beings stay balanced through these times, as well as deal with what is going on inside of them. Crystalline Consciousness Technique ™ works with one’s crystalline energy field, which can provide an extra protection from the old energies leaving the planet, and
allow for an easier assimilation of all of these new energies. It also helps with grounding, stabilizing, and the time challenges we are having due to time speeding up.

Another way to adapt to these new energies coming onto the planet, as well as those leaving is to take the time to surrender to what is. Instead of resisting the uncomfortable fatigue, dizziness or nausea, take care of yourself during this time. Rest if you can, in moments of fatigue. If nauseous or dizzy, go out in nature and ground through breathing and being in the present moment. If you feel pain that you know is not yours, have compassion for the beings and the earth who you are feeling. Most of all, take these moments to acknowledge this discomfort as a spiritual opportunity. Foggy-headedness and fatigue especially are moments when spiritual portals are opening and we can allow this energy in to help us heal. We can also access information that we can share with others on an energetic level to help them. None of this is done with our minds. We can all share and access this energy and information at the higher self level through our awareness and intent. This is all we have to do. This message is meant to help you do that if you so choose.

With all of this energy and light coming from the beings and planets assisting our own, there is no way we can’t each move forward on our paths as well as make the big dimensional shift. It is the choice to focus and believe in love instead of fear. It is also visualizing the world we want to live in, believing in that, and holding the emotions that support that vision. This is how we create our future, and the world we want to live in.