December 2012 Newsletter

The New World
Here we are: December, 2012–the point in time that has held so much meaning, both exciting anticipation and dread alike, depending on where your beliefs lie. The way I am seeing it, it is simply a new time, a new beginning that we are entering. But not to take that lightly, by the time the month is over, it’ll feel like a year has passed. Because of the merging of the dimensions, we will move from linear to spiral time, and the way we experience time, and what goes on in our everyday, 24 hour, 7 days/week lives will be very different. Let’s just say that things will go quicker, but easier, there will be instant solutions and insights to problems that have seemed to take forever to figure out in the past, and we won’t have to follow a step by step process to get from A to Z.

After the 21st, the Earth will no longer hold back on our behalf. She will maintain her stance more fully in the higher dimensions. Many of us will also have that option, and will walk across our own personal bridges into the new world. And many will not. This makes for an external reality that contains a variety of mixed energies and messages.

The best guidance I can offer this month is to use the tools and knowledge you have to remain centered, balanced, and focused within, starting each day off right. Daily meditation, yoga, chanting, prayer, shamanic/indigenous and nature medicine, or any other spiritual or grounding practices can be used. As you tune into your own inner light and love, the positive vibration you hold will energetically protect you from any external chaos occurring in the old world as you make your transition, and you will also benefit anyone you come into contact with, especially those struggling or stuck in the old energies. This is assuming you’ve done your own work–healing and releasing what no longer serves you on physical, mental/emotional, and spiritual level. Personal transformation is necessary to hold and maintain a higher personal vibration, allowing you full access to the 5th dimension in right timing. So it is essential that this is begun and continued as we all move through 2012 a nd beyond.

With this new world at our fingertips, anxiety and loss of control can arise because our response as humans is to balk at change or anything unfamiliar. This is definitely peculiar territory we are headed into…but what I can emphasize is that it will be even better than we have ever imagined. We are talking about the peace on earth we have dreamed of here, and this is what the newsletter guides, and the high councils of the Sirian and Pleiadian collective reveal. We can shift any fear of the unknown by asking our higher selves to access the time and space within the Akashic Records when we are fully in the 5th, and shower us with the emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical frequencies we will hold in that time. As we absorb these energies in our fields, they register on our energetic computers. The appropriate levels of our being are updated and alerted of the messages, and thereafter, there is a lessening or elimination of uncertainty/doubt/fear of what is to come.

There are a few different things occurring simultaneously by the end of the month. First, the Earth is going to role-model her place in the new world, and the gates to the 5th, which have already been in place since earlier this year, are available at any time for each us to access, and of course, when I speak of crossing that bridge, I mean that this is our personal opportunity to maintain our place there. The downloads and stargate portals into the higher dimensions on 12-12 and then again on 12-21, will assist many in arriving. It is process that we will work through during the whole holiday season, well into the 1st of the year, not just on a single date. There will also be activations of even more crystalline earth and human collective grids helping all to expand their consciousness even further between the time of the new moon and the full moon this month (and both of these moon times will help us assimilate and integrate all the energies we receive from the downloads o n 12-12 and 12-21, bolstering large clearings and manifesting new intentions). Astrologically, the placement of 2 triple digit date downloads bracketed by a new & full moon, helps to balance and stabilize the highly charged spiritual energies. We have been preparing for this and have personally bounced around from 3rd to 5th dimension since the summer solstice activations and downloads. Many, however, will still remain in 3rd or 4th well after 12-21, and will need to initiate or continue their awakening/spiritual growth processes.

The bottom line is this: Your personal vibration is what matters. Your external reality will reflect back to you where you are at. But being in the 5th dimension doesn’t mean all your challenges will disappear or that you’ll never feel a negative emotion again. It’s your response that will be different, and you will no longer be fooled by fear. You will recognize it immediately in the moment, feel it, and then it will fall away, never steering you off course or dragging you down. This will allow for a grace, ease, and speedy manifestation of desires and life happenings for those who are in this place.

The higher dimensional beings are sending me an image of those who can personally maintain a 5th dimensional stance, radiating a golden light from the highest mountain tops, altering the collective human consciousness, and allowing more people in the lower dimensions to climb the energetic ladder up into the 5th. After a certain number of people reach this new dimension, we begin to see huge transformation in our shared external world. This is one way of looking at the theory of “the 100th monkey.” This is the basis for why some people will be doing really well, and others not so well as we move into the new year. Ultimately, we still have our feet in two distinct realms, even on the same planet. And there will be some lag time before the old world completely falls away, and we see permanent changes with many of humanity’s most difficult issues.

Because the new world heralds a time of operating on the feminine principle; adopting and utilizing more feminine energies and qualities in our world in order to balance the current overriding masculine influence, we will all begin to feel the effects of peace, balance, and harmony in our day to day lives. This is how change slowly seeps in… and then one day we wake up and realize things really are unlike ever before…through the small, subtleties of compassion, caring, receptivity, openness, vulnerability, intuition, and heart-centered awareness.

Imagine examples of how these feminine energies would effect our lives. Instead of planning or implementing steps to reach a goal or even complete a task, you simply make decisions moment by moment, based on how you feel. In these cases, things might not be ordered, organized, or even make sense. Instead of being independent and private, you become more relationship and community-oriented, asking for and accepting help when you need it, and enjoying the connection and co-creation that comes with the human bond. And what would it be like to live in a world where emotions and wisdom (the inner knowledge that is available without experience or any kind of external learning, research, or proof) are valued above thinking, traditional methods for gathering knowledge, and achievements? How about living in a world without war or competition, because the feminine supports non-violence and cooperation, working together for the betterment of all? We are well on our way, so we have lots to look forward to. And while the feminine is leading, the masculine will be updating and shifting, so that when the time is right, the world will be sustainable through an equal blend of both sexual energies. That is something most of us are already mastering on a personal level–developing and expanding our feminine AND masculine energies and expressing them when appropriate.

While being ushered over the bridge into this new world, we cannot carry old maps, patterns, and ways of operating that worked in 3rd dimension (and we won’t be able to cross if we try to bring them with us, which is the reason behind all the clearing and releasing of the toxic, dense energies on all levels of our being), and we also can’t completely foresee what is to come. This is partly because there are no markers, no rules, and no reference points for this uncharted domain. We have to be completely aware and present in each moment, and it may feel like we are making things up as we go along, which we will be…It will be much like inheriting some untouched land or a national forest, and its up to you what you want to do with it, how, and where you’ll start. There’s no right or wrong, there simply just is. And you get to decide.

And as for 12-21, what can we expect to happen? It’s beyond words…a beautiful feeling I can only describe as the highest level of joy and spirituality, with a palpable sense of belonging/connection/unity that emanates with the true meaning behind the holiday season, winter solstice, yule, hanukkah, or Christ’s birth, depending on your orientation. Perhaps the original excitement, love, fun, believing, and magic that started back when this time was called the christmas holiday, or whatever your religion named it, is really what this “end point in time” is all about. It is possible we were already tapping into another time, a very special place in the future, and an unfathomable historical occurrence. Prepare to be blissed and blessed. Take it all in. See with childlike eyes of wonder and enchantment, the world in a fresh new way. Enjoy the journey!

Home For The Holidays
Before I start this month’s Energy Activations, I want to mention that starting early next year, I will only be offering the first section of the newsletter for FREE. More details and descriptions of the energetic changes and the shift in consciousness on Earth, including what we can do to stay in balance and navigate our lives during these times, as well as the Energy Activations, will be included in a separate newsletter called, “Updates of the Shift” in a paid monthly or yearly subscription. You will also have the option of buying it on an “as needed” basis. More to come later…

These Energy Activations will occur to the degree your soul chooses if you intend it.

With all the changes, activations, and assimilations happening this month, most who are NOT aligned with their highest good, or in a place of integrity, will be exposed. In other words, dishonesty, disloyalty, corruption, disrespect, lying, cheating…you get the picture here, will no longer be hidden. Everyone will have their own timing on this, so not all corruption will be exposed at once, (I think we can imagine the intensity of that), but it is important to know that energetically, we cannot move forward carrying these densities.

Because many of us are going home for the holidays (not just on our inward journeys, but visiting our biological families and friends), I thought I would offer some energy activations for helping you shift if you get triggered. If you get triggered by the way, it is a sign that you have work to do, and that “something” that triggered you, is your work. Most of us learn the hard way. We often experience the opposite of what we’d like to have happen, until we get the lesson. But in the new world, we are now actively pursuing our mastery, so we don’t have to learn the hard way again and again. Here are some examples:

A car accident occurs to slow us down. The next time, we stub our toe, and get the lesson sooner. After that, we sense internally when it’s time to slow down and do it on our own.

A loved one abandons or rejects us. This teaches us about self-love and being true to ourselves. The next time, when we try to get close to a friend or lover, and they start to push us away, we get the lesson sooner, and we don’t have to lose them. After that, we know we have to continuously work on mastering self-love and connecting to our divine selves, the place that is true within.

We are a victim of theft, assault, or another form of injustice or abuse. This teaches us about empowerment, because we must move into empowerment to heal the original trauma. The next time, it’s a little white lie, cheating, or some kind of deception, but you get it early and learn the lesson before something major happens. After that, you go about your life in an empowered way, seeing clearly and truly in every situation.

Basically, whatever is happening in our lives or whatever someone does or says to us, or what triggers us, is a reflection of what is going on within. And we want to shift these energies:


These are some of the major ones, but there are many more. I think you can pick up on the pattern here. But along with shifting these energies into their lessons, you also want to heal any trauma that caused them in the first place. So the first thing you need to do is identify what you are feeling in the moment, or what the primary energy is that is coming up (there might be more than one). To use another example, perhaps you feel insecure or have self-doubt. Your lesson is about confidence and clarity. Or if you feel unaccepted or scrutinized/judged, you are to learn compassion. Take a moment to tune into your divine self (the flame within your heart chakra) and ask that the appropriate sacred geometric shapes be placed in right order and number to activate confidence and clarity, or compassion. You should notice a shift in your energy. You might feel calmer, relaxed, energized, or feel the need to take a deep breath or stretch. You will get a shift, whatever shift you are ready for (which might be big or small). You can do this for any of the energies in the list above, and as many times as you need to. Since you’ll only get what you’re ready for, you can’t do it too much.

You will also want to release trauma and clear any negative karma that has accumulated because of or since the trauma. Again, tune into your divine self and ask for the trauma to be released and any negative karma cleared, with every feeling or energy that arises.

If you are so triggered or re-traumatized that you don’t notice a shift using the protocols above, and nothing else seems to work, re-connect to your divine self and ask to locate the original point of trauma (where this trauma began), which could have been a year ago, 20 years ago, or 200 lifetimes ago. You don’t have to know where it began. Just ask that the trauma and negative karma be cleared and the energies be shifted from that time, and that all trauma that has been re-created since then, be cleared as well (while the activations of the emotions and energies occur). You can also ask that all patterns that have re-created these unhealthy energies, emotions, and traumas be released as well. New, healthy ones will automatically replace them. If you feel connected to a particular ascended master or enlightened being, like Archangel Michael or another deity, you can also call them forth to help you shift these energies and release the traumas, and to send you additional ene rgetic information if you still feel stuck and don’t feel a shift. Then, if you give yourself time and a little bit of breathing space, you should notice the energy/emotion diminishes or disappears altogether. If you ask for the energetic information, you should notice a change within a few hours at the most.

These are quick and easy tools you can use in the moment, as needed, if you get triggered and you’re out of your comfort zone. Practice before you get together with family or friends, so you know how to work the energy ahead of time and in the moment, and don’t have to go back and read this newsletter. Try a few of the shifts now, as a warm up.

If you are planning more than one day or evening away, and will be staying with friends or family, it is wise to start each day off grounded and centered, tuned-in to your own energy. This is where meditation, yoga, taking a walk in nature, or doing another spiritual practice while your visiting can be helpful. Remember to ask your divine self or the ascended master(s) or deity you feel attracted to, to clear your energy fields (and your physical body) throughout each day, of energies that are not yours as often as needed. This keeps you from picking up and carrying another’s energy and thinking it’s yours. This is frequently the source of many unshiftable emotions and triggers. We just don’t realize the energy we feel is not our energy at all!

Have fun and enjoy connecting to your loved ones at a level you all have in common, whether they are biological, social, spiritual, or communal friends/family, find the place/topic/energy/activities where you can all relate to each other. This is the true meaning of belonging and connection, and there are varied types and ways to do so.

Happy Holidays and 12-21,

See you next year,

Heather, the newsletter guides, and the Sirian & Pleiadian Councils
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As we have finally fully transitioned into the season of fall, we are also moving into the time of mercury retrograde today. This fares to be an exceptionally needed restful, relaxing, and reflecting period of time. We have worked extraordinarily hard this year, energetically speaking, clearing all of those old patterns, emotions, beliefs, voiding karma, and releasing anything that no longer serves us so we can live our soul’s purpose on Earth and move through the ascension process. And all this hard work will actually make life a lot easier on us!

  Many of us will see these rewards as we move into the new year. So really take time off from today until the end of the month, as much as you can. This MR is going to really slow us down for the next 3 weeks, in all areas of our lives, so don’t push it (that makes it dif ficult)! Embrace the rest period with open arms. The ebbs and flows of life are a natural process, and this is an ebb-time. Review your life up until this point, including how far you’ve come and where you see yourself headed. It’s a sigh of relief before we begin the last big energetic haul as we finish out the year of 2012 in December.

There are two energetically charged events in November: The penumbral lunar eclipse on the 28th (which is a full moon) and the solar eclipse on the 13th (which is a new moon). Both dates will prove to be opportunities for the collective humanity to make leaps forward that could potentially enable all of us to alter many aspects of our physical realities for the better, especially when it comes to climate/weather patterns and the magnetic shift of Earth. As a reminder, when there is a greater degree of mass awakening (which is obviously a very positive thing), there will be a greater exposure of corruption in regard to those who control many aspects of our government and world: agriculture, health care, banking, the economy in general, and our natural resources. An unconventional documentary made in 2011 called, “Thrive: What on Earth Will it Take,” discusses the causes of the bigger problems of our world and how we can resolve them. I usually don’t promote others’ work, but I highly recommend this one. It is so relevant to the current times. You can view the movie for free, buy it, and/or donate on their website at On top of this ongoing exposure, we have the election happening right now, which tends to set off all of our political triggers. But we all need to be aware of these unfortunate truths, so we can truly make changes. It is up to us as a collective, and we are all going to be continually reminded of that this month. So we might be feeling increasingly uncomfortable (to say the least), but this is part of the process that will help bring our new world into being.

The most important thing to implement this month with all the changes that are now occurring and will continue to do so as we move into 2013, is to align yourself with love. In other words, let go of fear, in every aspect of your life where you feel it rearing its dreadful head–whether it’s uncertainty about the future, worry about our environmental concerns and their impact on Earth and the rest of us, money struggles, obstacles and injustices in career and relationships, or even just an overall feeling of doom. Let it go. Choose to believe in love, and love’s natural effect, miracles. If there are situations and circumstances that bring anxiety, anger, or intolerance, do something to change them if you can, but otherwise, shift your focus. The Galactic Council is showing me that we are all creating the world into being with each passing day through our actions, beliefs, emotions, and expectations. What do you expect to happen today, tomorrow, next month, or next year? If y ou don’t like it, choose to believe in something else and begin taking the steps needed to create that reality. Since we have a holiday called thanksgiving, take this opportunity to radiate the highest vibrational emotion there is–appreciation and gratitude. Really FEEL it, even if it’s just for the simplest things in life. Then sit back and watch as the magic unfolds in your personal life and the world.

As we get together with family and friends during the holiday time, holding the vibration of gratitude will also help as we continue to unravel any unhealthy ties, binds, or attachments that have kept us disempowered. We are wrapping up a big part of this relationship shift that started at the Fall Equinox. Don’t be afraid to deal with conflict in personal relationships. Conflict is healthy, as long as it’s handled peacefully. We need to get REAL and express what’s going on for us emotionally and otherwise in our closest relationships to bring about change and growth. When we do this throughout the month of November, it will create a release of old wounding, heavy emotions, and energies from the past. So we will be clearing and healing on many layers and levels at once.

Towards the end of the year and into next year, we will be re-working the divine masculine–stepping out and expressing ourselves in a new way, one that will be more able to ground and support the new divine feminine. From November into the end of the year, we may also find we have allies in unknown areas; gaining the help and resources we need to overcome particular life obstacles in those who wouldn’t normally support us, or even in those who aren’t dear to us. This is what the coming together of the human family is all about. We are beginning to understand what it means to be a good samaritan, that we are all connected, and every man’s well-being matters.

Religious issues will come to the forefront as well. Much injustice, corruption, and deceit regarding dogma and specific illicit occurrences in churches and religious centers will be uncovered. More people will decide what spirituality means to them, instead of being told by an outer authority figure. The process will bring up anger, resentments, and betrayal, but as these energies are worked through, the victim mentality will begin to clear. Many will release limiting patterns and move into self-responsibility and a greater sense of personal power. The best part is that even more of us will begin to connect to our own inner light and love, contemplating the “God” within. This will manifest as a huge shift for the collective.

As we continue to acknowledge, connect with, and therefore give more attention to the Divine Self within, we will draw to us other soul aspects (in other physical bodies) that are preparing for or already undertaking major transformation. Each of these soul aspects join up to form what I call our larger soul group or family. I call them aspects, because it takes all of these soul pieces coming together on both the feminine and masculine sides of our original soul group, as we did before we began our incarnations, to make up the magnificent “twin flame/soul” halves. As our fellow soul aspects are now coming into our lives, whether as a close friend, family member, romantic partner, or business associate, we do so to help each other move into a higher dimensional state. All souls have the opportunity to evolve, grow, and ascend if they choose to, and to the degree they choose to, during this time on Earth. The amazing, transformational energies and entities are here to assist u s for this reason. One by one, as each of our soul aspects reach higher dimensional states, eventually ascending this physical form, we can once again come together in wholeness. This can take many lifetimes, and we have obviously been at it for eons already, but what’s really important is that we continue our journey in getting there. Because when we do unite, we will become a more powerful, glorious being.

At this time, with the help of all of our soul families, friends, and other supporters, Mother Gaia reminds me that we should all be open to completely novel opportunities and experiences coming in for us, helping us reach our dreams, goals, and achieve spiritual mastery. Especially in the areas of money, career, or relationships, which are currently being shuffled and redrawn, there may be many new paths or doors opening for you. This might mean that your original goal, dream, or soul’s purpose may change in the way it looks. It may mean that people or material things drop out of your life if they don’t support your highest good. Sudden changes in specific life circumstances, such as having to move to a new residence, city, or country may occur.

I have firsthand knowledge of what this is like from all the career changes I’ve made (not to mention, how many times I’ve moved) in this lifetime already. Before I went to college I worked in food/customer service and then eventually became a nurse’s aid at the hospital. This led to my attending college and becoming a Registered Nurse. After ten years in the field, I got my masters in Counseling Psychology and became a counselor. Three years later, I was then ushered into the world of energy healing and Equine Facilitated Experiential Learning. This area is multifaceted, which is why I teach, write, and offer intuitive guidance to individuals and groups. And here I am, at another crossroads. Although I don’t believe this change will be a drastic shift like when I left the nursing or counseling fields, I do think it will include the essence of what I do now, just in a more expansive way. The best part is that I’ll be able to reach more people and be more supported in the proc ess.

So remember this, if you find your original goals/dreams/purpose shifting. For all of us, it’s essential that we know this new role will suit our current evolutionary state in the new world. The energy and feeling behind your goals in relationships, career, and money will still be the same, so the soul success that you seek will be achieved. It’s just the appearance and all the other fine details that our human minds often insist upon, that will be different. We will know to heed these opportunities for change by listening to our hearts (our intuitive centers). If we listen to this deep knowingness, we can never make a wrong choice.

Before I start this month’s Energy Activations, I want to mention that starting early next year, I will only be offering the first section of the newsletter for FREE. More details and descriptions of the energetic changes and the shift in consciousness on Earth, including what we can do to stay in balance and navigate our lives during these times, as well as the Energy Activations, will be included in a separate newsletter called, “Updates of the Shift” in a paid monthly or yearly subscription. You will also have the option of buying it on an “as needed” basis. More to come later…

These Energy Activations will occur to the degree your soul chooses if you intend it.

Before we start today, I want to talk about soul mates. At this time of great transformation in the world, many people are now asking, what is a soul mate? My definition of soul mate is: Someone who comes into your life to help you grow/evolve. That is why many people are desiring a soul mate relationship in their lives at this time. Many soul mates work together to bring a project or dream into the world, for example, those that choose to raise a child or children together. A soul mate’s presence, and everything that occurs between the two of you, is not always pleasant or easy (and in some cases, is never pleasant or easy), because they challenge you. A soul mate could be a romantic partner, friend, family member, colleague, animal, or affiliate. We also have more than one soul mate, and they often fall into all of the categories above. But in any case, each soul mate makes a soul contract with you (before you incarnate), to come into your life to help with a particular str etch of your spiritual journey. It may not be a relationship that lasts a lifetime. In many cases, the relationship lasts only as long as it takes for the original soul contract to be completed.

As I discussed earlier in the section above, there are also soul aspects (pieces of our larger soul group). I described these soul groups in more detail above as well. Soul aspects, like soul mates, come into our lives to help us grow and evolve as well, but often in a bigger way. Because we are chips off the same block, when our soul aspects come together by being in our lives, we bring great benefit to humanity and the world through our resulting wholeness. Many soul aspects live out the rest of their lives going through the full ascension process together. There is always a strong attraction in both soul mate and soul aspect relationships. But in soul aspect relationships, the attraction is even more intense, at times even unbearable, because of the magnetic pull to our common, divine vibration. The hallmark of a soul aspect is the great comfort you feel when together (and contrarily, the anxiety, loss, or a feeling of missing the other terribly when not together).

I should mention that one particular person could be a soul mate and also a soul aspect. Again, this is happening more frequently these days due to the shift, and our individual soul’s desire for wholeness. We also create soul contracts with those who are NOT soul mates or soul aspects. We do this to bring unique life circumstances into being that create opportunities for growth, and also to clear karma.

I’ve been guided to talk about these types of relationships, because as we continue to heal and update the divine feminine, we will be doing the same with the divine masculine, and the resulting balance will bring many soul mates/aspects into our lives. Many of us have been experiencing this for awhile now. We can also call soul mates and soul aspects into our lives at this time, helping us speed up the transformational process.

Here we go:
Let’s start by going within, and asking our personal guides and higher selves to make contact with all levels and layers of our individual being. As you do this, from deep within your heart chakra, call forth your desire to bring your next soul mate into your life. If you are already in a soul mate relationship(s), you’ll just call forth the one who can help you with your next stage in spiritual growth (only in your right timing and according to his or her divine will, of course). For those in current soul mate relationships, ask those Galactic Light Beings and Angelic Ones to bring in the energetic support to make the lessons that occur within these relationships more clear, easier, and gracefully activated. Ask for healing and balance of the divine masculine and feminine within you, and with all relationship issues that you’ve had difficulty mastering up until this point. As you hold these energetic shifts, each soul mate you come in contact with can benefit from the change s you’ve made if they desire to. For those wrapping up soul contracts with soul mates, ask for assistance in allowing this to happen, as well as grace, ease, and tenderness for the process on both ends.

For those who are unclear: Go deep within again, to a quiet place behind your heart. As you focus there, send a line of light out to those soul mates already in your life to make a deeper connection, and to help facilitate whatever projects, dreams, or life tasks you are working on together. You might be surprised by who you discover is your soul mate. You may even see more than one. If you don’t currently have soul mates in your life, send a line of light from deep within to the soul mates coming into your life. Make contact. Notice how you feel. What ideas or thoughts come into your awareness? Is there a long forgotten dream, goal, or desire that you are remembering now? Any other memories of the past, old hopes or hurts? Take a few moments to reflect on this. Lastly, give thanks to all the soul mates who have and will come into your life. Radiate this gratitude through that line of light that connects to them.

Now connect to your Soul Aspect(s). Go within, to the quiet place behind your heart. There you will notice a three-fold flame or spark. Within this light is your Divine/God Self. Hold your awareness there. As you do, connect to your soul aspects, those in your life, those you haven’t met, and those who exist in some other time/space. Go through the same process as above for soul mates, calling in your next soul aspect in right timing (and if it’s the divine will for you both). Now follow the same procedure above for those in current soul aspect relationships (to help things go smoother, gracefully, and to assist in the evolutionary process). Ask the Galactic Light Beings and Angelic Ones for help. Ask them to help you heal the divine masculine & feminine within, and to activate the lessons of the most challenging relationship issues you have had up until this point in time.

Want to know if you’ve already met any soul aspects? Bring your awareness to the three-fold flame or spark behind your heart again. Ask to be taken through the portal of time back to the original soul group. You can visualize this as a tunnel. Wait a few moments for the shift to happen. You should feel a quiet peace or relaxation wash over you if the shift has occurred. Now feel the vast wholeness and the insurmountable love that exists as you unite with your soul group. Ask that those soul aspects you’ve already crossed paths with in this lifetime, light up around you in this space. Do you notice anything familiar about these lights? Reflect on who or what comes to mind. If nothing lights up, ask to make contact with those you will cross paths with in this lifetime. Ask for a color to symbolize the feeling of this connection. Give thanks again, for all the soul aspects in your life, those who will come into your life, as well as those who exist in some other time and space. Their forward evolutionary process positively benefits your own. Radiate this gratitude to them in this space of unity. Then come back to the present time.

If you have any other personal intentions regarding your soul mates and soul aspects, state them out loud at this time (or at the time of the new moon on the 13th, an auspicious day for intentions). The container of these Energy Activations will help them come into being if they are aligned with your highest good (and the good of others). Greater wholeness and harmony for yourself will bring the same for the world, so no intention is too small or insignificant to be asked for!

Happy Thanksgiving,

Heather, Gaia, The Galactic Light Beings & Angelic Ones

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Saturday, Nov 10th, from 11-7pm I will be at Soul Centered’s Psychic Fair, 311 N. Montgomery St. in Ojai doing mini readings and healings. I will also be teaching a class there that night from 5-6pm, Connecting to the Faery Realm to bring harmony to the nature kingdom and more joy in your life. $10.

Coastal women’s group for healing the divine feminine, Sunday, Dec. 2nd at Zuma Beach in Malibu, CA, by donation.

Saturday, December 8th from 7-8:30pm, Healing the Divine Masculine Class, at The Yoga=Nest, 2240 Maricopa Highway in Ojai. $20.

Thursday, December 13th, Healing the Divine Feminine TELECLASS, for all the out-of-towners and those who missed my in-person class! Or if you’d like to participate in it again, you will receive additional healing if this topic calls to you. 7-9pm, $20. Email me to sign up and I’ll give you the dial in number.


Want to stay in balance & gain extra support with all that’s going on energetically during these changing times? There are just two more email meditations of the year for just $12, or you can pay for them when you need them, $10 each. The energywork will address the themes of that month.

I am also doing email meditations, $7 each for the following life areas:
career/soul’s purpose
emotional well-being
spiritual awakening
psychic development
navigating these changing times

Healing Programs: Hourly private sessions over the phone or in-person made to improve a particular life area. You’ll receive healing, guidelines, tools, and specific intuitive information for your situation to help you reach your goals. All sessions will be recorded. 3 sessions for $350 or 5 for $500. Topics include:

Psychic Development/Animal Communication
Navigating these changing times
Career/Soul’s Purpose

For additional info. or to sign up for any of these classes, products, or programs, email me at [email protected]


Happy Halloween

Ah, Halloween–my favorite holiday. It’s the immensely magical, mystical, mysterious qualities of this time of year that help us re-connect to Earth and all of our roots, making us aware of where we came from, and where we are soon headed.

At Halloween, the veils that separate us from the spirit realm are always the thinnest, so it’s a great time to make a deeper connection with your guides, spiritual families, and galactic families. We will feel the love and support shining on us from the ascended planets and planetary beings, as Pleidian and Sirian Star systems hold safe space for us. Many of us will feel this intensity and SEE the love for the first time. Not to mention, more colorful love orbs will appear on Earth, and peculiar sparkles and lights in our skies. Because of their beauty and their radiance of well-being, these appearances will be identified and acknowledged as our alien friends and allies by many. This month, the full moon is a couple days before Halloween, and I’m hearing that the two energies together will bring miracles for many of us–opening up doorways that have been shut for quite sometime, manifesting new opportunities, making it much easier to move forward in your life, removing obsta cles, or simply bringing you a happy surprise!

 Tap into the Magick of the season. Halloween or Samhain is the pagan holiday celebrated to help us tie up loose ends, finish incomplete projects, resolve issues and reconcile with those who we’ve been in conflict with. It is the end of the pagan year, and all of this must be cleared up so we can start fresh. I’d agree this holiday is in timing with the energetics in the world. Honor and give thanks to those who have passed, and those who you’ve loved and lost. Reflect on how they have contributed to your life in a positive way (even if it didn’t always feel positive), for they have benefitted you even if their deeds caused you suffering. There is much learning here. And most of all, honor your own personal deaths. Look at how far you’ve come in your own spiritual growth and evolution. As we kick off mercury retrograde again around the 6th of Nov, it’s a good idea to begin reviewing the course of our lives up until this point, so we may be motivated to step up to the plate, st eer our ship in the path of our chosen destiny, and be better able to change the navigation of our course as needed along the way.

From 11-11 through the penumbral lunar eclipse on Nov. 28th this year, a portal will be opened, giving us the opportunity to jump timelines as a collective, greatly changing the physical reality we all share for the better, including the magnetics. Earth has been one step ahead of us, patiently awaiting our move as a collective so she can make her last shift to stand fully in her new dimension. Of course she will go on shifting, but this is a big one for her, as it is for us. At the end of Nov. and into December, another new cycle begins, and we have another chance to make a huge shift in our collective consciousness. The good news is, regardless of whether we make these big leaps collectively (which is still unknown at this time since we are creating it as we go along), we will still have the chance to transform every step of the way, as the energetics/magnetics in our new world change and events unfold throughout the end of 2012 and into 2013. I see this as a series of smal l events that, one by one, will begin to wake us up. Even though it may feel like life is happening so quickly and without our control, unconsciously we all make decisions about how much we shift personally (even if its just a teeny-tiny bit), which affects the collective, in EACH MOMENT.

Back to this month, because we have to start where we are…It’s a great time to work with our dreams, and because of the thinning of the veils, the profoundly mysterious depths of our unconscious, which affect our unknown future. We have lots of clearing and healing to do in these areas, and many of us are remembering and moving through our long forgotten life experiences and suppressed emotional material while we are at rest. If you’ve been experiencing nightmares, flashbacks of traumatic life history, or been feeling overwhelmed by the pull or pressure to manifest your soul’s purpose NOW, my dreamwork class at the Halloween Retreat in Ojai on the 31st can help bring healing, resolution, and soul integration. We are becoming more whole as our soul fragments come back to us, so it’s essential that we find supportive therapies that can help us assimilate these with grace.

In this time of the unknown, we might experience anxiety for a variety of reasons. I know in my own life, being psychic has allowed me to sense the changes coming, which is mostly a positive thing. But sometimes it’s easier to just know one step at a time, avoiding the overwhelm of even the most heartfelt, grandest goals and dreams. Our self-doubt and fear come up when we get really close to experiencing that which we’ve been waiting for, just outside of our comfort zone. We can calm this part of us, and shift the doubt into confidence when we understand it’s just our biological alarms going off–our caveman genes that want us to avoid exploring the outside, and remain in the cave we know. Instead, align yourself with your soul’s calling, which is to embrace change. As I can certainly relate to, even our physical bodies are changing as we integrate the higher frequencies, and as they do, it feels different to be in this normally, very dense physical form. As we lighten up, we need to give ourselves time to adjust to this new feeling, which will help release any uneasiness that goes along with it. As we all embrace change on many level(s) of our lives, partnerships may split up and people may go their separate ways. We must release those outdated attachments and dynamics in even our closest, most treasured, earth family relationships. This doesn’t mean that we have to let go of the relationships, but simply shift the unhealthy roles we usually play.

I know I sound like a broken record, but we can heal like never before right now. We can move through our heavy karma, emotional baggage, deepest core wounding, especially in the department of relationships, during this month and into November. We will feel the paradoxical pull of opposites–the time of Venus and all that is associated with beauty, bounty, love, and abundance, and the time of Pluto, righteous indignation/intolerance and all that is associated with the spirit of conflict, willpower, and rebelling to bring change. The latter is related to the downfall of religious dogma, and the exposure of hidden agendas of government, including the secret agencies of government and how this corruption has controlled humanity–economically, environmentally, and spiritually. Energetically it looks like we are all waking up from a trance-like state and will now regain or own self-control and power. We have to remember to hold both states of consciousness above, Venus and Pluto, and not lean too heavily into one area. Both are needed to help us shift collectively. It is part of mastering duality consciousness. And remember, it may not look pretty or feel pleasant while it’s happening, but gaze beyond the illusions and see what’s in store for us as we move through this process of change. Like having knee surgery, it can be painful and exhausting both during the surgery and in the recovery, but our strength, patience, and perseverance help us move through this stage (and still notice the joy and gratitude that is always available to us). When we finish our recovery, we have a new knee, one that is pain-free, releases our limitations and expands our potentials, and supports us in ways our old one never could.

Dreaming Your Own Reality Into Being
Before I start this month’s Energy Activation, I want to mention that starting early next year, I will only be offering the first section of the newsletter for FREE. More details and descriptions of the energetic changes and the shift in consciousness on Earth, including what we can do to stay in balance and navigate our lives during these times, as well as the Energy Activations, will be included in a separate newsletter called “Updates of The Shift” for $10/month or $100/year. You will have the option of buying it on an “as needed” basis for $12. More to come later…

These Energy Activations will occur to the degree your soul chooses if you intend it. The theme of this section is dreaming your own reality into being. The following is a Halloween Story that you will create as you go along. As you read it, you will receive activations that help you shift, release, and move forward in your life. As you choose what you want to happen in this holiday tale, you actively change the reality of your own existence for the better, and to the degree that you’re ready for. When you finish each section, do not jump ahead to see what will happen or skip to the ending. Like a journey, it’s the process that matters.


Two sisters, Chandra and Oceania, got together after many years of separation. It was Halloween, their favorite time of year, and they decided that after not speaking to each other all this time, it would be a nostalgic reunion to plan their gathering on this holiday. After meeting and embracing, catching up over dinner, with tears shed and much heartfelt expression and appreciation for their re-connection, Chandra and Oceania decided to perform an opening ritual together in honor of their Wiccan roots. It was afterall, Halloween night.

The Full moon rose well before dusk. Chandra and Oceania stepped outside and walked across Chandra’s six acre lot. She lived in a rural area far from the mid-western city where Oceania and her grew up. It was quiet and beautiful. At this hour, they could hear the humming of crickets and smell the floral scent of lavender and roses as a gentle breeze blew in. Chandra kept flower and food gardens. Straight rows of corn stood silently like statues before them as they sat under an Autumn Blaze Maple Tree with striking flame colored fall leaves. Chandra carefully placed the earthenware bowl before them and lit some frankincense incense. Frankincense is great to burn this time of year, especially in helping to clear any unwanted energies/dynamics/emotions from the past.

The two women took in the fragrant aroma and waited. Chandra led, opening up the four directions and calling forth the Gods and Goddesses. As they connected to the Earth and the spirit world, welcoming the ancestors and all those unseens who wished to partake in the ceremony, Oceania became overwhelmed with emotion. She instantly felt how the estrangement had caused her great pain, confusion, and chaos. Her emotions rumbled to the surface and she felt great inner turmoil. Oceania knew that they both needed to come to terms with what had happened between them, why they stopped speaking to each other in the first place. Oceania opened her mouth and what came out next shocked both of them. (You fill in the next section of this story–in your mind’s eye, on paper, through your imagination or feeling it into being. Remember the story is really not about Chandra or Oceania but your own life on some level. Don’t look ahead).

In what seemed like a moment later, Oceania was looking around her, uncertain about what had just occurred. Chandra was nowhere in sight. The flower gardens were to the left of where they were sitting, and the food–lettuce, cabbage, broccoli and dried up tomato and zucchini plants were to her right. See could see past them, and Chandra was not there. The only other place she could be was in the cornfield. Oceania harnessed what courage she could, and walked off into the corn with trepidation. An owl’s call broke the silence in the distance. Oceania felt so alone. She picked up her pace and quickly reached the middle of the giant cornfield maze. Her heartbeat raced and pounded in her chest, and she felt tension spread throughout her body as panic set in. Attempting to calm herself, she repeated reassuring thoughts over and over out loud. “She must be here somewhere. It’s the only place she could be.” But as soon as the words were out of her mouth, a lightbulb when off inside her mind. “Oh, maybe she went back inside the house?”

Feeling immediate relief and silliness for not thinking of it earlier, Oceania turned to leave the cornfield. And then the unimaginable happened. Even though she simply changed direction, heading towards the way she had entered, Oceania was not finding her way back to the Maple tree that was just a few feet from the entrance to the corn. In fact, she could not even see it from the distance. The cornfield was less than an acre in size. It just didn’t make sense that she could not find where she entered it. Even though she took a small path in the middle of the field, Oceania tried other paths in other rows, perhaps finding a quicker route out. She was practically running now and trying to ignore what she could just barely make out in the background…the soft, rhythmic vibration of what could be nothing other than–footsteps. They sounded like they were far off in the distance, and to the left of where she was. Hoping that it was Chandra, but sensing it was not, Oceania yelled out her name anyway, “Chandra, is that you?” The footsteps got louder and now she heard more than one pair. Obviously not Chandra. Who were these people? Oceania gasped as she heard the howl of a coyote in the distance. A shadow caught her eye, and she looked to her left through a break in the corn rows. Beyond Chandra’s property and near the edge of towering evergreen trees was not one, but several coyotes, circled up and trotting towards the cornfield. For a moment she felt reassured that the steps weren’t something ELSE in the cornfield, yet she didn’t know yet, if she was safe. And she still hadn’t found her way out of here. Taking a deep breath, Oceania pulled the small piece of jewelry that Chandra had given her years ago, a token of their sisterhood, from her pocket. She looked to her left and saw the coyotes were just a few feet away from where she now stood, yipping as they got closer. (Fill in the next section of this story according to your unfolding imagination and visualization process. Write it down if it helps. Don’t look ahead.)

When Oceania awoke, she found herself on Chandra’s living room couch. She quickly sat up. “Chandra!” She yelled, still frantic.

“I’m here.”

The warm, tender voice of the sister she had always loved welcomed her. Chandra walked into the living room with a cup of tea. Oceania graciously accepted the tea, and as she peered up at Chandra over the cup, she saw the light and felt the stability that had always guided and grounded her throughout her early life. She remembered all the change and chaos Chandra went through just before their separation. Compassion washed over her and she finally understood. And all that mattered now was that they were reunited, both of their lives now more in balance and going as well as could be. Suddenly there was a knock at the door. Both women jumped at the unexpected noise. Chandra hadn’t invited anyone. Hesitating for a moment, she got to her feet and peeked through the peephole. She saw the corner of a navy blue scarf on the other side. Instantly excited, she fumbled with the lock and opened the door. Chandra and Oceania’s sister, Star entered. Oceania jumped to her feet and the thre e of them embraced. This was definitely a surprise! During the estrangement, Chandra and Oceania had maintained contact with Star by phone. Neither of them had a chance to see her in person in many years because she lived all the way across the country, in New York. The three sisters, all unique in personality and looks–Chandra the tall brunette, Oceania the blonde petite, and Star, a redhead of average height and build, stood together, taking each other in. Star, the feisty, daring, world traveler, said she had a gift for both of them. Chandra and Oceania stared at each other in contemplation. (You guessed it, fill in the next section of the story. You make it up…how do you want it to go or not go?)

As Oceania got ready for bed in the guest room of Chandra’s house, she reflected back on her life thus far. Perhaps Star had always been the bridge that helped Chandra and Oceania’s polar-opposite personalities and lifestyles come together. Chandra was a gregarious school teacher. Oceania, a soft-spoken, introverted writer. And yet they were a perfect match–complementary as sisters, confidantes, and soul family. Oceania again pulled the jewels from her pocket that were a gift from Chandra and felt satisfaction as she gazed upon Star’s gift in the corner of the room. They fit together like pieces of a puzzle. It was complete. And just then, a black cat appeared in the window, one last momento of this Halloween night. Oceania thought of her beloved childhood cat, Blackberry, and how he had passed away when she was just ten years old, leaving her bereft with grief. She had no idea who’s cat this was, but as she purred in the window, the sound haunted her. It sounded so much lik e Blackberry.

That night she dreamt that she walked to the window where the black cat had stood and picked up a diamond collar–Blackberry’s collar. In disbelief, she pinched herself but didn’t wake up. Then she heard a voice talk to her of the future, explaining the meaning behind Chandra’s jewels and Star’s gift, and she turned to see a familiar friend who said…(and now you pick the ending! Yes, you can do this. Here you go, creating your own reality.)

Did you notice the metaphor of the three sisters–Chandra (which means moon), Star, and Ocean? This uniting of sisters in the story represents the uniting of all aspects of our universe/galaxy, and the secret balance and bond of the Moon, Earth, and Stars. Each celestial body or aspect affects the outcome of another. As you participated in the creation of your own reality, so you did in that of the world.

Sweet dreams, dear ones,

Heather & the newsletter guides

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Upcoming Classes/Events/Email meditations
Here are the upcoming October events. Email me for more information.

Santa Barbara coastal women’s group for healing the divine feminine, Oct. 7th from 10am-12pm & L.A. coastal women’s group for healing the divine feminine, Oct. 14th from 5:30-7pm, both are by donation.

Basic & Advanced Animal Communication, October 13th from 5-6pm, $10, at Soul Centered, 311 N. Montgomery St.

Healing the Divine Feminine and Living Soul’s Purpose, Oct. 20th, from 10am-12pm in Cambria, California, $20. (Deadline for sign up Oct. 13th).

Psychic Fair, Oct. 28th from 11-7pm, 14300 Little Tujunga Cyn Rd, Sylmar, CA. [email protected] for free tickets.

An Urban Ojai Halloween Retreat, Oct. 31st, HALLOWEEN, YAY! Yoga, Connecting to the Earth Class, and my ALL NEW CLASS, dreamwork (working within day & night dreams to heal, release, and manifest intentions). $55 for all classes, or $20 per class. At THE YOGA=NEST, 2240 Maricopa Highway, in Ojai.

Lastly, I will doing a COMMUNICATING & HEALING NATURE class at my office in Ojai (in the gardens) on Oct. 26th, from 5-7pm, $15. Email me if interested, and I’ll give you directions.

Want to stay in balance & gain extra support with all that’s going on energetically during these changing times? Sign up for my monthly meditations sent via email. Each month, the energywork will address the themes of that month. If interested, email me [email protected] The cost is now just $24 to receive them for the 4 months of the remaining year, or $10 per month. (in which case you let me know when you want to receive one).

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Blue Moon Fever
Did everyone enjoy the Blue moon last saturday? It was a beautiful, powerful sight to behold, and we were all sure to feel the boundless energies filtering onto our planet that day as well. It was a triangle of forces from Sirius, Pleiades, and Arcturus, working to help us release and transform on multidimensional levels. If you felt dizzy, lightheaded, irritable, tired, unable to focus or think, this is why. If you tune in now, you’ll notice you feel lighter, even if all the thoughts get in the way…

And speaking of thoughts, we are filled with them. There is an enormous mind clearing happening, which is helping us move more fully into our hearts, and adding to the confusion and senselessness that accompanies any kind of left-brained task, like writing, or speaking…boy, can I relate. The overwhelming mind-talk is really a sign of the purification happening there. Meditation and any kind of stillness practice can help you become more centered and grounded and to get some reprieve from this overload.

Time is also accelerating in our physical dimension, making it more difficult to get things done. If you have to maintain a productive lifestyle, work with the Mayan Time Lords, your higher self and the timing grids from the 5th dimension. Visualize the period of time you have to get something finished, or to take part in an activity or project. Ask your guides to help, and imagine that the time frame that you have to finish a task gets expanded beyond the time available, however that looks to you in you inner vision. For example, If you see a linear line of time of 2 hours in front of you, call forth the 5th dimensional grids and the Mayan Time Lords, work within the other dimensions, asking to expand it larger, opening it up to 3, 4, or 5 hours of linear time, whatever you need. There is no right or wrong way to do this, your intent and imagination make the shift. In this way, through the other dimensions, you will actually be using 5 hours of time (or whatever time you req uested) in a 2 hour 3rd dimensional window, thus having more time to get something done and not getting delayed or stressed in the process.

This month and for the next couple of months, there will be more chaos coming up in our shared physical world–seen in government, environmental areas, and emotionally in the human collective. The time of the election in November will prove to bring many surprises. More greed and corrupt experiments/projects with the Earth will come to light to be revealed. Regardless of how it looks, it will be a positive thing, bringing about the change we’ve been desiring by waking up many about the misuse of power in much of our culture’s authority. Mass consciousness is still being prompted to shift and it’s creating a lot of tension that many of us are picking up on. Stress release and relaxation activities are very important for all of us right now! If you have stress related health issues coming up like high blood pressure, adrenal imbalance or ulcers, or if you are becoming extra hyperactive–or feeling the need to be hyper even if it seems like your day to day life experience is lik e walking through molasses, this is why. It’s not just you.

From now through the Equinox we can expect to feel a bit disconnected from Earth, as if we don’t recognize that calm, nurturing, comfort that comes with living on the planet. She’s working in many of the higher dimensions now, operating well beyond the 5th on a lot of levels. For many of us still vacillating between the 3rd and 5th dimensions, we might not be able to reach her energetically. If it leaves you feeling anxious, involve yourself in any kind of activity that helps anchor you in your physical container (your body), like yoga, physical exercise, or direct contact with Earth. This will help you process what you need to spiritually, and still stay in touch with the nature kingdom and world around you. Your connection to Earth’s energy will come and go, much like tuning into stations of a radio while you drive a car. I will give some activations in the energywork section for helping to stay grounded and connected to the magnetics on the planet, as we are still in the p rocess of shifting from electro-magnetic to crystalline.

Some of us will still be in the waiting period when it comes to the manifestation of our next level of new life realities this month. Like the process of labor in childbirth, the contractions are like the ebb and flow of life events in conjunction with spiritual mastery. Just be present with where you are. Accept this, but at the same time know that there is always more spiritual growth/work to be accomplished. If you’re uncertain of what you need to work on, simply look at your current life. What needs attention?

This month it’s all about relationships…healing, clearing, releasing, mending, exposing, discerning, and deciding. That should ring a bell for the majority of us out there. Although I discussed love in the last newsletter, and that many of us are healing grief/pain from relationships in this life that connects with any kind of abandonment, rejection, or hurt from other times, we are going into an even deeper process of healing in this area for about the next two months. In particular, it involves getting REAL. With yourself first, and then with the “others” in your lives. If something is out of balance or integrity, or you haven’t been honest or truthful with another, now is the time to come out with it. If you hold it in, with all the solar flare activity and portals opening up with each full moon, the thoughts/feelings can come blasting out in an inappropriate way or time. Discern if you are in right relationship with yourself first and then observe how that affects wheth er your relationships feel right. Remember that loyalty, honor, and respect for self are necessary to receive the same in return. When you make the needed shifts within, you might find certain relationships are no longer a fit. Or the opposite could happen, and as you shift, the relationships you are a part of begin to shift into what you desire.

And Lastly, decide. We all have the right to decide what is best for us in our lives with regard to relationships at this time. The 5th dimension is all about co-creation, which involves equal amount of time, energy, commitment, sharing, resonance, and cooperation in whatever you come together for. A healthy relationship in this time is about equal give and take, even if its not in the same way. If it feels like you have given or taken too much, make needed adjustments, reach out to the person and attempt to repair what’s out of balance, or decide to bow out. Notice what you’ve learned from the relationship and feel gratitude for that–its ultimate purpose. If you have grown and feel it’s time to move on for your highest good, don’t let guilt or shame get in the way…this is a natural process and we must shed our skin like snakes while in transformation. Sometimes it involves letting people go.

A dear friend of mine recently went through a huge changing over of friends and is a good example of this type of transformation. I’ll call her Sally. Sally just recently got married and had a baby. Up until this point, she had a light, part-time job at a local bookstore, which left her plenty of time to spend with friends, relatives, her boyfriend, and keep social obligations. She thought she’d be able to keep up with it all. But since becoming a wife, her relationship shifted into a new level of commitment and responsibility which needed more time, nurturing, and energy. On top of that, the baby was a wake up call! She thought maybe she’d have some free time… well, she was wrong about that. And she was growing exhausted keeping up appearances. So the friendships and even some family member relations went to the backburner, and resentments brewed. Sally was also beginning to feel pulled in another direction. She felt drawn to making new friends, forming new bonds with thos e she now had more things in common with. In her childbirthing classes she met other couples who had their babies right around the same time she had her baby. She felt a resonance with them, not only because they understood exactly what she was going through, but because they offered each other advice and help in their new lives, and they supported each other every step of the way. Although she gained the help of some relatives (with baby care), most of them just wanted her to be the same old sociable Sally that she was before. But she was no longer that person anymore. Racked with guilt, Sally tried to explain this to her friends and relatives, and some people understood, but many didn’t. She lost some of these people, even though part of her didn’t want to. But as months went by, Sally found out it paid off to do what was best for herself and her new family. Those who were true friends and those relatives who understood the link between love and non-attachment, maintained their connection or got back in touch with her later, even if they didn’t get to see each other as much or talk about the same things anymore. The original bond was the foundation that withstood the earthquake of change.

So what’s your earthquake of change? Most of us have something coming up in the relationship department. But the change could also be in another life area…The next three months will allow us to jump ahead in our spiritual growth and transformation more than we have in a single lifetime. The visual I get is a tornado coming through and wiping a town clean. Don’t be afraid of this metaphor (and it’s not literal by any means). We are going to be clearing so much (especially karma), so much is changing with Earth, the grids of the planet, and the human collective grids, that it will feel as if our future life’s slate is wiped clean. This is actually wonderful, because we then have the free will to create something new, to start over fresh. We are free of the burdens that have become obstacles for our dreams, soul’s tasks, and life purposes. But it will feel uncomfortable, because we like to know what’s going to happen, and as humans, we like to cling to what is familiar. We hav e to learn to let that go…and trust. This clean slate is something your soul didn’t even plan for before we incarnated because it wasn’t known at that time. We didn’t know how far we’d each go in the collective shift and what it would look like ahead of time. There were many possibilities of how that could play out, depending on the speed of our individual (which affects the collective) transformation.

And with all this transformation, we may feel a sense of identity loss, which can result in confusion. This is why even though we are at the gates of the 5th dimension with the grids in place, we will still spend a significant amount of time processing, assimilating, and gaining our bearings before it is our reality.

Sound Activations with the Dolphins, Whales, & Galactic Beings
These Energy Activations will occur to the degree your soul chooses if you intend it.

Today’s energy activation will involve a sound meditation. Click on the link below to listen to it. The energy coming through my toning and singing is for anchoring in the higher frequencies, helping with grounding and connnecting to Earth, reconnecting to divine identity, releasing stress and assisting in emotional agility with all the energetic changes. Its about 8-10 minutes long.

Summer Blessings,

Heather, the sea creatures, Mother Earth & the Higher Dimensional Beings

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Upcoming Classes/Email meditations
Here are some upcoming September Classes, email me to sign up or for more info:

Sept. 8th, “Living in the New Energy Paradigm,” a class on how to align with the new energies for improving all life areas and advancing spiritually, activating your divine human body blueprint for a more proficient body functioning & activating your light body for greater connection to the higher dimensional beings around you. $25 at the School of Multidimensional Healing Arts & Sciences, Irivine, CA, from 10am-12pm.

Sept. 15th, from 5-6pm, “Learn Basic Animal Communication”, $10 at Soul Centered, 311 N. Montgomery St, in Ojai. If you missed it last time or feel called to take it again for extra practice, see you there.

Sept 22nd/23rd from 8:30am on the 22nd until 11am on the 23rd at 2240 Maricopa Highway, in Ojai. Yoga, connecting with the earth, meditation/energy balancing, and Healing the divine feminine classes…$55 for all classes, or $15-20 per class. Accomodations not included. Go to for more information.

Psychic Faire at Soul Centered in Ojai, 311 N. Montgomery St., Sept 29th & 30th from 11-6pm. I will be doing readings and healings, and offering a free group healing for staying in balance during these times.

Want to stay in balance & gain extra support with all that’s going on energetically during these changing times? Sign up for my monthly meditations sent via email. Each month, the energywork will address the themes of that month depending on what is going on. If interested, email me at [email protected] The cost is now just $6 per month to receive them monthly, or $10 each (in which case you let me know when you want to receive one).

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Awakening the Divine Feminine in 2012 and Beyond
By Heather Green
We are living in the time of a great shift in consciousness on planet Earth. This evolution will involve the balancing of the divine feminine with the divine masculine. Our new world will operate on the feminine principle, utilizing qualities such as gentleness, receptivity, cooperation, and nurturing. As women, we are being asked to embrace the sacredness of our innate femininity. Our inner guidance is calling us to reflect on our lives and decide what needs changing or healing. As we heal, transform, and accept that which we truly are, we will be able to show the way as leaders of the new world.

Masculine-dominated societies have prevailed on Earth for thousands of years. Masculine qualities can involve action, rationality, knowledge, and competition. They have an important place in our lives and the world, but if the feminine is undervalued or unacknowledged in the process, discord and unhappiness can be consequences. To help balance the masculine with the feminine, we must infuse all areas of our lives, particularly those areas of weakness, with more feminine qualities. As women, we embody the divine feminine, having direct access to these attributes that can be modeled in our world through everyday living.
But we have to walk our talk. We have to be willing to look honestly at our lives and ourselves, roll up our sleeves, and do the work of our healing and transformation. If our health has declined, have we sought out the medicine that resonates with our soul? The time is now. Have we taken steps to revive or let go of an unhealthy relationship? The time is now. Have we made a decision to move into a career that will support a more fulfilling and less stressful lifestyle? The time is now. It is our divine right to be able to enjoy living all of our cherished dreams and goals! More importantly, are we comfortable with ourselves as feminine beings? Have we honored the physical experience of being female—from the beginning of our monthly menses, through our childbearing years, into the change of life, with all each phase entails?
The transformation on planet Earth will support all women in healing the ancient wounds of the divine feminine that have kept us blind and bound in a masculine-dominated society. When we heal, we release what no longer serves us, and grow into our divine potential. As we fully incorporate our femininity, perceiving emotions, vulnerability, and intuition as our greatest strengths, we become naturally open and compassionate. We can then behold the truth and act without force or oppression, understanding each being’s divine worth, and thus lighting the way towards peace.